60+ Simple Tattoo Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

By Jason Hamilton / April 19, 2019
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For any man and woman getting a tattoo for the first time, it can be a pretty daunting experience. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be. By starting small and going with a simple design, you’ll slowly ease your way into the tattoo world without the big-sized regrets.

While the pain from getting a tattoo might be temporary, the ink on your skin is definitely permanent.

Everyone man knows this, yet most men still tend to think big when it comes to their first tattoo. We are here to prove the theory that big is best wrong and that simple tattoo designs can be way better than those big tattoo designs.


In this article, we will be talking about the various designs you can do with the simple tattoo. We will also be sharing with you our vast gallery of simple tattoo designs that are bursting in aesthetic value and meaning.


Simple Tattoo vs. Big Tattoo

The bigger the better right? Not exactly.


The truth is, smaller sized tattoos and simple designs can look just as good. Not to mention, downright masculine and manly too when done right.

There are countless design ideas to go with from anchors to mountains, trees and more. Even the outlined shape of a camera can have a major significant meaning to a lifelong photographer. Or how about a simple globe for the man who flights around the world in a constant search of adventure.


The Designs For A Simple Tattoo

Whether breaking into the tattoo lifestyle for the first time, or a seasoned veteran of ink, cool simple tattoos are a choice to be highly considered. Expressions of one’s masculinity through a full tribal sleeve are statements many eloquent and rustic men alike are electing to adorn.

Small meaningful tattoos such as anchors, keys, and symbols for life, love, and happiness have made their way into the most popular forms of cool simple tattoo art; generally worn by men honoring a life-altering event, such as a birth, and loved ones both living and past.


here are some designs you might like for a simple tattoo:

Simple Geometric Tattoo Designs

Simple geometric tattoo designs are tattoo designs that feature simple geometry or shapes. These tattoo designs are the simplest of all tattoo designs out there because it does not involve a complex tattooing process.


There are two kinds of simple geometric tattoos, the filled and outline geometric tattoos. Filled geometric tattoo, like the name implies, is a tattoo design wherein the shape is completely filled with ink. Outline geometric tattoos, however, are tattoo designs wherein the outline of the shape is the only one inked.

The meaning of a simple geometric tattoo really varies from tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts. Since the design is simple, a lot of interpretation can be used by the wearer to give it more meaning than the design itself.

Here are some simple geometric tattoo designs we saw on the internet that screams “less is more”:

A simple geometric tattoo on the arm of various three-dimensional objects.

A simple geometric tattoo of triangles on two arms wherein the upper arm features an outline tattoo while the other one features a filled in tattoo.


A simple geometric tattoo of a circle that is filled with ink and accentuated by lines of various lengths.

A simple geometric tattoo on the chest of a triangle’s outline.


A small simple geometric tattoo on the chest featuring three intersecting circles.

A small simple geometric tattoo of a Valknut on the hand.


A simple geometric tattoo on the sleeve.

two simple geometric tattoos on the wrists that features a flying saucer and a simplistic rendition of Saturn.

A simple geometric tattoo on the wrist of overlapping triangles.


A simple geometric tattoo on the wrist of two mountains.


Line Tattoo Designs

The line tattoo design is one of the most beautiful designs out there. It is often considered by the community as chic, classic, and sophisticated. This tattoo design is said to be inspired by neon signs because the figure is composed of only one continuous line bending and turning to form the figure’s shape. It is also said to be the most painful because the inking process of this tattoo is a long and slow stroke of the tattoo pen. Despite the pain you will experience while having this tattoo inked on your skin, we are absolutely sure that you will not regret it.

Here are some line tattoo designs we saw on the internet that might convince you to get one yourself:

A wrist tattoo of a penguin drawn by using only one line.


A line geometric tattoo of an elephant and its trunk drawn by only using one line.

A thigh tattoo that features an elephant’s face and trunk drawn by using only one line.


A thigh tattoo that features the outline of a woman using only one line.


A sleeve tattoo of a man’s two face drawn using only one line.

A sleeve tattoo of two hands drawn using only one line.


A sleeve tattoo of a woman’s face using only a one line.

A back tattoo of a man drawn only using one line.

Two line geometric tattoo that features a bicycle and a face of a man.


A line geometric tattoo on the arm that features two people kissing.


Wave Tattoo Designs

Wave tattoo designs are about as summer as it gets – aside from palm tree tattoos that is. The waves and the palm trees ultimately signify the season of summer. Imagine yourself lounging around the beach and hear the rustling waves and the billowing of the palm tree leaves against the wind. It is a relaxing vibe and atmosphere to behold! This is what the wave tattoo wants you to imagine whenever you see them. They want you to recall your last summer vacation and be in tune with the sea!

Waves are one of the strongest, most powerful, natural forces on earth. They’ve been known to swallow sailors as well as get them to their destinations. You may go against the currents but you’ll always get carried away by the waves. People who get wave tattoos strongly believe in making the most out of it and riding these waves instead.

