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60+ Timely Hourglass Tattoo Ideas the will make the best moments count

By Jason Hamilton / November 28, 2019
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An hourglass is a reversible device with two connected glass bulbs containing sand that takes an hour to pass from the upper to the lower bulb. It is often a symbol that human existence is fleeting, and that the “sands of time” will run out for every human life. In alchemy, it is also used as a symbol for an hour. Make every moment of your life count with these hourglass tattoo ideas.

A stunning hourglass tattoo with the sky and skull elements inked on the sleeves.

A strong and manly tattoo of an hourglass with a sea and sailboat as an element perfectly inked on the sleeves.


An elegant and radiant forearm tattoo of an hourglass that continues to tick like our lives.

A solid and manly blackout tattoo of an hourglass that’s highly intricated on the forearm up to the wrist.


A stunning and amazing hourglass tattoo with geometric elements makes the design solid and pleasant at the same time.


Meaning of Hourglass Tattoos

The meaning of hourglass designs stems mainly from the eternal passage of time. Having a look at the sand inside the hourglass evokes some realities that make one value life more. The design below looks magnificent with the dark shades used blending well with the wearer’s complexion.


Some of the meanings associated with the hourglass tattoo include;

  • The contrast of life with seasons of joy and sadness
  • The value of time and how it runs out

The charming blend of blackout hourglass image with a skull element inside of it perfectly inked on the forearm.


A solid and artistic hourglass with a plant and sailboat element inked on the calf.

A colorful and bright forearm hourglass with a nice view of the ocean on the upper part while the lower part is the sunset which makes tattoo unique and beautiful.


A manly and strong blackout hourglass design with a skull element solidifies the tattoo on the sleeves.


A blackout hourglass tattoo with a nice clock and skull element on it makes the sleeve prominent and dominant.

Ideas for Beautiful Hourglass Tattoos

Wearing the design as shown below depicts several meanings. The two interconnected bulbs express the thin connection between life and death. The huge strange hand reaching on the hourglass tattoo also expresses some connection with an external force.

A radiant and delicate hourglass image with a geometric and yin-yang element added a wave as the centerpiece.


Wearing the tattoo has a way of enhancing the body features as shown in the tattoo design below. The color combination is epic with the hourglass tattoos expressing substantial complexity. The use of three crosses with lightning splashing is an expression of eternal nature associated with the tattoo.

A stunning collaboration of the flower and hourglass to create a phenomenal forearm tattoo.

An amazing and beautiful forearm hourglass tattoo with a nice blend of compass and flower elements.


A simple yet beautiful and highly intricated forearm tattoo makes the design timeless.


A highly detailed hourglass image with a floral theme.

An earthly designed upper sleeve tattoo of an hourglass.


A highly detailed hourglass with additional dangling embellishment.

Neo-traditional Tattoo

Old designs can still come to life because of artists and enthusiasts that gives out passionate efforts to modernize things that are considered old. Look at vintage cars and objects for example, yes they are old but they can be considered “rad” or cool when given proper care. This is also the same case with tattoo designs that are considered as classics. Most millennials would think that having classic tattoo designs makes them feel old. This is the reason why neo-traditional tattoo designs were born. Artists and enthusiasts alike would like to revitalize the classic designs so that they will still have a foothold in an industry that is completely changing with the times. They want these classic designs to also change with the times and have a new face, a new breath of life, a new demographic. These neo-traditional tattoos hope to be the successor of the big classic designs of the old days and bring a new era to the said classic designs.

A colorful and solid hourglass tattoo with a skull element to complete the design without ease.

A stunning and elegant hourglass with a snake element to mix up a radiant design on the forearm.


The amazing blackout tattoo of an hourglass with flowers on the sides makes the sleeves as strong as the design.

A heart-shaped solid and highly intricated hourglass with leaves elements makes anyone wants to tattoo it on the sleeves.




An impressive mix of traditional and hourglass tattoo perfectly inked on the forearm.


What truly makes a tattoo design be classified as a neo-traditional tattoo is its bold choice of colors. Most often, neo-traditional tattoos will have eye-popping colors be mixed with other eye-popping colors to make the tattoo stand out from the crowd. Another element that we commonly see in neo-traditional tattoos are the bold outlines of the objects of the tattoo. These bold outlines also help to make the tattoo design pop out and make it easier to mix different colors since there is this somewhat sufficient boundary to each color.

Do not know what we are talking about? Here are some neo-traditional tattoo ideas we have seen on the web to help you.

An appealing and strong hourglass tattoo fully equipped with skull element sums up an explicit design on any parts od the body.

The fascinating and solid hourglass tattoo with a nice view of nature and leave elements on the sleeves.

The alluring and cunning heart and skull inside an hourglass makes everything blend and created an awesome design for a forearm.

The appealing moth-shaped hourglass perfectly inked on the forearm.

A solid and multi-colored hourglass inked on the sleeves.

