63+ Triangle Tattoo Ideas To Blow Your Mind

By Jason Hamilton / December 4, 2019
galaxy viking triangle arm tattoo
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Equilateral, isosceles, and scalene… Remember those words from math class trickling back into your memory? If you don’t, they’re the types based on length. How about right, obtuse, acute and oblique? The angles, of course.

When it comes to triangle tattoos, there’s more to them than just the initial thought of mathematics.

In reality, these three-sided shapes store a considerable amount of meaning inside.


For instance, if you’re a Christian man, you might view the triangle as a symbol of the holy trinity: Father, Son, and the holy ghost.

A colored sleeve tattoo of a valknut with a nebula inside.


A watercolor arm tattoo of a triangle with a galaxy inside and dripping paint as the embellishment.


A watercolor geometric arm tattoo of a unicorn in the cosmos.


Black ink peonies sitting atop a richly detailed mandala tattoo


Religion aside, some simply interrupt them directly to the number three. There are three sides after all. Other men view them with a more deeper train of thought with ideas like the past, present and future. They can also symbolize the mind, body and spirit too. Some claim the pointed top is merely a symbol of the ascension towards a spiritual world.


Yet, one of the most popular beliefs revolves around the direction of the triangle; in other words, is it pointed up or down? Pointed up represents male energy, air and fire; all masculine elements. While female water, energy and earth tie into triangles facing downwards.

A dotwork black and grey ink peony tattoo inside a triangle


An artistic white ink tattoo with triangle design detailing.


A white ink tattoo of a valknut on the forearm.

A spider web tattoo made of white ink forming a triangular shape.

Regardless, you’re sure to enjoy these top 90 best triangle tattoo designs for men. From full sleeves to small ideas inked on the chest, there’s plenty of inspiration to discover.


The Meaning Of A Triangle Tattoo

While a triangle tattoo may seem simple at first, there are actually a broad number of meanings behind this tattoo design. Triangles have three sides, so they have often been used to represent Christianity. The Holy Ghost, Father and Son are represented by each point, so triangle tattoos are frequently used to denote this meaning.

A doted forearm tattoo of a triangle


Another dotwork tattoo of a triangle

A minimalist tattoo of a tringle on the forearm


A realistic image of mountains enclosed in a triangle

Other than the holy trinity, the triangle tattoo has been used to represent a variety of other trinities. Some of the most popular examples include:

– Past, present, and future
– Thought, feeling, and emotion
– Mother, maiden, and crone
– Mind, body, and spirit
– Creation, preservation, and destruction
– Waxing moon, waning moon, full moon
– Mother, father, and child

In Christianity, triangle tattoo meanings can be used to represent the Eye of Providence. This is the all-seeing eye, and it is typically drawn as an eye within a triangle that is surrounded by light. For Greeks, triangles were thought to represent a doorway. Because of this, triangles were often used to symbolize the polarities that opened up a path to higher wisdom. Meanwhile, Celtic culture uses the triangle in Celtic knots and trinity designs.

The Mystic Meanings of Triangle Tattoos

In numerology, three is a mystically powerful number. One means force, two symbolizes an opening while three represents the wisdom that is created by one and two together. Triangles are thought to date back to before there was a written history. In nature, triangles are found in animal shapes and the shapes of trees. It only makes sense that pre-historic man would have adopted this shape for his early paintings and tattoos.

A black ink sunflower covered with what seems to be a triangle glass.


A black and gray ink sunflower drawn inside a triangle.


Another sunflower enclosed in a triangle but this time, it has a much darker color.

A forearm tattoo of three richly detailed sunflowers drawn inside a triangle.


The Orientation of the Triangle

While the design of the triangle symbolizes its meaning, the orientation can also be an indication of what it means. When a triangle points upwards, it can mean:

– Solar
– Active
– Up
– Masculinity or male
– Father
– Shakta

Meanwhile, a triangle that is pointed downward can mean:

– Female or femininity
– Mother
– Cave
– Passivity
– Down
– Lunar
– Shakti

When two triangles are combined, it can be used to demonstrate humanity. Often, triangle tattoos are also symbols of creativity and simplicity. Other meanings of the tattoo include illumination, proportion, harmony and integration. As one of the oldest symbols in existence, triangles have a range of meanings and can be used within nearly any tattoo design.

