60+ Amazing Couple Tattoo Ideas That Are Absolutely Adorable

By Jason Hamilton / May 21, 2019
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Love is an incredible situation when for the first time you feel sweet fragrance in the odorless wind and your heart racing at the same pace as your other significant. Being passionately in love with someone makes you feel so special that you always want to keep that person alive in yourself, isn’t it? Matching couple tattoo ideas is a stunning thing that you would love to do as to flaunt your passionate love to the world.

Tattooing is a major craze nowadays that youngsters are into for innumerable different reasons including flaunting off the stupendous vogue. Though, love birds fall for these cute matching couple tattoo ideas to express their love and be a romantic. The ultimate connectivity between you and your mister will be strengthened by these sexy body art ideas taking a new route to your world of passionate and unbreakable love.

In this article, we will be sharing with you our adorable curated gallery of matching couple tattoo designs that you will most definitely love! We will also be parting you a background on couple tattoo designs as well.


Why Get A Couple Tattoo?

Couple tattoos are very cute, not to mention hold a lot of meaning. One of the most popular types of couple tattoos is where two connected words are inked on the couple’s hands. You can use your favorite phrases or words and have them inked separately to show how perfect you look when combined together.

Here are 7 reasons why getting a couple tattoo is a great idea:


Engrave milestones

Some people may take a selfie on their anniversary or tell their diaries about their first date. But, matching tattoos can also mark a milestone. Sharing a thrilling trip together or reaching a landmark in your relationship (engagements, weddings, babies) definitely qualify as happy times that you’ll want to be reminded of every day.

Symbolize your commitment

Our culture loves to celebrate commitment — from promise rings to wedding rings to wearing vials of blood around our necks. But, none of those are really forever. If you want to showcase the permanence of your relationship, then what could be a better way than injecting drops of ink into your dermis 3,000 times per minute? That’s love!


Birds of a feather…

Nothing says family like matching navy blue T-shirts and white jeans in your annual family photo… right? Well, donning the same symbol as your sig-o can also make you feel like two-of-a-kind. Think of it as a uniform that only you two wear.

Pain is gain

Maria Konnikova of The New Yorker reports of a study by psychologist Elliot Aronson, “[…] the more painful the experience a young woman had to go through in order to join a community, the more she valued the group.” So just think, the tighter you’re forced to squeeze your eyelids and tense your muscles from the pain of the needle, the more you’ll value that tiny XO on your wrist. And knowing that your partner in crime went through the same thing? Poof. The bond is magical.


Take your love to the extremes

When you share a heightened experience with someone — bungee jumping, skydiving or even surviving a meet-the-parents dinner — that moment strengthens a personal bond between you. Getting inked together also creates a high adrenal experience that will deepen the affection you have for each other.

Be an open book

In an article on San Franciso’s tattoo culture,” Joshua Mohr refers to tattoos as a “visible autobiography.” He writes, “They are a time line.” Without our other (better) halves, there would be a significant void in our stories. Getting a tattoo with them only highlights the fact that they are the Romeo to our Juliet.


Tattoos express who you are

Tattoos are personal — thus, most people don’t just walk into a parlor and tell the tattoo artist, “Ink me up with your favorite.” No way, José. We spend months, even years, deciding on the perfect tattoo that means the most to us. The love we have for our significant others is a huge part of who we are, too. So, why not wear our hearts on our sleeves?

The Various Designs For A Couple Tattoo

After you’ve gotten yourself in a relationship, you’re just dying to tell the world how much you love your partner. There have been plenty of trends that revolve around couples, and how they can share their love for one another. Some of the popular options include couple shirts, couple bracelets, couple necklaces, and couple charms. But what if you both want something that lasts forever? Then a couple tattoo is a good choice. A tattoo lasts forever and stays on your skin no matter what happens. If you want to place permanent ink on your skin, then the best thing would be a symbol of your undying loyalty to your significant other. Not only does it feel like a bond, but it also carries a deeper meaning, and makes an excellent fashion statement.

