60+ Jaw-dropping Biomechanical Tattoo Designs

By Jason Hamilton / June 10, 2019
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Biomechanical tattoo ideas are for geeks and nerds at heart. Are you a Sci-Fi fan, a gamer or a proud geek? Then I’m sure these 148 amazing biomechanical tattoos that I have collected for you will make you want to get one as soon as possible. I made the list longer for you so you can see more unique works of different tattoo artists. Biomechanical art started in the late 70s when H.R Giger, a Swiss artist designed the aliens from the Ridley Scott film, Alien. It is a very interesting tattoo art because machine elements and organics are combined to produce an awesome geeky and surreal tattoo.

In this article, we will be discussing the wonderful biomechanical tattoo. We will be sharing with you our carefully curated gallery of biomechanical tattoo designs as well.


What Is A Biomechanical Tattoo

You think about biomechanical art, whether it’s tattoos, illustration or painting, the only name that comes into your mind is H.R. Giger. Giger was the person who popularized biomechanical art back in 1979 when he designed the creatures for the feature film Alien. This dark and morbid style with flesh and robotic details was his style of choice, so we can say that he gave birth to biomechanical as a style on its own: an art that combines organic and natural design with industrial design.


In the 1990s, mostly thanks to the art of Aaron Cain, biomech became a very popular tattoo style: it’s not uncommon to see whole biomech sleeves, legs, and backs. If you go for this style you go big! Biomechanical tattoos are great as cover-up tattoos because they have a lot of details and shading, which can help to cover the old tattoos. If a biomech tattoo is dark, this only adds to the beauty of the tattoo so it’s perfect to camouflage the tattoos underneath.

Biomechanical art is a surrealistic style of art that combines elements of machines with organics. A large part of biomechanical tattoos subjects are taken directly from Ridley Scott’s movie Alien, and that means they’re directly inspired by Giger’s Necronomicon series. Tattoo artists draw their original biomech art today (see Aaron Cain and Guy Aitchison: we included some of their tattoos in the gallery below,  make sure you browse it!) This tattoo style is very realistic and it was mostly black and grey at the beginning: when tattoo artists began designing their own original art, biomechanical naturally evolved into what it is now. Colour realism, 3D and black and grey are used to depict human bones replaced by metallic gears, infused with muscles and tendons, tubing connected to arteries. The latest trend in biomechanical tattoos are 3D skin illusions, where the skin is ripped apart to show the robotic parts underneath it.


A highly detailed full sleeve biomechanical tattoo.

A vibrantly colored and highly detailed biomechanical sleeve tattoo.


A blue and red full sleeve biomechanical tattoo.

A highly detailed biomechanical tattoo on a well-defined arm.


A highly detailed full sleeve biomechanical tattoo.

A vibrantly detailed biomechanical full sleeve tattoo.


A full forearm tattoo of a biomechanical design.

The Usual Style For Biomechanical Tattoo? STEAMPUNK!

New designs are always coming up in the body art industry and steampunk tattoo designs is proof of this ever-changing environment within the industry. Whilst steampunk art has been around since the advent of steam power in the eighteenth century, the design has only gained traction in the tattoo industry in recent years as enthusiasts yearn for more tattoo design options.

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and the aesthetics of nineteenth-century machinery. Its signature retro-futuristic look has been inspired by nineteenth-century people’s vision of the future where it is often associated with the fashion and aesthetic design of the day.

This sub-genre is often featured in novels and films set in a dystopian future where humanity has lost all its current technological knowledge and must start again from scratch. Some notable literary works that feature steampunk elements are the works of H.G. Wells, like the “War of the Worlds” where it features a dystopian world that is about to be consumed by alien life. Another famous steampunk author is Jules Verne with works such as “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “The Mysterious Island” which both had been adapted to film that also heavily features steampunk technology.

One may wonder, “What are the usual designs of steampunk tattoos?”. This thought is often warranted because steampunk tattoo designs are just blooming in popularity. To answer this though, there is no specific design to steampunk tattoos which is why it is becoming popular. The creative freedom this tattoo design presents to the enthusiast and the artist is unimaginable. Your imagination is the limit as one tattoo artist said regarding steampunk tattoos.

You still have not imagined its design? Here is a short commercial by a famous mechanical watchmaker that heavily features a steampunk-esque design.

Now that you have an idea to steampunk tattoos, here are some steampunk tattoo designs that will make you squeal to have one inked.

A steampunk winged machine tattooed on the back.

A full sleeve biomechanical steampunk robotic arm tattoo.


Another full sleeve robotic steampunk arm tattoo.

A highly detailed back tattoo of a steampunk ribcage.


A large back tattoo of steampunk machinery.

A watercolor biomechanical tattoo of a steampunk-designed heart.


A head tattoo of cogs and wheels.


A steampunk compass tattooed on the hand.

A biomechanical half-sleeve tattoo of steampunk machinery.


A highly artistic rendition of a watch with steampunk elements.

A large arm tattoo of a gold clock with other steampunk machinery.

A beautifully crafted biomechanical chest tattoo of a steampunk clock.


A sleeve tattoo with steampunk design.

A biomechanical sleeve tattoo with steampunk design.


The Perfect Places Or Body Part To Ink A Biomechanical Tattoo

Since this tattoo is “human-centric” or places importance on the human body part it will be inked, a lot of places or body parts can play host to this wonderful tattoo design! From the hands, sleeves, forearm, chest, to the leg and back, almost all body parts can rock this tattoo design!

Still skeptical? here are just some of the best body parts to place this wonderful biomechanical tattoo!

