60+ Amazing Infinity Tattoo Designs For Keeps

By Jason Hamilton / May 29, 2019
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A number of symbols have been used with specific meanings – some are definite while others have some hidden meanings. One of the top symbols that have a definite meaning is the infinity symbol. This symbol has been used in many areas, including tattoos. The infinity tattoo designs are commonly applied by many people and they have different meanings altogether.

In this article, we will be showing you our amazing gallery of infinity tattoo designs, discuss the meaning of the design, and share with you the preferences of both men and women for this tattoo.


The Meaning Of An Infinity Tattoo

As you know, every tattoo has its meaning. There are varieties of tattoos which have different meanings and tattoo ideas can come from anywhere whether it is about religions, cultures etc. and most of you love infinity tattoo designs because of its meaning plus its aesthetics.


A small intricately designed wrist tattoo of two overlapping infinity symbols.

A small but intricately designed wrist tattoo of an infinity symbol with the words “be brave” and a flock of birds as additional design elements.


A simply designed infinity tattoo inked on the wrist with the names of Jacob and Emma as part of the tattoo.

A beautifully made and intricately designed feather tattoo inked on the forearm with the word Faith and three birds forming what seems to be an infinity symbol.


An intricately designed forearm tattoo of the name Brooke Stevie forming an infinity symbol with stars as additional design elements to improve the overall appeal of the tattoo.

The infinity symbol is currently used by many people and in many ways and applications. Even though it was first used in mathematics, it is used in different areas currently. The thing about this symbol is that you will never get to the end of it. It has no start, nor an end. It has two halves, which could mean that there are two sections, persons, lives or different aspects joined together.


A simple but detailed wrist tattoo of the infinity symbol with two dots.


A simply designed infinity tattoo on the back and forearm with a heart line as an additional design element.


A simple forearm tattoo of an infinity symbol with the word faith included as an additional design element.

An intricately designed and highly detailed feather tattoo on the forearm forming an infinity symbol with the words “stay strong”


A simple design of a couple forearm tattoo as an infinity symbol with the words me and you forming the infinity sign and a date below.

The symbols are used as tattoos to show a sign of no limitation or end. They show that there is no possibility of coming to an end. It is also used to show that there are no boundaries. Basically, everything is infinite. This concept is applied in life and for that, people apply the tattoos to have a different meaning.

The Designs You Can Do With An Infinity Tattoo

In as much as the tattoo symbol has a common meaning, it is used in different ways. They will be applied in different design and style. The design and/or style of the tattoo applied will depend on what it will mean. One thing about these tattoos is that they are very attractive in nature.

Here are the various designs you can do with an infinity tattoo:

The Ouroboros Tattoo

The ouroboros tattoo is one of those designs that not only has the ability to look remarkable but also packed with ancient symbolism and philosophy that is still relevant to our time.

The Ouroboros is an Ancient Greek symbol that shows a circular snake or dragon that is eating its own tail. This self-devouring figure first appeared around the 14th century BC and since then it has been adopted by many cultures and religions as a spiritual symbol. It is regarded as positive and even used in mathematics to form the symbol of infinity.

The infinity ouroboros tattoo looks like a figure eight and could be drawn with one or two dragons or snakes. Because of this, the ouroboros tattoo can be classified as a variant of a snake tattoo or a dragon tattoo depending on the form of the said serpent. When there is only one the serpent, the serpent will wrap over itself and when there are two they may be “hooked” or intertwined with each other. These designs can range from simple to complex and sometimes show one scaled snake together with the skeleton of another. This is a strong cyclic rendering of life and death.

Here are some of the amazing tattoo designs we saw that features the infinity ouroboros:

A very detailed infinity snake ouroboros tattoo inked on the leg.


An infinity ouroboros snake with three heads and tails tattooed on the sleeves.

A beautifully crafted and intricately made watercolor infinity ouroboros tattoo on the forearm.


A small two-headed infinity Ouroboros tattoo on the back.

Infinity Ouroboros Tattoo 7


A medium sized dragon ouroboros tattoo forming an infinity.

A very detailed neotraditional snake tattoo forming an infinity with geometric detailing on the background.


A witty infinity ouroboros tattoo with one loop forming a wristband or bracelet around the wrist.

A very detailed sleeve tattoo of a dragon ouroboros forming the infinity.

Infinity Ouroboros Tattoo 3

A dragon ouroboros tattoo inked on the hand forming an infinity symbol.


A very detailed infinity ouroboros tattoo on the forearm.

The Simple Infinity Tattoo

Sometimes, a striking tattoo design will not work with a symbol you want to portray. This is the case for the infinity symbol. Since the symbol is highly simplistic in design and nature, many tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiast would just opt for a simple design for this tattoo with just a few additional design elements to somehow spice up the design.