Here are some of the best tattoo designs we can think of that can easily be transformed into a couple tattoo:

(Please do take note that we may feature single tattoo designs)

The Infinity Tattoo

A number of symbols have been used with specific meanings. Some are definite while others have some hidden meanings. One of the top symbols that have a definite meaning is the infinity symbol. This symbol has been used in many areas, including tattoos. The infinity tattoo designs are commonly applied by many people and they have different meanings all together.

The infinity symbol is currently used by many people and in many ways and applications. Even though it was first used in mathematics, it is used in different areas currently. The thing about this symbol is that you will never get to the end of it. It has no start, nor an end. It has two halves, which could mean that there are two sections, persons, lives or different aspects joined together.

Here are some of the best infinity tattoo designs we saw that can easily be used as a couple tattoo:

A simply designed infinity tattoo inked on the wrist with the names of Jacob and Emma as part of the tattoo.

An intricately designed forearm tattoo of the name Brooke Stevie forming an infinity symbol with stars as additional design elements to improve the overall appeal of the tattoo.


A simple design of a couple forearm tattoo as an infinity symbol with the words me and you forming the infinity sign and a date below.

A 3D feather tattoo with infinity sign that means eternal love


A feather tattoo with a birthdate in roman numerals resembling an infinity symbol

A multicolored vibrant watercolor tattoo on the back with two names and a heart forming an infinity symbol.


A pair of couple watercolor tattoo of the infinity symbol on the wrist.

A simple but detailed infinity tattoo inked on the sleeves with a date and a name.

A small but highly detailed wrist tattoo of the infinity symbol.


A highly detailed pink feather tattoo with the infinity symbol and the words “Love Brett”

The Yin Yang Tattoo

The Yin and Yang symbol has been deeply rooted in ancient Chinese society, beliefs, and customs. One may even dare say that this symbol molded Chinese society into what it is today.

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

In Chinese cosmology, the universe creates itself out of a primary chaos of material energy, organized into the cycles of Yin and Yang and formed into objects and lives.

Since the yin and yang symbol has been around for quite some time now and its roots came from the most populous country in the world, various designs have propped up across the globe in the many Chinese communities that dotted cities, towns, and countries across the globe. Though one may see various designs where the Yin and Yang is almost not foreseeable, the concept of the Yin and Yang is still visible.

Here are the various Yin Yang tattoo designs you might want to see for yourself that can also be seen as a couple tattoo design:

A small but elegant couple yin yang tattoo.

couple yin yang tattoo 1


A highly detailed couple yin yang tattoo on the thighs.

A simple couple yin yang tattoo on the wrist.

couple yin yang tattoo 10


A couple yin yang tattoo on the feet with night sky and sun detailing.


A couple yin yang tattoo disguised as the spirits Tui and La.

An intricately designed and highly detailed couple yin yang tattoo.


A simple couple yin yang tattoo on the forearms.

couple yin yang tattoo 5

A couple yin yang tattoo with dream catcher detailing.

An intricate couple yin yang tattoo disguised as feather tattoos.


An intricate and highly detailed artsy couple yin yang tattoo.

A highly detailed brush stroke yin yang tattoo.


A purple and black watercolor brush stroke yin yang tattoo.

brush yin yang tattoo 9.jpg


A simple but elegant brush stroke yin yang tattoo.

A blue and red watercolor yin yang tattoo.

A colorful cosmic watercolor yin yang tattoo.

The Sparrow Tattoo

Sparrows are small, plump, brown and grey birds with short tails and stubby, powerful beaks. They are found across all continents with the exception of Antarctica with species varying from one place to the other but these variations of species can be very minute and most often unnoticeable to us non-experts.

Here are some interesting facts about sparrows:

1. Males and females can be distinguished by the feather coloration: males have reddish backs and black bib, while females have brown backs with stripes.

2. Sparrows are carnivores (meat-eaters) by nature, but they have changed their eating habits when they learned to live close to people. Sparrows primarily eat moths and other small insects, but they can also eat seed, berries, and fruit.

