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60+ Pin Up Girl Tattoo Design Samples and Everything You Need to Know About it

By Jason Hamilton / January 18, 2020
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If you want the sexiest tattoo, no, it’s not the lace or any flower tattoo. Rather, it is the pin up girl tattoo. And when we say “the sexiest,” we mean literally. This is because this tattoo is actually an image of a physically attractive woman. But the pin up girl tattoo isn’t just about its looks that people, mostly men, want it inked on their skin. Apparently, this tattoo design holds some meaning and history as well. Here’s a glimpse of how it all started.


Getting to Know the Pin Up Girl Tattoo

How it Started

For starters, a pin up is exactly that – a picture of a sexy lady. Pin ups originated in World War II era when men from the Armed Forces and Navy went abroad. And its name, “pin up,” actually came from the idea that men, back in the day, would pin posters and/or photos of these seductive women on their walls while they are away and apart from real life women.

What a Pin Up Looks Like

While pin ups are described sexy, they actually have a general look that makes it easier for anyone to identify them. The tell-tale signs of them are things such as scantily dressed voluptuous ladies with pouty lips that are usually colored red and an old-fashioned hairstyle that is usually curly. Also, such images depict women often doing household tasks or posing in a boudoir setting. Plus they are always depicted with huge breasts.


How Pin Ups Were Used

While people might probably started pin ups during World War II, this image were not just used to somewhat make the Navy and Armed Forces feel more at home. Apparently, pin up girls were also used to increase the morale of these men who were far away from home. An idea put forward by Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable, pin ups were then used to inspire men more during the war, making them believe that they were fighting for something like just like the beautiful pin up girls back home. Pin ups were also used for magazines and advertisements, where the print ads could also be pinned on the wall and enjoyed while promoting something. And today, they aren’t just pinned on the walls but are now inked on the skin.

Who Should Get a Pin Up Girl Tattoo and What Does it Mean?

Pin up girls may be popular among men, especially back in the day but today, it’s not just men who can have such images tattooed in their body. Women can too! This is because pin up girl tattoos also represent strength, power, and independence for any gender. And for that reason, if you’re going to ask us, yes, you should get this tattoo design too. However, pin up girl tattoos have a lot of variations. Here are some of them.


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Pin Up Girl Tattoo Variations

American Flag Pin Up Girl Tattoo

If you want to show your patriotism, the American flag pin up girl tattoo is what we suggest. For this design, you will see a pin up girl who is usually dressed in clothes printed with the design that the American flag has. Sometimes, the flag also serves as a backdrop for the woman’s image. And because of this, she represents American beauty ideals and pride for the United States. To give you a better idea, here’s how you can style your American pin up girl tattoo.


An American pin up girl wearing a bikini with an American flag print



A naked cartoonish pin up girl wrapped in American flag


A cartoonish pin up girl tattoo looking like Marilyn Monroe wearing an American flag-printed bikini wrapped with an American flag with other symbols


Another naked cartoonish American pin up girl wrapped in American flag


An American pin up girl wearing an American flag printed bikini top holding a flag


A topless cartoonish pin up girl using the American flag as a skirt

Betty Boop

Betty Boop isn’t just an animate character for mere entertainment. Today, she is one of the famous images that are used for tattoos. In fact, she is one of the famous images for a pin up girl tattoo. With big eyes, curly short hair, and red fitted dress, her youthful features also represent virgin beauty. Here are some Betty Boop tattoo variations that you might want to consider.

A woman wearing a Betty Boop pin up girl tattoo in her upper arm

A tattooed Betty Boop inked on the leg


A Mexican Betty Boop that’s also perfect to show off your heritage

A classic Betty Boop pin up girl tattoo


Another classic Betty Boop pin up girl tattoo combined with a word tattoo for the romantic people

A combination of Lady Luck and Betty Boop pin up girl tattoo variations


A combination of Batty Boop and Devil Pin Up Girl tattoos


Betty Boop dressed like a cow girl

A sugar skull tattoo of Betty Boop


Betty Boop raising one leg up

A Betty Boop tattoo outline

Betty Grable

Another “Betty” popularly used for pin up girl tattoos is Betty Grable. She’s probably the most famous icons, especially for soldiers during the World War II Era. Many people who want to have her image tattooed on their skin usually opt for her signature pose where she shows her back to the camera, flaunting her million-dollar legs. Here are some variations of such tattoo design if you want your tattoo to be more unique.

A realistic tattoo of Betty Grable


Here’s another portrait of Betty Gable turned in to forearm tattoo

Betty Gable’s famous pose that’s commonly used as a pinup girl tattoo


A cartoonish Betty Gable tattoo in a lingerie


Here’s another image of Betty Gable’s famous pose turned into a black and white tattoo

Cow Girl

Another popular pin up girl tattoo variation is the cow girl. This is because among the pin up girl tattoo designs, this one is more unique as she doesn’t wear a mini dress, rather, with clothes that resemble a cow boy’s, tapping into the attractiveness of beautiful women who engage in men’s hobbies at the same time. If you’re a woman, and if you’re not that girlish, this might be the perfect design for you as it’s not as girly as the other pin up girl images but it still is sexy. You can also add more elements that are related to the Wild West. Here are some ideas on how to make them work.

