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60+ Full Body Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women and Everything You Need to Know Before You Give it a Go

By Jason Hamilton / January 24, 2020
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If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for some full body tattoo ideas probably because you’re planning to have it inked on your body. But before you should give it a go, there are some things you need to know first. And in this article, we’re going to share them with you so you can really make up your mind.


Getting to Know Full Body Tattoo

For starters, a full body tattoo is an extensive tattoo that covers the entire torso (from shoulders down to the hips). In some cases, it covers the whole upper body including the arms. To give you a better idea, it’s like you’re wearing some clothes but it’s a tattoo. Sometimes, people also opt to have their legs tattooed too, aside from the torso and arms.

Today’s full body tattoo ideas were inspired by the Japanese, particularly the yakuza. Back in the day, tattoos were used to mark the yakuza members after being imprisoned. But eventually, yakuza members began to incorporate tattoo art into the traditions and customs of their group that it became a status symbol within their organization. But the modern full body tattoos are now a form of self-expression.


A man wearing a traditional-style Japanese tattoo

Full Body Tattoo Price

There’s actually no exact pricing for tattoos. This is because there are many factors that determine a tattoo’s price: the size, color, design, and the level of expertise of the tattoo artist.


If a tattoo that you’re eyeing on is much smaller, tattoo artists usually charge for a smaller fee. However, its price can also vary depending on its color. Simple black-inked tattoos are much cheaper than the colored ones, regardless of its size.

And speaking of size, your tattoo’s price can also vary depending on this. Smaller-sized tattoos cost lesser while bigger ones costs more.


The details of your tattoo can also determine its price. If it requires more details, expect that you might pay more than simpler designs.

And, of course, your tattoo’s price depends on the level of the expertise of the tattoo artist you’ve chosen. This means bigger names usually charge bigger than other start-up artists.


That said, your full body tattoo’s price depends on these. But since full body tattoos cover a big portion of the body, expect that you would have to pay higher.

Full Body Tattoo Pain Scale

Tattoos, no matter where you place them will surely hurt. This is because, needless to say, the ink is injected to your skin by a machine with needles (yes, there are plenty of them). However, the level of pain also varies depending on where you choose to place your tattoo. While you will still feel pain, tattoos placed on the body part that has more muscles don’t hurt that much. On the other hand, tattoos placed on the bony part of the body will cause you more pain.


Hence, for a full body tattoo, you can expect that you will feel different levels of pain. Also, you will feel the pain longer as, needless to say, full body tattoos are bigger and are usually more detailed.

Should You Get a Full Body Tattoo?

While full body tattoos makes you really unique and is fun to conceptualize because you can have a lot of designs to put together, apparently, we can’t just say yes if you’re going to ask us if you should get a full body tattoo. This decision is up to you, of course, as there are a lot of factors to consider. Here are some things you need to ask yourself first before you give it a go:

  • Can you handle the pain?

Remember, tattoos are never painless. So if you have a high pain tolerance, then, good for you as you might probably survive the tattooing process.

  • Do you have a budget?

Again, there are a number of factors that determine a tattoo’s price. Thus, ask yourself first if you have enough funds for a big and intricately detailed tattoo such as this.

  • Are you brave enough for this?

While tattoos are widely accepted, tattoos, especially the bold ones like a full body tattoo, still don’t sit well with some people. While body art like tattoo doesn’t fully define you, it might cause some negative effects on your profession and, in some cultures, your family.

  • Is this really what you want?

Tattoos are permanent. While there are now laser tattoo removing treatments out there, a full body tattoo might not be that easy to remove. Aside from the fact that it could cost you a lot of money, it might be harder to remove as this kind of tattoo needs more tattoo removal sessions for it to be gone completely.

  • What design should you opt for?

Again, tattoos are permanent. So you need to be really sure of your design. Plus, this kind of tattoo is very eye-catching. Hence, you would want something that will really make heads turn in a positive way. You don’t want getting attention if your tattoo don’t sit well with your taste and standards, right?

In case you need some full body tattoo ideas, here are some designs that we can suggest.

Full Body Tattoo Ideas

Full body tattoo means you have nearly every inch of your body for a canvass. Also, there is actually no rule as to what kinds of patterns should you use. As Spongebob once said, all you need is your imagination for this. You can go for your favorite symbols, names, quotes, anything! The best part of this kind of tattoo is that you can mix all of the symbols as much as you can and they would still look great. The only problem that you might have is how to fit everything in your skin. But, also, it can be a bit overwhelming when choosing from the long list of full body tattoo ideas on the internet. But don’t worry too much as we can give you some full body tattoo ideas. Without further ado, here are some designs that you can also make use of if you’re eyeing on this kind of tattoo.

