52+ Timeless Clock Tattoo Ideas You Will Love

By Jason Hamilton / August 29, 2019
geometric clock tattoo 3
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It has been said that time is the most valuable thing a man can spend in his lifetime. With that in mind, it’s quite easy to see why the measurement of time can have such a meaningful impact.

When it comes to clock tattoos, there are numerous designs any man can go with. From the simplistic sundials to the ultra-complex pocket watch movements.

Regardless of what catches your eye, it’s important to understand the unique ideas clocks represent. For some men, clocks can be a symbol of two things: Life and death. A simple explanation indeed, yet clocks can also provoke more deep thinking and thought.


A red and blue accented clock designed to look like trash polka tattoos on the upper sleeve.

A really beautiful watch tattoo that is bursting of detail and color.


An ink blob style colorful clock on the forearm.

A large thigh tattoo of a mechanical clock face with blue accents.


A vibrantly colored watercolor tattoo of a pocket watch.

A really beautiful and colorful clock on the upper sleeve.


A watercolor tattoo of a wristwatch that is bursting of color.

A wonderfully made cuckoo clock on the forearm.


clock tattoo 69

A beautiful pink flower and blue butterfly clock tattoos.

clock tattoo 49


A green blue and purple pocket watch tattoo on the upper sleeve.

In this article, we will be sharing with you our rich and colorful gallery of amazingly done clock tattoos. We will discuss with you the amazing designs you can do with the tattoo and the preferences of both men and women when it comes to the design.

A tattoo of a beautiful old style clock on the forearm.


A tattoo of a pocketwatch and a rose tattoo.

A large tattoo of a clock and roses.


A large and detailed tattoo of a pocketwatch and a rose on a clock face background.

clock tattoo 38


A surrealist themed tattoo of a clock and an eye.

A highly detailed and intricately made steampunk clock on the forearm.


A highly detailed tattoo of a pocket watch and two flowers.

An intricate tattoo of a pocket watch and two roses.

A tattoo of a skull and a clock on the forearm.

clock tattoo 89


A large and highly detailed clock face tattoo on the forearm.

clock tattoo 38


The Meaning Behind A Clock Tattoo

The clock most obviously symbolizes the passage of time, which on its own can be a very ambiguous image. Someone who loves history might get a tattoo for this reason, or they could use it as a reminder that time is not infinite. It’s also not uncommon to use this meaning when you want to remind yourself to get the most out of life.

A highly intricate clock inked on the calves.



A large chest tattoo of a clock and a rose.


The style of clock must be considered to convey the most appropriate indications for the tattoo. Any type of clock, from a sundial, which could represent an old soul or ancient wisdom, to modern, digital clocks, maybe to show a love of technology and development. They are a representation of time and the age in which it was developed.

A full forearm tattoo of an intricate clock design.

A tattoo of an intricate mechanical clock and a white rose.

Clocks have a long history in human civilization and will represent different meanings, depending on the era. For example, someone could get a clock tattoo that shows a very old timepiece, which could represent that he or she is an old soul. More modern clock tattoos could either be a part of a larger tattoo design or it could just represent that the owner loves the look of modern pieces.

Another tattoo of an intricate mechanical clock and a white rose.

clock tattoo 2

An intricate tattoo of a spiral clock and an eye.

Additionally, the time portrayed on the clock image is also an important facet as the symbolism will change with various hours and minutes. Perhaps the hands of the clock will not be included and a sense of timelessness is added to the image. The absence of hands indicates a disregard for the passage of time and carelessness which could have either a positive or negative effect. A timeless clock rendered in a standard, rounded “alarm-clock” style with a bell situated at the top could portray a protest against a highly organized and predictable life.

A highly detailed half sleeve tattoo of a clock.


An artistic rendition of the mechanical clock tattoo inked on the thigh.

clock tattoo 3

One clock tattoo meaning that has been used for a long time is “freedom.” Rather than looking at the clock as a reminder that time is fleeting, some people see it as a symbol of liberty. They can do what they want when they want during every tick of the clock and they want people to know it. When this meaning is used, owners usually decide to leave the clock’s hands out of the image.

A highly detailed forearm tattoo of a pocket watch.

clock tattoo 4

An intricately designed segmented or shattered clock image on the leg.

clock tattoo 5

The Designs You Can Do With A Clock Tattoo

The clock tattoo is a very versatile design that you can have on any part of your body. Want something that is surreal? You can go for a simple tattoo! Something artsy? Go Geometric! Want something epic? Steampunk!

Here are some of the designs we think will best suit you:

Steampunk Clock Tattoo

New designs are always coming up in the body art industry and steampunk tattoo designs are proof of this ever-changing environment within the industry. Whilst steampunk art has been around since the advent of steam power in the eighteenth century, the design has only gained traction in the tattoo industry in recent years as enthusiasts yearn for more tattoo design options.

A highly detailed steampunk tattoo of a clock on the chest.

A highly detailed and hyper-realistic tattoo of a clock.


Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and the aesthetics of nineteenth-century machinery. Its signature retro-futuristic look has been inspired by nineteenth-century people’s vision of the future where it is often associated with the fashion and aesthetic design of the day.