Here are some of the best simple infinity tattoo designs we have found on the internet:

A tattoo of the word family forming the infinity symbol.


A tattoo of the word family as a part of the infinity symbol.


A watercolor tattoo of an infinity sign with a semicolon.

A three-dimensional feather tattoo on the center of an infinity sign

A 3D feather tattoo with infinity sign that means eternal love

A classic infinity feather tattoo but in 3D placed just below the nape

A feather tattoo with a birthdate in roman numerals resembling an infinity symbol

An infinity sign with a feather and years to commemorate a special event

An elegant infinity family tattoo

A feather and infinity tattoo combinedsimple infinity tattoo 1


The Watercolor Infinity Tattoo

Since its introduction in the body art industry, watercolor tattoos slowly gained traction because of its artistic implications. The artistic value and the visual appeal that it holds is breathtaking. As a matter of fact, the surge of people who wants to get a tattoo can be attributed to the popularity of watercolor tattoo designs on the internet. There was even a time when watercolor tattoos dominated social media because of its unprecedented design and how it literally mimics a watercolor painting. Despite its current popularity, however, skepticism still shrouds this specific tattoo design.

These skeptics did not prevent the rise of the watercolor tattoo and soon, watercolor tattoo designs sprung up from all over the globe. The design dominated the world and is now considered the current pinnacle of tattoo design.

Here are just some of the best watercolor infinity tattoo designs we saw that might interest you:

A multicolored vibrant watercolor tattoo on the back with two names and a heart forming an infinity symbol.

A pair of couple watercolor tattoo of the infinity symbol on the wrist.

A vividly colored and detailed watercolor tattoo on the wrist of an infinity symbol with two dog paws and a heart.

A large and vibrantly colored infinity watercolor tattoo inked on the forearm with the word grateful.

A highly detailed and vibrantly colored small watercolor tattoo on the wrist of an arrow twisted to be an infinity symbol.

An intricately made red watercolor tattoo of flowers and the infinity symbol with the words strong, capable, worthy, and smart.

A wonderfully made and highly detailed vibrant watercolor tattoo of a feather as an infinity symbol.

A green and purple colored watercolor tattoo of an infinity symbol inked on the foot.

A vibrantly colored and highly detailed medium size watercolor infinity tattoo with a hummingbird inked on the nape.

The Preferences of Men on Infinity Tattoo Designs

Male infinity tattoo designs traditionally look very bold and made with thick lines and in dark colors. Guys also prefer the traditional ouroboros inking an infinity sign in the shape of a snake eating its tail as it is often seen as a masculine design overall. A small growing minority though wants infinity tattoo designs as something that is simplistic and full of meaning. They may be few now but more and more are ganging up to their numbers to make it the dominant style for this tattoo design

Here are some of the best infinity tattoo design for men that we saw on the internet:

A highly detailed half sleeve tattoo of two circular ouroboros snakes with an intricate tree background.

An infinity ouroboros tattoo inked on the sleeves area of the body.

A large and highly detailed three-dimensional infinity tattoo inked on the forearm.

A small and simple infinity tattoo inked on the wrist.

A simple medium sized infinity tattoo with an anchor inked on the upper back portion of the body.

A medium sized infinity shaped ouroboros tattoo inked on the chest with the word courage included in the design.

A small infinity tattoo on the wrist.

A simple but detailed infinity tattoo inked on the sleeves with a date and a name.

A forearm tattoo of the infinity symbol with a flock of birds and the world family.

A three-dimensional tattoo of the infinity symbol inked on the back with the names Michell and Danique.

The Preferences Of Women On Infinity Tattoo Designs

Feminine infinity tattoo designs are often regarded as simple, small, and meaningful. Their take on the tattoo design is considered simplistic if compared with their male counterparts which is why in recent years more and more design embellishments adorn this tattoo design to break that notion and stereotype.

Here are some of the infinity tattoo designs for women that we consider as one of the best:

A small but intricately made infinity symbol tattoo inked on the side.

A very detailed and intertwining snake Ouroboros tattoo on the sleeve with leaves and geometric detailing for additional visual appeal.

A half sleeve tattoo of a mandala and an ouroboros forming an intricate infinity symbol.

A large and colorful full back infinity ouroboros tattoo with a woman.

A small but highly detailed wrist tattoo of the infinity symbol.

A highly detailed pink feather tattoo with the infinity symbol and the words “Love Brett”

A small and simple infinity tattoo inked on the side with an anchor.

A highly detailed upper back tattoo of the infinity symbol with a feather and an arrow’s tip.

A simple infinity tattoo design with the names of Emma and Jacob inked on the wrist.women infinity tattoo 6


A wonderfully made infinity tattoo composed of a Spanish quote.

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