3. Sparrows are monogamous meaning they will only have one partner for life.

This little bird has been associated with many meanings. One such meaning is that they symbolize an outgoing personality. Sparrows are social creatures which means that they like to socialize with other birds and travel in flocks. This can also be attributed to sparrow tattoos.

Another meaning is loyalty. Sparrows are perceived as one of the only few animals that are monogamous. Having a sparrow tattoo means that you are loyal to your partner to the very end.

Here are some of the sparrow tattoo designs we have gathered for you that we personally think can be made into a couple tattoo:

A small chest tattoo of a sparrow in flight.

A back tattoo of two sparrows with names of the couple underneath each sparrow.

A neo-traditional colored back tattoo of a pair of sparrows.


A realistic chest tattoo of a sparrow in flight.

Another realistic chest tattoo of a sparrow in flight.

A monochromatic back shoulder tattoo of a sparrow.

A realistic side tattoo of a sparrow about to perch a branch.

A shoulder tattoo of a pair of sparrows with an abstract rendition.

A neo-traditional colored tattoo of a sparrow.

A neo-traditional chest tattoo of a sparrow holding a pair of flowers.

The Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoos have a significant foothold in the body art industry for several decades now. Tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike know this tattoo design; even the newbies of the industry also know this tattoo design. This comes as no surprise since roses are very famous and an image of a rose can mean a lot of things. Its slender stem and beautiful petals seriously captivated the world over.

The meaning of a rose tattoo, generally speaking, depends on the color of the rose and these meanings are still based on their real-world counterparts. Here are a few rose tattoo meanings we came across:

 Yellow Rose

A yellow rose symbolizes joy, protection against envious lovers, and mature love.

White Roses

A white rose symbolizes purity, mysticism, and a secret admirer.

Red Roses

A red rose typically thought of as symbolizing romance or passionate love, but they also represent sacrifice or memorial.

Here are some of the best rose tattoo designs we think you can make as a couple tattoo:

A small arm tattoo of a highly detailed yellow rose with the stem and leaves still attached.

A highly detailed yellow rose tattoo with the stem and leaves still attached and the some of the petals falling.

A highly detailed yellow rose tattoo.

a large sleeve tattoo of a yellow rose still attached to its stem with leaves.

A shoulder tattoo of a white rose with leaves.

A white rose tattoo situated on the arm with the leaves still attached.

A shoulder tattoo of red roses with the leaves still attached.

A highly detailed sleeve tattoo of pink rose with leaves.

A vibrant tattoo of a blue rose with green leaves as the backdrop.

A small but intricate ankle tattoo of a blue rose with its stem.

A tattoo of a black rose situated on the sleeves area of the body.

A highly intricate back tattoo of a black rose with leaves.

A detailed sleeve tattoo of a black rose.

A sleeve tattoo of a rose with tribal detailing.

A red rose tattoo on the back with tribal lines.

Other Couple Tattoo Designs Out There

The abovementioned tattoo designs are not the only ones that can be turned into a couple tattoo, there are still a lot of tattoo designs you can make into a couple tattoo. To give you an idea, here are more tattoo designs that we think will make a fantastic couple tattoo:

A couple semicolon tattoo situated on the hand and the wrist.

A watercolor tattoo of a semicolon on the wrist.

A couple arm tattoo of an arrow and a heart with a semicolon.



A wrist semicolon tattoo in the middle of an infinity sign made by two hearts.

A wrist tattoo of a panda with the semicolon punctuation mark disguised as the ears and arm of the panda.

A couple crown tattoo where the one on the left features a king’s crown with the words “One King” on the bottom while on the right is a queenly crown with the words “One Queen”.

Another couple crown tattoo. The one on the wrist is an imperial crown while the one on the hand is a simple pointy crown usually used by dukes.

A shoulder tattoo of two crowns. On the left shoulder is a queen-like crown tattoo while on the right shoulder is a king-like crown tattoo.

A wrist tattoo of two colored pointy crowns as couple tattoo.

An arm tattoo of a crown design usually used in royal monograms.

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