60+ Best Friend Tattoo Ideas For You To Love

By Jason Hamilton / May 13, 2019
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Best friend tattoos. If choosing a tattoo has to be special because you will have it for the rest of your life, choosing a best friend and best friend tattoos for each other is also the same.  My favorite friendship quote is from Aristotle, “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.”

Best friend tattoos are fun. They can be an incredibly symbolic and memorable thing to do with each other. Most importantly, they show the world and your best friend that ‘best friends forever’ is not just something you say, but something you show – by getting tattoos that last, well, forever!

In this article, we will be sharing with you our richly curated gallery of best friend tattoo designs that you will absolutely love! We will also share with you the designs you can do with the Best Friend Tattoo.


Things To Think Of Before Getting A Best Friend Tattoo

Your bestie has always been there. She (or he!) is the peanut butter to your jelly, the Serena to your Blair, the Taylor Swift to your Karlie Kloss. Over the years, the two of you have outlasted hundreds of friendship bracelets, charms, and key chains, obviously purchased together and worn literally 24/7. So now you’re wondering…is it time for a more permanent marker of your friendship?

While swearing the strength of your bond in ink might seems like nothing compared to what you’ve been through together (not to mention what’s up ahead, like college in distant cities or internships abroad), it’s important to remember that tattoos are forever. Plus, they’re expensive. And they hurt. A lot. So before you guys get inked, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Don’t compromise

Now is not the time to agree to something you don’t 100% love just because your best friend is completely gung-ho. This isn’t a Friday night movie that will last two hours; it’s a permanent thing on your skin that you’ll have to see every day for the rest of your life. (Unless it’s on your butt. But even then, you gotta love it.) If you tend to be the decisive one in the relationship, be extra open to your bestie’s thoughts and feedback—and if you’re both having a hard time agreeing on something, maybe go with matching custom T-shirts for now, and revisit the tattoo idea later.

Be in it together

Is there a real possibility that your BFF won’t show up to your joint appointment, or back out right under the needle, leaving you with one half of an avocado? We’ve all gotten cold feet about something we were originally thrilled over. But this isn’t the time to tempt fate if one of you has a history of bailing, so be honest about your doubts or concerns. And definitely have a consultation with your chosen tattoo artist before you schedule an appointment for the real deal, especially if this is the first tattoo for one or both of you.


Know your price

Tattoos cost money—often well over a hundred dollars if the design is big or intricate. And a talented tattoo artist who really knows his/her stuff (which you definitely want) is going to charge a higher rate. Get a price estimate for your design in advance, and think hard about whether or not this is what you want to spend that money on. Instead, maybe you both put it towards a spring break trip somewhere amazing next year—there are a ton of things you can do to deepen your bond besides getting inked.

Make sure the design can stand on its own

You know, like when you’re not holding your arms out next to each other. It should be something that’s meaningful to both of you individually, in addition to being a symbol of your lifelong battle-ship. Make sure it translates well to the body part where you want to get it, too—just because something looks awesome on paper doesn’t mean it will look great on your hip bone or ankle. Also keep in mind that while to you a certain design is CLEARLY a half-bird, half-anchor, other people won’t necessarily see it that way. And strangers will feel entitled to ask you about it. All. The. Time.


Remember: It hurts

Think it would be super cool to have a seashell on your ribcage? One word: YOUCH. And while there’s really no place on your body that’s going to feel good having tiny needles stabbed into it over and over, the physical pain is only part of it. This tattoo will always remind you of your best friend—for better or for worse. We certainly believe in friendships that last a lifetime, but we also know that a lot of unpredictable things can happen, including a friend break-up that might leave you feeling extra down when you’ve got a permanent reminder.

Do your research

If you do decide to take the plunge, do it right. Read the reviews of local tattoo studios and artists, or get a recommendation from someone you trust. Talk to the artist in advance, and be open to his/her suggestions about placement, size, and other considerations. Unlike matching neon sweaters that look ridiculous when you wear them outside the store, this is something thing you can’t take back. Well, not unless you want it to hurt/cost even more than it did to begin with.


The Designs Available For Your Best Friend Tattoo

A lot of tattoo designs are up for grabs for the best friend tattoo. Matching tattoos are one but a lot do just make their own design as to not feel general or common. Regardless, here are some of the top best friend tattoo designs we have found that might interest you:

(Please do note that we might feature designs that are not in pairs but these tattoo designs can still be made for pairs)

The Sun And Moon

tattoo designs that combine the sun and moon, either side by side or in a yin and yang figure, represent the balance between opposing forces. The Sun symbolizes masculine energy and the Moon symbolizes feminine energy.

Since we all relate to the sun and moon at the most fundamental level, it’s no surprise that there is such a variety of sun and moon tattoo designs. Whether you connect to these natural forces on a spiritual or personal level, there’s no doubt that these designs are abundant in meaning. This is a very popular design for a best friend tattoo.

Here are some of the best Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs we saw on the internet:

A beautiful sun and moon tattoo on the upper back.

tribal moon tattoo 7

Another beautifully crafted sun and moon tattoo on the upper back.

tribal moon tattoo 8


A sun and moon on the inner forearm

A moon that seems kissing the sun inked on the rib cage


A side tattoo of a tribal sun and moon.

A highly detailed forearm tattoos of the mon and the sun.


A fairly large and highly detailed thigh tattoo of the sun, moon, and a mandala.

A highly detailed and intricate thigh tattoo of the sun and moon.

A very detailed upper back tattoo of the moon and sun.