A colorful watercolor tattoo of a steampunk-inspired mechanical tattoo.

A large upper back tattoo of a clock’s mechanism.

One may wonder, “What are the usual designs of steampunk tattoos?”. This thought is often warranted because steampunk tattoo designs are just blooming in popularity. To answer this though, there is no specific design to steampunk tattoos which is why it is becoming popular. The creative freedom this tattoo design presents to the enthusiast and the artist is unimaginable. Your imagination is the limit as one tattoo artist said regarding steampunk tattoos.

An intricate clock on the upper right portion of the back.


A beautiful and intricately detailed steampunk tattoo of a mechanical clock.

If this design is creatively unbinding, then what does it have that can make a tattoo design be called steampunk? Well, steampunk tattoos will always have machines as the main theme of its design. Artists usually make a simple object into a steampunk by introducing machine parts in its design like cogs, wheels, pistons, and other machine parts. Imagine the inner workings of a mechanical watch but in different shapes and forms. That is steampunk design.

A highly detailed forearm tattoo of a steampunk mechanical clock with more than usual cogs and bolts.

A highly detailed pocket watch tattoo in steampunk style.

Now that you have an idea to steampunk tattoos, here are some steampunk clock tattoo designs that will make you squeal to have one inked.

An upper back tattoo of a steampunk tattoo with a clock in the background.


A highly detailed forearm tattoo of two mechanical clocks in steampunk style.

Another tattoo of a steampunk clock on the forearm.

A three-dimensional steampunk tattoo of a clock.

clock tattoo 6

Geometric Clock Tattoo

As the days go by and tattoo designs come and go, a lot of the designs that come out in recent years continues to challenge tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike. One of the most challenging to be released in the past few years was geometric tattoo designs. Everyone in the body art industry and the tattoo community are raving about geometric tattoo designs for quite some time now and for sure you would like to ask us if its worth the rave reviews and comments it is having now. Well, it is for you to decide but worry not as we will help you figure out if it is really worth it.

A cute and highly detailed geometric tattoo in the style of a clock.

geometric clock tattoo 1

A beautifully detailed and intricate forearm tattoo of a clock and compass in geometric style.

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that is concerned with questions of shape, size, the relative position of figures, and the properties of space. This branch of mathematics, and in extension, science, is mostly considered as a graphic, logical, and numerical form of thinking. It is filled with figures, lines, and measurements which makes it a very interesting field of mathematics.

A sand clock tattoo on the forearm in geometric style.

A fairly large geometric forearm tattoo of a compass and clock/

We are pretty sure, however, that the reason why geometric tattoo designs were inspired by geometry was not that of the measurements but rather the figures in this intellectual field. Geometric tattoos explore the idea of using numerous lines to form a unique shape and figure which can accentuate a simple tattoo.

A highly stylized geometric tattoo of a clock on two forearms.

A large and beautifully designed geometric style clock tattoo on the leg.

Since its introduction in the body art industry a few years ago, a lot of designs were made that can be classified under the geometric tattoo design category. Most of these designs are modern and artsy and here are some of the clock tattoos which feature geometric themes:

A highly detailed geometric tattoo of a clock on the upper sleeve.


A highly detailed and intricately designed sand clock in geometric style.


A simple but beautiful geometric tattoo

A geometric detailed pocket watch tattoo on the rib.


Clock Tattoo Designs For Men

Time is something that transcends the language and geographical borders. It can be considered a truly universal language. This universal appeal is translated to clock tattoos and that has made them highly appealing to tattoo enthusiasts. Time can be a cruel mistress for some while being a giving source of joy and riches for others.

Men, in particular, find this tattoo very much appealing. The design itself is very striking if done properly and is bursting with meaning which is unusual for a tattoo. You are almost always torn between choosing a meaningful and visually striking tattoo design.

Here are some of the best clock tattoos we saw on men:

A dreamy forearm tattoo of a shattering clock and a stair on the forearm.

A highly detailed forearm tattoo of a mechanical clock and the lower half of a woman’s face on the forearm.


A highly detailed pocket watch tattoo on the upper sleeve.


A large eye tattoo on the forearm with a clock inside.


A large, highly detailed, and colorful mechanical clock tattoo with flowers on the forearm.

A simplistic upper sleeve tattoo of a pocket watch.


A large and highly detailed full chest tattoo of a clock with roses and doves.


Clock Tattoo Designs For Women

The clock tattoo holds a deep meaning wherever you look at it and women tends to see the meaning of what it is than what it looks. There are women who want this tattoo because of its design though but it is quite safe to say that they are just the minority.

Women who get this tattoo design leans more on the simplistic side of the design. A simple clock face and two clock hands with just a few additional design elements will suffice but there is a growing number of women who would go for the more bombastic designs that will surely take your breath away.

To prove our point, here are some of the best clock tattoo designs for women that we have seen on the internet:

A colored and medium-sized clock tattoo on the thigh.


A tattoo of a clock and flowers inked on the sleeve.


Highly detailed roses and clock tattoo on the thigh.


A highly detailed foot tattoo of a rose and clock


A medium size pocket watch clock tattoo on the forearm.


A simple clock tattoo embellished with blue flowers.


A cute ankle tattoo of a clock with olive branches.


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