62+ Cute Sister Tattoo Ideas To Show Your Sisterly Love

By Jason Hamilton / May 17, 2019
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Inking your skin is commitment alone.  When you add a family bond to the mix, the commitment is even stronger!  Family love is stronger than anything in the world.  If you have a sister, you’ll know the bond between you is for life and sisters share a bond that is unbreakable.  Sisters are more than just a family member – they are your best friend and a person you can always rely on. Tell all of your secrets to and confide in them.  Tattoos are a great way of showing your sisters love to the world and to strengthen your relationship even more.  Tattoos are even more special when they have actual meaning behind them.  If you’re thinking of having a sisterly tattoo to celebrate and to connect together, think about getting matching tattoos.  You want something that’s special to you both so don’t just think about what you want, maybe your sister is different.  Have a sit-down and talk about the style and colors you both like to get a better idea.

In this article, we will be sharing you our wonderful gallery of sister tattoo designs that you might like. We will also discuss here the designs you can do for the sister tattoo.


The Designs For A Sister Tattoo

The designs available for this tattoo are quite vast. options come from left and right which makes the sister tattoo one of the most versatile tattoo designs available for the tattoo community.


Here are some of the best sister tattoo designs for the sister tattoo:

(Please do take note that we may feature single tattoo designs)


Dream Catcher Tattoo

Dream catchers exist in a variety of different patterns and colors but most are commonly circular in shape. Like the dream catcher tattoo styles, the designs in which dream catchers appear as is limitless and it is completely up to the imagination and creativity of the person making the tool to figure out how it will turn out. The star of each dream catcher is the centerpiece that is typically made with strings or other materials. The centerpiece is a complex series of lines often that are symmetrical. Some experts are able to create unique shapes. An array of different patterns are possible including birds, animals, arrowheads and more.

To this day, this is the common association for dream catchers as these tools are used for the same purpose. Aside from bad dreams, modern people also believe that dream catchers can protect them from negative spirits and bad omens.


Dream catchers are pleasing to sleep beside with and they are also pleasing to have as tattoos. The unique design gives people the chance to really differentiate themselves for others. Thus, it should be no surprise that there are many who want to have this tool inked on their bodies. Those who are dreaming about getting a tattoo one day should definitely have dream catchers as one of their options.

Here are some common dream catcher tattoo designs for you to have an idea on your next tattoo:


An owl tattoo with a chest made of a dream catcher.

Two colorful feathery dream catchers strategically combined to resemble an owl.


A unique dream catcher tattoo with an eye of a fierce owl.

An owl seated on the centerpiece of a dream catcher tattoo.


A multi-colored owl situated atop of a dream catcher tattoo.

Another owl tattoo with dream catcher chest but has a simpler design.


A colored simple dream catcher tattoo adorned with pink roses.

A beautiful purple and blue watercolor dream catcher tattoo with blue lilies.

A realistic dream catcher tattoo designed with various colorful flowers.


A black ink dream catcher tattoo with a 3D rose on top.

A memorial dream catcher tattoo with sunflowers, dates, and name.


A 3D dream catcher tattoo added with an eye and rose.

A 3D dreamcatcher tattoo on the thigh


A small dreamcatcher wrist tattoo


Dreamcatchers with sakura flowers

A combination of a wolf and dreamcatcher tattoo


A combination of a moon and dreamcatcher

Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo designs have a significant foothold in the body art industry for several decades now. Tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike know this tattoo design; even the newbies of the industry also know this tattoo design. This comes as no surprise since roses are very famous and an image of a rose can mean a lot of things.

The meaning of a rose tattoo, generally speaking, depends on the color of the rose and these meanings are still based on their real-world counterparts. Here are a few rose tattoo meanings we came across:

 Yellow Rose

A yellow rose symbolizes joy, protection against envious lovers, and a mature love.

Want an idea of what a yellow rose tattoo looks like? Look no further! Here are a few yellow rose tattoos we have seen across the internet:

A back tattoo of a vibrant yellow rose with a banner beneath.

Yellow Rose Tattoo 1

A small arm tattoo of a highly detailed yellow rose with the stem and leaves still attached.


A highly detailed yellow rose tattoo with the stem and leaves still attached and the some of the petals falling.

A highly detailed yellow rose tattoo.


A large sleeve tattoo of a yellow rose still attached to its stem with leaves.


Pink Roses

A pink rose is a representative of healing, first love, and innocence.

Want an idea of what a pink rose tattoo looks like? Look no further! Here are a few yellow rose tattoos we have seen across the internet:

A large thigh tattoo of detailed pink roses with doodle detailing as additional detail.

A shoulder tattoo of a pink rose with watercolor tattoo embellishments.

A large hand tattoo of a pink rose with leaves.

A highly detailed sleeve tattoo of pink rose with leaves.

A highly detailed vibrant pink rose tattoo pm the wrist.

pink tattoo arm 1

Compass Tattoo

A compass tattoo could mean a lot of things for a lot of people especially in with the tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts of the body art industry. Here are some of the definitions that a few of the people in the community gave us:

Guidance– This has got to be the most common meaning of a compass tattoo. Since sailors of the old days believed that a compass would guide them through rough waters, this meaning got stuck with the majority of people who has a compass tattoo.