Full Body Tattoo Ideas for Men

Men are commonly the ones who opt for full body tattoos. This is probably because it adds to the factors that make them more manly and cool. Here are some full body tattoo ideas for men.


If you’re feeling a lot braver, you can go all-out on your full body tattoo and have your face inked as well like what this guy did

While this guy also had his face inked, he opted for a smaller face tattoo instead


This guy, on the other hand, chose a colored Japanese style full body tattoo

Another one of the full body tattoo ideas where the tattoo owner also had his face inked


From head to foot, this man also went all out on his full body tattoo

A full body Christian tattoo

An intricately detailed Egyptian-inspired tattoo


A full body tattoo mostly made with Chinese symbols like dragons and tigers

A full body tattoo made with tribal patterns



A full body tattoo depicting the book of Revelations

A full body tattoo with Buddah at the center


This former gangster is also covered with colorful patterns


A full body tattoo that tells how much you’ve overcome

A colored abstract tattoo of a dragon


A combination of abstract and mandala tattoo designs

A full body tattoo in blue, red, and black ink

This tattoo owner opted for more word tattoos for his full body tattoo


This man actually diversified his design options – from astrology to Christian tattoo

Who says flower tattoos are only for women? This guy managed to make his full body tattoo all the more looking good with it and he still looks manly


Another Japanese-inspired full-body tattoo


Another full-body tattoo composed of different symbols

This man, on the other hand, opted for a combination of Christian and sugar skull tattoos

This guy has 100 different tattoo designs all over his body and now he even had his eyeball inked

This guy also opted to incorporate flowers with his full body tattoo

A full-body tattoo mainly composed of words

This guy opted for a blackout tattoo all over his body

A big Christian tattoo of an angel praying paired with a realistic tattoo of a rosary

This guy opted for a multi-colored tattoo that also covered his face

Another multi-colored full-body tattoo that stretches up to the tattoo owner’s neck

A blackout tattoo of a dragon’s face adorned with cherry blossoms

Full Body Tattoo Ideas for Women

Full body tattoos aren’t just for men. Women can wear them too. For women, such tattoo design can make you look sexier and more unique. Check out some of the full body tattoo ideas for women that we have gathered to help you design your own.

Image result for full body tattoo women

This woman combined her blackout tattoo with some realistic face tattoos

This woman, on the other hand, shows her romantic side through her full-body tattoo mainly composed of red roses

This tattoo owner also has big flower tattoos all over body and she added a big tiger tattoo on her back

This woman has colorful dragon tattoos all over her body

If you’re brave enough, you can also have your face inked like what this woman did

This full-body tattoo shows how much of an overcomer its owner is

You can also never go wrong with a colorful Japanese full-body tattoo

A full-body tattoo mainly composed of skulls with a blackout tattoo on the sleeve

This tattoo owner also has flower tattoos all over her body

A classic colorful Japanese tattoo nearly covering the whole body

This woman opted for a more unique color for her body tattoo

A classic cherry blossom tattoo

Another Japanese-inspired full-body tattoo with added tribal pattern

This is actually a tattoo bodysuit but its design is still something to consider if you’re looking for nice full-body tattoo ideas for women

A full-body tattoo in black and red ink


A sugar skull tattoo paired with classic tattoo patterns

A colorful Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs full-body tattoo


Another Japanese-inspired full-body tattoo

This is also a tattoo suit but it also has a nice print that you can take inspirations from

A full-body tattoo with a wolf’s face as a centerpiece

Why not choose a full-body tattoo print that matches or looks similar to your favorite outfit like what this woman did?

A blackout mandala full-body tattoo

A combination of lace, flower, number, and ornament tattoo

Another classic Japanese full-body tattoo

Another colorful Japanese-inspired ful-body tattoo composed of dragon, flower, and feather tattoos

This woman also opted for a full-body tattoo that stretched up to her neck


This woman opted for a very feminine print tooImage result for full body tattoo women

This woman, on the other hand, decided to have her favorite anime and cartoon characters inked on her whole body, which is also perfect if you love animes and cartoons too

This woman opted to have mandala tattoos on her back, line tattoos on her front and blackout tattoos on her arms

If you feel a little braver, why not have your face tattooed too like what she did?

Another classic Japanese tattoo that reaches the thigh area

A combination of blackout tattoos, mandala, skulls, words, and flower tattoos

An intricately-detailed full-body tattoo with mandalas

A blackout tattoo with images of mythical creatures

Full-body tattoos are definitely one of the coolest tattoo styles. Plus, it’s one of the perfect styles that will really make you unleash your inner artist as you have countless options in designing it. However, this style is not for the faint of hearts as it can be painful and such tattoo style is not fully accepted by everyone. Still, it’s worth everything.

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