The Sleeve

Tattoos have recently started to become more prominent than before. There’s not one part of a person’s body that hasn’t been touched by a tattoo. This form of ink art has been placed on pretty much every minor and major areas of the human body. A lot of men like having sleeve tattoos, since they give quite an impressive look, especially when they use a good design and the color combination is excellent. It’s also advisable, and even appropriate at times, to pick a good sleeve tattoo for men when you compare it to getting inked on other parts of the body.

Size, Placement & Planning

Getting tattoos from shoulder to wrist isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you’re fine with getting half our arm inked, or even less than that. Whatever you choose, make sure your artist helps you recommend a placement and scale for your chosen designs. Like any big project, it’s best to plan ahead at the start so it all comes together well at the end.

A vibrantly colored and highly detailed biomechanical tattoo on the sleeve.



A biomechanical half-sleeve tattoo.

A highly detailed full sleeve blue and red biomechanical tattoo.

A full sleeve biomechanical tattoo.

A highly detailed tattoo on the arm of a biomechanical design.

Restrictions & Regulations

Remember how we said society is more accepting of sleeve tattoos now? While it is true, that doesn’t mean everyone is fine with them. For example, the United States Marines Corp. changed their policy in April 2007 to ban tattoo sleeves unless you got them before enlisting. There are also still plenty of employers who have a “no visible tattoo” policy but require a short-sleeve shirt uniform, which means you’re out of luck.

Our intention isn’t to discourage you from getting that sleeve you’ve always wanted. Rather, we just want to remind you that covering your entire arm’s with ink may have an impact on where you work/serve.

A highly detailed full sleeve biomechanical tattoo.

A gold and red motif biomechanical full sleeve tattoo.

A highly detailed full sleeve biomechanical tattoo.

A half sleeve biomechanical tattoo.

A highly detailed and intricate biomechanical tattoo.

The Back

The back is the largest area of canvas on our body. It might be one of the best places for a tattoo in our opinion if done right. Artists can add a good amount of detail with its large canvas.

A full back and sleeve biomechanical tattoo.

An upper right back tattoo of a biomechanical design.

A full back biomechanical tattoo.

Another full back biomechanical tattoo.

A highly detailed biomechanical full back tattoo.

Does It Hurt?

Getting a tattoo will hurt; there is no way around that. However, some parts of the body are extremely sensitive to pain, and only the bravest of brave should even consider tattoos in those zones and like we said numerous times before, each person will have different pain tolerance levels. The general rule of thumb though says that if you’re extremely ticklish in an area, it will probably hurt really bad to have it tattooed.

Since the back is such a large area, each portion of the back will have different pain levels. It is common knowledge to everyone even to those who are not interested in tattoos that the spine or the middle portion of the back will be extremely painful since that is where the skin meets the backbone. Shoulder blades too are also painful since the skin is also touching the bone. The least painful area for a back tattoo would be both sides of the lower back since there are a lot of fat and muscles in those places to absorb the shock you might experience from the needle.

A colored and detailed biomechanical full back and one full sleeve tattoo.

An upper right back tattoo of a biomechanical motif.

A large circular steampunk tattoo on the back.

A heart-shaped steampunk tattoo on the upper back with angel wings.

A large back tattoo of steampunk inspired mechanical wings.

The Leg

Leg tattoos seem to be very popular nowadays. It can be confirmed by the great numbers of men and women who are getting inked on their legs every single day. This is despite the fact that there are so many individuals in the world who consider tattooing as satanic act. Through these tattoos, people are able to express themselves without even talking to the people surrounding them. Moreover, there are many individuals who are into these tattoos in order to show how devoted they are to their religion. Another reason why people consider having these tattoos is to enhance their fashion sense in this modern era.

A highly detailed and intricate biomechanical tattoo on the leg.

A full leg biomechanical tattoo with intricate detailing.

A highly detailed leg tattoo of a biomechanical design.

Another highly detailed leg tattoo of a biomechanical design.

A dominantly orange biomechanical tattoo on the leg.

Advantages and Disadvantages

It is just normal for tattoos to be associated with a number of advantages and disadvantages, and these tattoos are no exemptions here. The following are some of the expected advantages of these tattoos:

  • Less Painful – The leg part is majorly composed of muscles, so there’s no question why it is less painful when tattooing is done here.
  • Wide Coverage – They have wider coverage compared to others, so you can surely engrave the design you want here, no matter if it is big or just a small design.
  • Easy to Hide – This is actually a case to case basis. It will be easy to hide when you get tattooed from your thigh towards your knees.
Here are some of the disadvantages:
  • It Takes Time – This is another case to case basis. If you will go for a full leg, then it will take time for sure, and so with the half leg.
  • Costlier – When compared to others, it will be costlier to have a leg design since it has wider coverage.

A biomechanical leg tattoo that features a huge spring.

A highly detailed biomechanical tattoo on the leg.

A piston featured biomechanical tattoo on the leg.

A highly detailed black tattoo of a biomechanical design.

A highly detailed leg tattoo of a biomechanical design.

A highly detailed abdominal biomechanical tattoo.

A steampunk inspired biomechanical tattoo on the leg.

A highly detailed mythical biomechanical tattoo.

An upper sleeve tattoo of a highly detailed black ink steampunk biomechanical design.

A blue and red full sleeve biomechanical tattoo.

A highly colorful biomechanical tattoo on the whole sleeve.

A blue and red biomechanical tattoo on the upper sleeve.

A highly detailed full sleeve and right chest tattoo of a biomechanical design.

A mythical biomechanical tattoo on the sleeve.

A highly detailed forearm biomechanical tattoo.

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