An image of moon and sun kissing placed on the arm

A highly detailed moon and sun tattoo made of flowers.


The Infinity Tattoo

A number of symbols have been used with specific meanings. Some are definite while others have some hidden meanings. One of the top symbols that have a definite meaning is the infinity symbol. This symbol has been used in many areas, including tattoos. The infinity tattoo designs are commonly applied by many people and they have different meanings altogether.

As you know, every tattoo has its meaning. There are varieties of tattoos which have different meanings and tattoo ideas can come from anywhere whether it is about religions, cultures, etc. Most of you love infinity tattoo designs because of its meaning plus its aesthetics.

The infinity symbol is currently used by many people and in many ways and applications. Even though it was first used in mathematics, it is used in different areas currently. The thing about this symbol is that you will never get to the end of it. It has no start, nor an end. It has two halves, which could mean that there are two sections, persons, lives or different aspects joined together.

Here are the various designs you can do with an infinity tattoo:

A watercolor tattoo of an infinity sign with a semicolon.

A 3D feather tattoo with infinity sign that means eternal love


A classic infinity feather tattoo but in 3D placed just below the nape


A pair of couple watercolor tattoo of the infinity symbol on the wrist.

A vividly colored and detailed watercolor tattoo on the wrist of an infinity symbol with two dog paws and a heart.


A large and vibrantly colored infinity watercolor tattoo inked on the forearm with the word grateful.

A highly detailed and vibrantly colored small watercolor tattoo on the wrist of an arrow twisted to be an infinity symbol.

An intricately made red watercolor tattoo of flowers and the infinity symbol with the words strong, capable, worthy, and smart.


A vibrantly colored and highly detailed medium size watercolor infinity tattoo with a hummingbird tattoo inked on the nape.

A small and simple infinity tattoo inked on the wrist.


A simple medium sized infinity tattoo with an anchor inked on the upper back portion of the body.


A medium sized infinity shaped ouroboros tattoo inked on the chest with the word courage included in the design.

A small infinity tattoo on the wrist.

A small but intricately made infinity symbol tattoo inked on the side.

An infinity wrist tattoo with names

infinity tattoo 3

A very detailed and intertwining snake Ouroboros tattoo on the sleeve with leaves and geometric detailing for added visual appeal.

A small and simple infinity tattoo inked on the side with an anchor tattoo accent.

A highly detailed upper back tattoo of the infinity symbol with a feather and an arrow’s tip.

A galaxy infinity tattoo

The Compass Tattoo

A compass tattoo could mean a lot of things for a lot of people especially in with the tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts of the body art industry. Here are some of the definitions that a few of the people in the community gave us:

Freedom And Wanderlust

the compass tattoo is a sign of free-spirited natures and wanderers who can’t stand routine and are always in search of new destinations and adventures. Seeing the design, it basically screams of adventurous souls when you look at it.

Friendship and Unity

Because the compass is shaped as a circle, the compass is often associated as a symbol of infinity, harmony, and everlasting relationships.


the compass tattoo is a wonderful design to express your faithfulness to the second half.

Good Luck And Positive Energy

Followers of the Feng Shui practice believe that the compass can attract fortune, good luck, and prosperity.

These are just a few definitions of our friends in the tattoo community gave us. We are pretty darn sure that there will still be a lot of definitions out there for a lot of people so why not share it with us if you know something that we have not mentioned on this list?

Here are some of the best compass tattoo designs we have seen that might interest you:

Here are some neo-traditional compass tattoo designs we saw that will definitely leave you in awe:

A colored neo traditional compass tattoo on the thigh.

A colorful back neo traditional compass tattoo with two roses.

A neo-traditional compass tattoo on the sleeve with a rose.

A colorful neo traditional compass tattoo with blue and red flowers.

A colorful and vibrant neo traditional compass tattoo with red flowers.

A neo traditional compass tattoo on the arm with a rose and a set of coordinates.

A colorful and vibrant neo traditional compass tattoo on the arm.

A colorful and vibrant watercolor tattoo of a compass and feathers.

A vibrant shoulder watercolor tattoo of a compass.

A colorful upper back watercolor tattoo of a compass with purple, pink and blue ink.

A blue watercolor tattoo of a compass on the arm.

A purple and blue watercolor compass tattoo with names of the continents in various fonts as an additional detail.

A colorful and watercolor compass tattoo on the arm with rainbow colors.

An orange watercolor compass tattoo with a highly detailed compass.

A colorful watercolor compass tattoo with vibrant colors and an anchor.

An artsy compass tattoo on the back.

An artsy arm tattoo of a compass with a cog and an arrow.

An arm tattoo of an artistically designed compass.

An artsy compass tattoo on the arm of a compass and an anchor.

An ankle tattoo of a compass and an anchor on one ankle and the other has the world map as a tattoo.

A small ankle tattoo of a compass.

An artsy compass tattoo on the abdomen.

A colorful watercolor chest tattoo of a compass with the watercolor design element as the seven continents.

A back tattoo of a detailed compass and a feather.

A colorful upper back tattoo of a compass with colored leaves surrounding it.

A medium size back tattoo of a compass with the usual artsy vibe.

A simple yet beautiful arm tattoo of a compass.

A beautiful artsy compass tattoo with a feather-like tail attached on the south cardinal direction.

A very artsy compass tattoo with an eye, arrow, and a tree for each cardinal direction.

A combination of a rose and compass tattoo on the thigh


A watercolor compass tattoo

A compass tattoo on the chest with a Celtic cross

A compass tattoo on the left palm

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