A small sunflower tattoo with a triangle placed on the bicep.

A dotwork leg tattoo of a sunflower in a triangle with a quote

A classy outline of a sunflower tattoo overlapping a triangle


A gorgeously detailed chest piece of a sunflower with a triangle

The Designs You Can Do With The Triangle Tattoo

One of the most meaningful tattoos that you would come across is the triangle tattoo design. Most people do not understand the meaning of the triangle tattoo and consider it just another simple geometrical tattoo but it Is so much more than that.

Triangle tattoos meaning can depend and here few major meanings – Past, Present, and Future; mind, body, and spirit; mother, father, and child; thought, feeling and emotion. There are a variety of other meanings as well.
Here we present you some of the best triangle tattoo designs for men and women.

A highly detailed inner upper sleeve tattoo of a mountain range with triangular dot work shadows and sun.


A very intricate neck tattoo of a mountain range with a lake and pine tree forest forming two triangles.


A wonderfully made and highly detailed geometric mountain tattoo with the sun and clouds as additional design elements.

A simple pair of geometric tattoo designs of mountains.

The Viking Tattoo

Vikings have become so popular through the years, even during today’s culture, as we’re seeing them everywhere. The popular TV show of the same name is one of the few that instantly comes to mind – which is why it is quite natural for people to join the Viking tattoo craze.

Some of the questions that you might be asking now are: what should I know about Vikings before getting any tattoos? Who were they and what do they mean to us? How should I choose my perfect Viking tattoo design?

An intricate Viking pattern tattoo with a triangular pattern on the wrist.

Another wrist tattoo with a Viking-influenced design of a valknut.

A ribcage tattoo with a Viking-influenced design with the valknut in the background.

A highly detailed and intricately designed leg tattoo of the Valknut.

The mighty Norsemen we refer to as Vikings were actually from Scandinavia. As an entity, they had existed from the 8th to 11th century and were a true menace to the rest of the world. They were known for raiding and pillaging the whole of Europe.

Even the very word “Viking” comes from Old Norse language and it roughly translates to “a pirate raid.” Thor and Loki may be some of the most popular mythical characters in our times, but there’s so much more than that if you dig a little deeper.

A Viking-inspired tattoo featuring the Valknut, a spear, and Viking writing.

A tattoo of a raven with Viking-inspired detailing and the valknut symbol.Viking Raven Tattoo

A Valknut tattoo with a tree as detail.

A simple with intricate shading valknut tattoo.

You could go for the obvious option which probably includes butch men with long blond hair, beard,  mustache, and wearing a horned helmet. Sure, that looks mighty and powerful, but you should know that Vikings didn’t actually wear horned helmets.

They were smart and practical, especially when it came to choosing weapons and armor for their battles.

Instead, you can opt for the less obvious way and go fully authentic and mythical. Vikings wore their tattoos mostly on their fingers and their shoulders. The knot works similar to modern Celtic tattoo designs, which were the usual order of the day.

A modern take on the valknut tattoo.

A valknut tattoo on the arm with a sunburst background.

A simple black valknut tattoo.

A small hand valknut tattoo.

The Geometric Tattoo

As the days go by and tattoo designs come and go, a lot of the designs that come out in recent years continues to challenge tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike. One of the most challenging to be released in the past few years was geometric tattoo designs. Everyone in the body art industry and the tattoo community are raving about geometric tattoo designs for quite some time now and for sure you would like to ask us if it’s worth the rave reviews and comments it is having now. Well, it is for you to decide but worry not as we will help you figure out if it is really worth it.

A highly detailed forearm tattoo of a geometric themed triangle tattoo.

A tattoo of a highly detailed triangular tattoo in geometric style.

A highly detailed three-dimensional tattoo of triangle.

A simple detailed triangle tattoo in geometric detail.

So before we get onto geometric tattoos, you must first know the inspiration behind the said tattoo design which is geometry. well, what is geometry?

