64+ Amazing Sword Tattoo Ideas To Live For

By Jason Hamilton / September 24, 2019
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Sword tattoos have been around since mankind’s obsession with inked flesh began. This primal image conjures a distinct essence of maleness, and its provocative symbolism extends across cultures to convey a seriously self-possessed persona.

To hone a sharp sense of suave sophistication, all a confident guy needs are manly sword tattoos. In fact, cunning blade imagery will assertively place you a cut above your rivals in stylishness. Nothing quite encapsulates masculine power like being adorned with razor-sharp weaponry.

There are countless spiritual meanings associated with a sword tattoo. For example, Buddhism teaches that a blade can swiftly eliminate ignorance. In alchemy, the knife represents an achievement of purity. This connotation is also expressed in Christian art, which portrays the sword as a force of justice.


A highly detailed upper sleeve tattoo of an angel and a sword.

A highly detailed and extremely detailed full back tattoo of a bejeweled sword with a dusky naval scene as the backdrop.


A tattoo of a sword embedded on a rock with a raven perched on the hilt.

A creatively placed sword tattoo inked on the shoulders as if it pierced the neck.


An extremely detailed tattoo of a blue woman pierced by a sword.

An ornately detailed sword tattoo on the upper sleeves.


A full sleeve tattoo of a sword with a dragon wrapping around it.

Meanwhile, African religions view swords as signs of personal growth. Similarly, Celtic mythology connects sharp weapons to alchemy.


Ink artists have a lot of flexibility and leeway with sword designs, especially since there are so many variations in blade technology. From scimitars to kitanas, there are innumerable options available. As such, new designs can be easily added between existing pieces. With the sword tattoos compiled here, an incisive wit will be showcased alongside a commanding attitude.


Background on the Sword Tattoo

The sword is one of the oldest and most well-known symbols in the world. Swords have been around for thousands of years, nearly as long as man. They have always been very popular as a tattoo, especially in Asian cultures where swords play a vital role in cultural history. It has been a longtime symbol of warriors, knights, ninjas, and samurai.

A highly detailed sword tattoo of a schiavona sword on the leg.

A  highly detailed tattoo on the arm of a sword’s hilt or handle.


A large and highly detailed tattoo of six swords crossed with each other.

An extremely detailed sword tattoo on the arm with a papal cross as the hilt.


A highly detailed sword tattoo of a schiavona sword with a knight’s greaves.

A tattoo of a man in a turban swinging his sword.


An intricate tattoo of a woman with plenty of swords piercing her head.


Swords come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors, and so do these tattoos. The design possibilities are endless. You and your tattoo artist should be able to create a design that is unique, a perfect fit for your personality.

The sword is often accompanied by other elements like wings, hearts, and flames.

  • The sword-and-heart tattoo often portrays a sword piercing through the heart. This is usually a representation of a broken heart, lost love, or betrayal. Or the sword might be inked in front of or beside the heart, representing protection or courage of the heart.
  • The sword-and-wing design is also very popular and can be used to symbolize the ability to rise above danger or protection from your guardian angel.
  • Flames on or surrounding the blade often represents Christianity and purity.

A great tattoo design, this one is a little cartoonish if that’s the style that you are looking for. There are plenty of colors involved in this one as well.


These are always terrifying blades to see but talk about a badass sword.



This blade is ornate and ready for battle, it’s clearly an old school blade that you are sure to love.


There is a lot of symbolism to this tattoo; I’m just not sure what it is. Is the battle against the animal, it’s hard to tell, but I do love the bright red.


These are the type of armor that soldiers wore in the Greek armies, Achilles would have worn the same thing. I love the detail, especially on such a small piece.



A great sword that is not only creative but colorful as well.


This cartoon image is one for the books; you won’t get enough of this playful but yet violent image.


The Excalibur sword can not be moved by anyone but the most righteous. Can you move it?


The Samurai tattoo of a sword was made popular because of all the Martial Arts movies that have come out over the years. This one is quite large and surrounded by flowers.

This small blade is done with a great technique. A sword that really looks great amongst the flowers.

This bright blue sword has been sheathed because it is so sharp. I love the colors and the unique designs involved.

A simple Samurai Sword that fits nicely on the leg.

A great example of a simple but powerful dagger.

This unique design makes it look like the blade is embedded into the skin. The handle is quite detailed and ornate.

A great sword design with some blood splotches.

A broken sword with a wedding band? There is certainly some massive symbolism here.

A great detailed design that is very dark. There is a dragon wrapped around the sword of a warrior.

A great design that has the sword embedded in the skin.

Another example of a broken sword rib tattoo, possibly broken in battle.

Remember, in the end, your sword tattoo symbolizes what you want it to. Meaning also depends on what you use to decorate your sword tattoo with, such as jewels, flowers, ribbons, or words.