A sexy cartoonish cow girl pin up tattoo

Another cartoonish cow girl pun up tattoo added with some elements that are related to the Wild West

A watercolor-like tattoo of a pin up cow girl holding a gun

This one, on the other hand, is a vintage cow girl pin up tattoo

A cartoonish topless cowgirl pin up tattoo

Although the woman in this pin up girl tattoo is wearing something a bit more conservative than the others, it still gives off a sexy vibe

A cartoonish tattoo of a pin up girl playing a Cielo

Another tattoo of a pin up girl wearing something more conservative

A very sexy pin up girl tattoo wherein the woman in the image nearly wears nothing

Another cartoonish pin up girl holding guns

A realistic tattoo of a pin up girl showing her classic beauty

Devil Pinup Girl

This one, on the other hand, is a more playful version of a pin up girl. Usually, this the woman for this tattoo design is red-skinned wearing a black two-piece or dress. And as its name suggests, she resembles the devil as she has a devil’s horn and tail. Sometimes, though, it is her dress that is colored red and she has a normal skin color. But if you want something more unique, here are some designs we recommend.

A devil girl pin up tattoo with a trident

A cartoon style devil pin up tattoo holding a trident behind her back

An intricately detailed devil pin up tattoo with wings and trident

A naked devil pin up tattoo

A topless devil pin up tattoo with thick outline

Another cartoonish devil pin up girl embracing a skull

A devil pin up girl with red skin wearing a black two-piece

A naked devil pin up girl holding a skull

Hula Girl

The Hula Girl pin up tattoo design is also one of the popular variations of pin up girl tattoos and is made by Sailor Jerry, a well-known tattoo artist. It is said that Sailor Jerry represents his love for Hawaii. And if you love this state too, why not have this inked as well? In addition to that, this image also represents exotic women. Usually, the woman for this tattoo is dressed in a coconut brand grass skirt adorned with flowers. But you can still play with its poses. Here are some ideas.

A tattoo of a hula pin up girl stripping

A posey hula pin up girl paired with more tropical designs covering the whole leg

A tattoo of a pin up hula girl wearing a unique skirt as she dances

A sexier pin up hula girl in a more tropical setting

A hula pin up girl playing a ukelele

A detailed pin up hula girl tattoo

Lady Luck

And as the name suggests, this tattoo symbolizes good luck. For the Lady Luck pin up girl tattoo, she is often dressed in lingerie and is often depicted with playing cards, diamonds, jewelry, money, dice, and horseshoes. Sometimes, people add their lucky numbers and word tattoos like “lucky girl,” “lady luck,” or just “lucky.” Here are some ideas on how you can combine different lucky symbols to make your pin up girl tattoos more unique.

Lady Luck with a horseshoe, card-printed skirt, and a lucky 8 ball print bikini top

An intricately detailed face of a woman with cards and horseshoe symbols

A pin up girl resting in a horseshoe

An abstract pin up lady luck girl tattoo

Marilyn Monroe

Of course, who wouldn’t forget Marilyn Monroe? Known as the most famous American sex symbol, you can also use her image as a pin up girl tattoo. Usually, for this variation of pin up girl tattoo, the tattoo design shows her white dress blowing up in the wind.

Marilyn Monroe in her famous pose inked as a tattoo

Marilyn Monroe in a one-piece swimsuit

A half-sleeve tattoo of Marilyn Monroe’s pin up version

A realistic tattoo of Marilyn Monroe’s famous pose

A colored tattoo of Marilyn Monroe making look more realistic

Another realistic tattoo of Marilyn Monroe’s face but in black ink

Sailor Jerry Pin Up Girl

If you’re not much of a fan of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable, the Sailor Jerry Pinup Girl might be for you. For starters, this style does not feature any face of another woman. Rather, it’s a bit more cartoonish that shows the ideals and extremes of feminine beauty. The woman for such image is often colored with simple but bold contours with black borders. Here are some samples so you can get some ideas.

A touched up Sailor Jerry pin up girl tattoo

A Sailor Jerry-inspired tattoo of a pin up girl wearing a sailor suit

A pin up girl with peacocks

A simple but daring pin up girl tattoo

A naked pin up girl only wearing an apron

A pin up version of Princess Leia

A teacher pin up girl tattoo


A dancing pin up girl

A Sailor Jerry pin up girl dressed like a sexy pirate

Pin up girl tattoos are more than just sexy tattoo designs of women. It also has a deeper meaning and history than you can imagine. What’s even better is that this tattoo design is for all genders, making it a perfect tattoo for you regardless of your gender preference.

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