Protection & Safety– This meaning was also derived from the old days alongside the meaning above since sailors during those days get a compass tattoo as a reminder for them to come back home safe and sound.

Freedom and Wanderlust– the compass tattoo is a sign of free-spirited natures and wanderers who can’t stand routine and are always in search of new destinations and adventures. Seeing the design, it basically screams of adventurous souls when you look at it.

Friendship and Loyalty– Because the compass is shaped as a circle, the compass is often associated as a symbol of infinity, harmony, and everlasting relationships.

Loyalty– the compass tattoo is a wonderful design to express your faithfulness to the second half.

For centuries, the compass tattoo has dominated men at sea. They have been and still are the main consumer base of this specific tattoo design. A lot of the designs from the old days have now propped out of nowhere as a testament to humanity’s creativity and skill to reinvent a once a basic tattoo design.

Here are some of the compass tattoo designs we have gathered on the internet:

A beautifully crafted compass tattoo with vibrant colors for the watercolor design element.

A simple side tattoo of a compass.

A super detailed compass tattoo on the palm of the hand.

A colorful watercolor chest tattoo of a compass with the watercolor design element as the seven continents.

A back tattoo of a detailed compass and a feather.

A colorful upper back tattoo of a compass with colored leaves surrounding it.

A medium size back tattoo of a compass with the usual artsy vibe.

A simple yet beautiful arm tattoo of a compass.

A beautiful artsy compass tattoo with a feather-like tail attached on the south cardinal direction.

A very artsy compass tattoo with an eye, arrow, and a tree for each cardinal direction.

Watercolor Tattoo

Since its introduction in the body art industry, watercolor tattoos slowly gained traction because of its artistic implications. The artistic value and the visual appeal that it holds is breathtaking. As a matter of fact, the surge of people who wants to get a tattoo can be attributed to the popularity of watercolor tattoo designs on the internet. There was even a time when watercolor tattoos dominated social media because of its unprecedented design and how it literally mimics a watercolor painting. Despite its current popularity, however, skepticism still shrouds this specific tattoo design.

Watercolor tattoo designs were first caught on by women. For the first few years of this tattoo design’s life, women dominated this niche in the body art industry because of the colors and limitless designs you can make with it. You also see that most women tend to get watercolor tattoo designs without a black base since it is considered to be more feminine than the other kind of watercolor tattoo design.

As for the design preference of women, women tend to get designs that are often associated with femininity. Butterfly, flower, and geometrical tattoo designs are the ones that women usually want to be inked on their skin.

Here are some of the watercolor tattoo designs that we think would be perfect for the women of the 21st century.

A thigh watercolor tattoo of a girl holding an umbrella.

A large back watercolor tattoo of color splashes.

A back watercolor tattoo of sparrows in flight.

An artsy wrist watercolor tattoo of a heart with birds.

A back watercolor tattoo of the deathly hallows and the golden snitch which were heavily featured in the Harry Potter series.

A rib watercolor tattoo of the deathly hallows symbol.

A hip watercolor tattoo of a feather.

An upper back watercolor tattoo of a dreamcatcher.

A thigh watercolor tattoo of a dragonfly with a doodle-like design.

An arm watercolor tattoo of a diamond.

A back watercolor tattoo of a pink dandelion billowing in the wind.

An arm watercolor tattoo of a cat.

A back watercolor tattoo of a butterfly with thick black baselines.

A colorful watercolor tattoo of a ballerina that is inked on the ribcage.

A pink abstract watercolor tattoo situated on the back.

A colorful and vibrant watercolor tattoo of a compass and feathers.

A vibrant shoulder watercolor tattoo of a compass.

A colorful upper back watercolor tattoo of a compass with purple, pink and blue ink.

A blue watercolor tattoo of a compass on the arm.

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoo designs have been a staple of artistic tattoo designs for over decades now. With the numerous symbolism they possess and their sheer beauty, it is no wonder why this tattoo design has slowly gained traction in the body art industry and tattoo loving community.

Butterflies have been often associated with women and beauty. Its soft delicate features are always likened to that of a delicate beautiful young woman. Here are the various designs you can do with this tattoo:

An artistically made closed wing butterfly tattoo on the side.

An intricately designed tribal closed wing butterfly tattoo on the leg.

A small closed wing butterfly tattoo on the ankle.

A wonderfully made watercolor tattoo of a closed wing butterfly with a semicolon as its body.

A beautiful and highly detailed butterfly and flower tattoo in the middle of the back.

An intricate and artistic butterfly tattoo on the lower back portion of the body.

A artistically designed and intricately detailed butterfly tattoo on the left pectorals of the chest.

Butterfly Tattoo Chest 1

A realistic three-dimensional tattoo of a blue butterfly on the left pectoral of the chest.

Butterfly Tattoo Chest 4

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