  • The sword is considered to be a military emblem. You commonly find sword tattoos that are portrayed to represent bravery and courage in battle among soldiers.
  • It can also be associated with Christianity. Some even consider the sword a symbol of Christ and twin swords are often inked as a crucifix.
  • You’ll also see them with snakes and dragons that wrap around the blade. Both these creatures can represent protection and also gives the sword a fierce look.

Be sure to look at all the designs that you can before you get inked!

In this tattoo, the handle is very ornate and detailed while the blade itself is very simple, almost as if the two don’t go together. The blade almost seems like it’s disappearing.


Quotes can be added to any tattoo to add some punch to it. Add an inspirational quote that has meaning for your own life.


This design is truly elegant and beautiful. If you want something simple but pretty then this is the design for you.


If you are looking for a large tattoo, then this might be the one for you. It goes the full length of the body and is quite detailed.


This is very symbolic to a religion of sorts since you have angels wings, keys, and a sword. Are they the keys to Heaven?


This sword is broken into pieces.


This stunning sword tattoo has an amazing handle with a lion’s head on it. The blade is also embedded into the skin.


You don’t have to have a huge ornate design in order to have a sword. This is a great example of a simple sword that doesn’t take up a lot of room.


A stunning sword design with the sword embedded in the rose but the colors are magnificent. They are deep and bright and just so gorgeous.

Another popular design, this one has the three swords penetrating the heart once again. It’s a simple design that doesn’t take up a lot of room.

If you like the idea of a guardian angel, then you are sure to love this tattoo. It has a shield, sword and some wings. This angel is ready for war.

A sword thrown on the ground after a war. A great image that looks very stormy.

This would be considered a geometric design because of the circle in the background. This is a very simple sword design, but it still has a lot of detail considering it’s so small.

This is a great example of how a sword can be made feminine. There is elegant jewelry surrounding the sword which creates a very gorgeous image.

This sword tattoo is done with a sketch technique that makes it look more like a drawing. It’s stunning because it almost looks like it’s part of the skin.

A great tattoo design for a few reasons. There are bold colors involved here that just make the tattoo pop; it’s absolutely stunning. Then there is the design, and that’s pretty awesome because there is a shield that is very creative and ornate. The sword gets sheathed inside of the shield.

The Various Designs You Can Get For Your Sword Tattoo

Just in case you are very riled up by this tattoo design and you are surely determined to have a sword tattoo be inked onto your skin, you must know that there are a lot of styles under this tattoo design (which are very gorgeous if we say so ourselves). From the usual sword tattoo design to the more exotic sword tattoo designs, there is something for everyone in sword tattoo designs.

Here are some of the sword tattoo designs we thought you may want to check out:

An upper sleeves tattoo of a samurai with a sword.

A tattoo of a high ranking samurai with a large katana sword.

a fully kitted and sword-ready  samurai tattoo on the sleeves.

samurai tattoo men 1

A full sleeve and highly detailed samurai tattoo holding the hilt of a katana with two hands.

samurai tattoo men 9

Samurai Sword Tattoo Design

In the 15th century, the Japanese samurais of the day were already using firearms, pistols, and guns in protecting the ancient Japanese nobles. There are still occasions, however, where a silent weapon was still needed like assassinations and silent ambush which is why they still carry with them their traditional weapons such as their beautifully crafted Japanese katana. If you are one of those people in the world who is being captivated with these Japanese swords, then wearing a samurai weapon tattoo would be great for you.

Here are some samurai weapon tattoo designs we saw on the internet that might interest you:

A forearm tattoo of a katana’s hilt with a landscape background.

A medium sized tattoo of a wakizashi with a cherry blossom branch.

katana tattoo 2

A neotraditional tattoo of a katana’s hilt.

two katana tattoos on the forearms.

A large abdominal tattoo of a katana hilt.

A chest tattoo of a katana hilt.

katana tattoo 6

A tattoo of three katanas forming a triangle.

A wakizashi tattoo withNihongo characters.

A wakizashi tattoo with cherry blossoms as additional detail.

katana tattoo 9

A colorful and vibrant tattoo of a katana tattoo.

katana tattoo 10

Winged Sword Tattoo

This design is also connected with Christianity: winged swords were often seen as a symbol of an individual’s archangel protector, and this was a popular symbol among Crusaders during the Middle Ages. Getting a winged sword tattoo can be a way of reminding yourself that your guardian angel is always with you, watching over you through battles both big and small. You can also get this tattoo in memory of a loved one who has passed away, and who you know is looking down on you from heaven. Consider getting the individual’s name or birthday tattooed underneath or around the sword to further personalize this design.

Here are just some of the best-winged sword tattoo designs we saw that might interest you:

A full upper back tattoo of a winged sword.

A very colorful and extremely detailed full chest tattoo of a winged sword piercing a heart.

An ornate and highly detailed winged sword tattoo with a crown.

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