Water Color Tattoo

For the longest time, tattoos, no matter what the design is, lacks something that all tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts can agree on; tattoo designs lack that artistry that all other mediums of art have. This perception is why the body art industry has not been a famous art form in the past. Everything changed when different colors of ink are slowly introduced in the industry and today, watercolor tattoo designs exists because of the apparent lack of creativity in tattoo designs and with the introduction of other colors in the industry, this particular tattoo design is now poised to dominate the industry with its creative styling.

An amazing and beautiful watercolor hourglass tattoo on the back.

The amazing fusion of watercolor and hourglass design perfectly inked on the sleeves.

A jaw-dropping hourglass image with a galaxy element inside of it makes it more stunning on the forearm.

The explicit and radiant design of an hourglass with watercolor elements inked on the forearm.

A 3D tattoo of an hourglass makes anyone attracted

Since its introduction in the body art industry, watercolor tattoos slowly gained traction because of its artistic implications. The artistic value and the visual appeal that it holds is breathtaking. As a matter of fact, the surge of people who wants to get a tattoo can be attributed to the popularity of watercolor tattoo designs on the internet. There was even a time when watercolor tattoos dominated social media because of its unprecedented design and how it literally mimics a watercolor painting. Despite its current popularity, however, skepticism still shrouds this specific tattoo design.

An amusing and attractive burst of colors of a back tattoo image of an hourglass

A radiant and dainty galaxy-themed background of an hourglass tattoo inked on the forearm.

The artistic and fascinating design of an hourglass with a circle of colors to complete the ambitious design.

A nice blend of violet and blue colors inside an hourglass image completing the strong tattoo on the forearm.

The dreamy-like and radiant hourglass design with a burst of galaxy colors perfectly inked on the l

More Ideas for Hourglass Tattoos

Still cannot find what you want? Here are some other designs of the hourglass tattoos that you may want!

The classic and elegant blackout hourglass tattoo with a skull element to create a stunning design on the sleeves.

A nice and radiant hourglass tattoo inked on the sleeves.

A simple yet beautiful spiky-themed hourglass design on the sleeves.

The amazing blend of the tribal and hourglass tattoo with geometric element to complete the design on the forearm.

A charming skull-shaped hourglass tattoo inked on the sleeves.

A strong and solid hourglass tattoo with a snake element around the design inked on the forearm.

A radiant and passionate design of an hourglass with wood element to add intensity on the sleeves.

An amazing blackout hourglass design as a centerpiece with a bird and flower elements wraps up a nice chest tattoo.

A jaw-dropping blackout hourglass tattoo with an eagle element to spice up a manly sleeve.

Hourglass Tattoo Ideas for Men

Men interrupt this symbol based upon its two parts: The upper and lower bulbs. With a single turn, it shows the constant cycle of life and death.

Another popular meaning stems from the direction of flowing sand. Sometimes in life, we must stop and reverse the direction we are going in. As time passes it gives us the opportunity to contemplate our actions before it’s too late. Not to mention, the hourglass can serve as a reminder of the contrast in life with things such as joy and sadness.

With that said, spend some time exploring these top 60 best hourglass tattoo designs for men below. You’ll discover masculine ideas from realistic art to cool winged hourglass tattoos and more.

A nice and solid hourglass tattoo with some twist on the forearm.

A simple yet beautiful blackout tattoo on the forearm.

A simple but delicate tattoo design of an hourglass fit for the anyone’s forearm.

A solid and fascinating collaboration of skull and hourglass tattoo on the sleeves.

A highly detailed hourglass tattoo with an analog clock face.

A nice and delicate design of an hourglass tattoo on the sleeves.

A blood-like theme design of an hourglass with a rose element add beauty on the forearm.

The simplicity and beauty combined of a clock and hourglass tattoo to capture a nice design on the sleeves.

Hourglass Tattoo Ideas for Women

The hourglass tattoo is generally considered as a female tattoo design because of its meanings and implications for the design. It certainly reflects the sophistication of the female tattoo taste.

Since this tattoo is somewhat versatile in terms of styling, more and more tattoo designs for women appear that heavily features the hourglass tattoo as its main object.

Here are just some of the best hourglass tattoo design ideas we found that we think best fit your womanly figure:

A beautiful and radiant pastel themed of an hourglass tattoo with a flower element on the side to add spice on the wrist.

A jaw-dropping fusion of Mandala and hourglass capture anyone on the legs.

A radiant and solid blackout tattoo on the legs.

A stunning blackout hourglass on the back with a mix of a skull and flower element to add uniqueness.

A solid and amazing hourglass tattoo with flower element on the sleeves.

A simple hourglass tattoo embodies the design with a message element on the back.

A charming fusion of neotraditional and hourglass image perfectly inked on the legs.

A nice and alluring concept of an hourglass image inked on the forearm.

 The fascinating hourglass tattoo added by a wing on the side makes it unique and alluring.

A fascinating and delicate hourglass tattoo with a geometric element on the ribs.

An elegant and explicit hourglass tattoo with a leaf element which expresses the simplicity and authenticity of timeless design on the thighs.

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