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that is concerned with questions of shape, size, the relative position of figures, and the properties of space. This branch of mathematics, and in extension, science, is mostly considered as a graphic, logical, and numerical form of thinking. It is filled with figures, lines, and measurements which makes it a very interesting field of mathematics.

A geometric themed lion tattoo with various triangular tattoo detail.

A highly detailed mosaic triangular geometric tattoo.

A highly detailed triangular geometric tattoo on the forearm.

We are pretty sure, however, that the reason why geometric tattoo designs were inspired by geometry was not that of the measurements but rather the figures in this intellectual field. Geometric tattoos explore the idea of using numerous lines to form a unique shape and figure which can accentuate a simple tattoo.

A highly detailed triangular geometric tattoo on the forearm as an armband.

A simple geometric tattoo of a triangle.

A simple but highly detailed triangle tattoo of two triangle tattoo in geometric detail.

A highly intricate geometric tattoo of a star made by overlapping triangles.

Since its introduction in the body art industry a few years ago, a lot of designs were made that can be classified under the geometric tattoo design category. Most of these designs are modern and artsy and here are some of the designs which feature geometric themes:

A simple overlapping two triangle tattoo.

Simple triangle tattoo in a geometric fashion.

A simple but powerful geometric triangle tattoo.

A tattoo of a geometric triangular tattoo on the upper back.

The Galaxy Tattoo

“Look up young man! Look up” look at the mesmerizing night sky. The night sky filled with stars and galaxies makes us minuscule compared to the large bright objects outside this Earth. Looking up the night sky makes you want to contemplate the life you have and what could have been during those tough decision making moments of it. You started questioning why everything is happening. What is the reason for it to happen? Why you of all people? Before you start delving yourself into the many questions that shroud our universe, let us enjoy the beauty of what we see in the night sky above us. Be mesmerized by its captivating aura. Tattoo artists and enthusiasts are captivated by the night sky which is why galaxy tattoo designs were born.

A colored sleeve tattoo of a valknut with a nebula inside.

A watercolor arm tattoo of a triangle with a galaxy inside and dripping paint as the embellishment.

A watercolor geometric arm tattoo of a unicorn in the cosmos.

A twin arm tattoo of a galaxy tattoo with a crescent moon and geometric detail.

A galaxy, if you are not aware, is a large celestial body comprised of stars, constellations, and other celestial bodies existing in our universe. The word galaxy is derived from the Greek galaxias which literally means “milky”, a reference to the Milky Way, our own galaxy. Galaxies range in size from dwarfs with just a few hundred million stars to giants with one hundred trillion stars, each orbiting its galaxy’s center of mass which is usually a black hole or another supermassive star.

A colored sleeve tattoo of a constellation with geometric details.

galaxy geometric arm tattoo

A tattoo of a highly detailed galaxy in a thick-framed triangle tattoo.

A highly detailed and vibrantly colored galaxy tattoo in a triangle.

A highly detailed upper back triangle galaxy tattoo.

A galaxy tattoo offers a lot of meaning to different people. Each meaning depends on the perception of the people who viewed it but commonly, this tattoo symbolizes three things.

The first one is life and dreams. Ever dreamed of something that you really want and looked up the stars? That is the reason why it represents life and dreams. People tend to look up to the night sky when thinking something deep or dreaming something.

A black and white tattoo of an upright triangle tattoo of a galaxy.

A highly detailed triangle tattoo of a galaxy on the forearm.

A black and white forearm tattoo of a galaxy in a triangle.

A highly intricate tattoo of a triangular tattoo of a galaxy and an eye of horus.

Lastly, galaxy tattoo designs can also mean love and loyalty. Having a galaxy or cosmic tattoo means that your love for a person is like a universe. From the beginning to the end of life, he or she is your only one. Despite the numerous stars out in the universe, you chose him or her as your partner for life.

A slightly faded triangular galaxy tattoo.

A highly detailed naruto triangular galaxy tattoo.

A highly detailed and intricate two intersecting triangle tattoo of a galaxy and a planet.

A highly detailed and vibrantly colored triangle galaxy tattoo.

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