Waves tattoos are hugely popular and the first tattoos originated in pacific islander cultures. Back in the day, it was common to see simple single line designs. Tattoos have become much more detailed these days and that means there are some pretty cool designs available to you. There are so many options available to you today.

Here are some of the best wave tattoo designs we saw that might evoke you the feeling of the sea:

A thin three wave tattoo in simple line form.


A simple line tattoo of a wave on the heel of the foot.


A simple line tattoo of a wave on the shoulder.

A curvy and thick simple line tattoo of a wave on the foot.

A simple line tattoo of a wave and the Sun.

An artsy simple wave tattoo on the wrist.

A small wrist tattoo of a wave in simple line form.

A fairly large simple line wave tattoo with a triangle.

A small simple line wave tattoo on the finger.

Palm Tree Tattoo Designs

Whenever you see a palm tree, what do you reckon? A vacation or a tropical paradise? We often associate palm trees with summer vibes, relaxing vacation, and the white sand beaches because we always see this kind of tree near the shoreline. Imagine yourself making a hammock between two palm trees while looking beyond the night sky and into the universe. What a nice way to relax right?

There are various ways to interpret a palm tree. The most common of all designs is a palm tree silhouette tattoo that is only comprised of black ink. Watercolor tattoos of palm trees are also common. These tattoos often depict a colorful palm tree with the sun setting in the background.

Here are some ideas for your next palm tree tattoo design:

A small tattoo of palm trees on the wrist.

A small cute palm tree tattoo on the ankle.

A small cartoonish foot tattoo of a palm tree on the shores of a wavy beach.

A minimalist palm tree tattoo on the arm with a sunset.

A small cute palm tree tattoo on the ankle.

A silhouette-like ankle tattoo of a palm tree.

A small palm tree tattoo on the back of the leg.

 Another small palm tree tattoo on the arm.

An artsy thigh tattoo of a palm tree.

 A small leg tattoo of a palm tree.Amazing-Palm-Tree-Tattoo-On-Girl-Back-Leg

The Preferences Of Men For Simple Tattoo Designs

Men in the tattoo world and body art community are generally considered to be “flashy” clienteles. They want something that is big, detailed, intricate, and striking. Which is why only a few men would even consider getting a simple tattoo design back in the day. At the present, however, the same could not be said.

Since men and women are in a converging path with the barriers of feminine and masculine tattoo designs blurring in each year, more and more men want to get this tattoo design simply because it is cool, aesthetically pleasing, different, and above all, meaningful. The simple tattoo design they go for is those in the more complex side of things. (does it make sense?)

Here are some of the best simple tattoo designs for men that we saw that you might actually like:

A simple geometric tattoo on the arm of triangles, both filled and just an outline, with various lines and dots added as additional embellishments to further improve its visual appearance.

A highly intricate geometric tattoo on the arm that is composed of lines of various thickness and length to give that striking visual appeal.

A geometric tattoo on the arm of different sizes of rhombuses with a shadowy and light fill on the inside with each overlapping layer darkening the coinciding areas.

A highly detailed and beautifully crafted geometric tattoo on the arm with clear art deco influences.

A non-colored japanese wave tattoo on the rib cage.

A large simple line tattoo of a wave on the back.

A simple line tattoo of a wave disguised as a heart line.

A simple tribal neck tattoo.

A simple and typical tribal tattoo inked on the neck.

A somewhat simple tribal neck tattoo.

Another somewhat simple tribal neck tattoo.

A hand tattoo of the crescent moon and arrows.

A beautiful but simple finger tattoo of the crescent moon.

A tattered black tattoo of an American flag patch.

Women And Their Preference On Simple Tattoo Designs

Women are the original clientele of the simple tattoo. the tattoo style was made so that women could easily conceal their tattoos if need be since back in the day, women with tattoos are shunned upon society. Today is not the case, however. Women are now more daring and willing to show their tattoos to the world since women with tattoos are now becoming somewhat of a norm in today’s generation.

Here are some of the best simple tattoo designs for women that we saw on the internet:

A long and simple tattoo of the moon and its phases on the upper back to the nape.

A glossy and shiny artsy American flag tattoo on the forearm.

An American flag tattoo on the sleeve as a flag patch usually seen with military personnel.

A small but artfully made American Flag Tattoo on the hand shaped as a star.

A geometric tattoo of overlapping triangles that form into a star that is situated on the wrist.

A simple line tattoo of a wave on the ankle.

A simple black and red neck tattoo of two fishes representing Pisces.

A simple but elegant neck tattoo of a fedora hat.

A highly detailed and intricate tribal neck tattoo of a radiant sun.

A highly detailed geometric mountain tattoo inked on the foot.

A simple ribcage tattoo of a mountain range.

A simple but meaningful rising sun tattoo on the sleeve with mountains.



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