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65+ Cute and Lovely Paw Print Tattoo Ideas that Will Remind You of Your Fur Best Friend

By Jason Hamilton / August 9, 2021
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Our pets will and always be an integral part of our lives, they have become part of the family and so we treat them like they are. Pets are loyal, they will love you and protect you, play with you and most of all they will never want to be away from you. These tattoo ideas will help you remember all the fun times you had with your pet, will show the world how much you love them and how they leave a “mark” to your life.

In this article, we will be sharing with you our carefully curated gallery of paw print tattoo ideas. We will be giving you ideas by sharing with you the various design styles we found that you can do with the paw print tattoo.

 A variety of cute paw print tattoos to spice up the forearm.


A made to love wrist paw print tattoo inspired to create memento.


A cutesy blackout tattoo inspired paw print fitted on the wrist.


A creative and artistic sketch of a dog in a pawprint tattoo perfectly inked on the forearm.


A simple and beautiful paw print tattoo with a dog element.


The Paw Print Tattoo

A paw print tattoo is a beautiful, personal way to show love for your pet, or to symbolize the animal within you. Either way, check out our selection. 

Are you looking for a smaller, yet very meaningful tattoo? If you are, you should definitely consider getting a paw print tattoo inked on your body. These tattoos may seem simple, but they are personal and have a great meaning. These tattoos can symbolize a variety of things; from a favorite pet, several pets, or even they can represent a character trait. All in all, a paw print tattoo is a great choice.


Sometimes, you can get a paw print as a tattoo, even if you do not own that animal. The paw print of a particular animal can symbolize certain characteristics of an animal that you see within yourself, or wish to embody. For example, Native American cultures associate wolves as their totem animal. Therefore, many individuals got the tattoos of wolf paws. Wolves are also notable as protective parents, as well as some of the most communicative and expressive animals. So, you can always add a wolf paw print tattoo to your existing tattoos.

A nice and exquisite blend of paw print tattoo with a heart element perfectly made on the wrist.


An appealing blackout paw print tattoo inserted with a lettering element on the ankle.

An elegant and explicit back blackout paw print inked to perfection.

An amazing and beautiful path of paw print tattoos perfectly inked on the neck.


A perfect and radiant blackout tattoo on the back toe.


But, sometimes, paw prints may not have to have anything with pets or character traits. A pattern of paw prints on one’s body may symbolize an attempt to move forward, embrace change, and reach the goals in your life. For example, tattooing paw prints over a surgery scar can demonstrate your attempt of moving past that hard period in your life.

Also, you may use paw prints and make them represent your children or siblings, or even friends. A paw with a name or initial makes a very interesting design, especially if the paw prints are cub-sized! You can also let your children or friends have a role in creating your tattoo design by having each paw print be a child’s favorite color.

A cutesy and beautiful path of paw prints with a heart and lettering element to wrap up a nice design on the ankle.


A powerful yet simple blackout design to boost the design on the back ear.

A small and cute blackout tattoo on the finger.


An alluring and radiant blend of red paw print tattoo with a heart element inked on the wrist.


A beautiful collaboration of wrist blackout and watercolor design into a paw print tattoo into perfection.

Neotraditional Paw Print Tattoo Ideas

Something that is old and irrelevant cannot be modernized right? Wrong! Old designs can still come to life because of artists and enthusiasts that gives out passionate efforts to modernize things that are considered old. Look at vintage cars and objects for example, yes they are old but they can be considered “rad” or cool when given proper care. This is also the same case with tattoo designs that are considered as classics. Most millennials would think that having classic tattoo designs makes them feel old. This is the reason why neo-traditional tattoo designs were born.

Despite the change in detail and physical appearance over the years, the meaning of each tattoo design that was given a new breath of life is still the same. Skulls still hold the same meaning, wolves also. American imagery, which is commonly used in this approach of tattoo design, still holds the same meaning as its classic tattoo counterpart.

Here are just some of the best neotraditional paw print tattoo designs we saw:

The fascinating three similar paws but with different fur friends to create a memento of love on the whole sleeves.


A perfect and beautiful re creation of the dig paw print.

A messy like but beautiful paw print tattoo in blue to add color  on the wrist.

A beautiful fusion of paw print and Mandala tattoo inked on the forearm.


A nice and beautiful paw prints individually created fitted on any parts of the body with a wing and lettering elements.

Water Color Paw Print Tattoo Ideas

For the longest time, tattoos, no matter what the design is, lacks something that all tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts can agree on; tattoo designs lack that artistry that all other mediums of art have. This perception is why the body art industry has not been a famous art form in the past. Everything changed when different colors of ink are slowly introduced in the industry and today, watercolor tattoo designs exists because of the apparent lack of creativity in tattoo designs and with the introduction of other colors in the industry, this particular tattoo design is now poised to dominate the industry with its creative styling.

An effortless and stunning watercolor paw print tattoo engraved with a variety of colors on the legs.


A sketchy like watercolor pawprint tattoo to give life on the thigh.


The stunning blend of the blackout and watercolor design to create an impact into the pawprint.

Over the last decade, the explosion of various tattoo ink colors resulted to an idea that is then considered bold and inconceivable by old tattoo artists and enthusiasts: Watercolor tattoos. Everyone thought that mimicking modern art on the skin will never be possible until the first batch of watercolor tattoos sprung up in the latter half of the 2000’s. These tattoos were considered out of this world because of its richness in color that was never before seen in the industry. Soon, the design caught on and it is now a trend for both tattoo artists and enthusiasts.

A nice and radiant set of blackout paw print tattoo perfectly blends with the watercolor design inked on the wrist.

A colorful and artistic inspired wrist watercolor tattoo.

An amusing blend of watercolor and pawprint tattoo on the forearm which can make any pet lovers indulge in this design.

A fantasy like yet artistic pawprint tattoo with a fusion of watercolor design perfectly inked on the forearm as a nice memento.

A stunning watercolor paw print as a memento of love inked to perfection on the upper ankle.

A multicolored watercolor theme inspired paw print tattoo as a remembrance of o fur babies inked on the back.

An amazing galaxy inspired watercolor paw print beautifully inked on the sleeves.

The blue-themed colored tattoo of a paw print fits on the wrist.

A clear and colorful design of the paw print tattoo inked  on the back.

A beautiful mess of color of a paw print tattoo to give life on a forearm.

A simple yet beautiful blend of colors with the paw print tattoo as a memento of love to a fur baby.

Nothing matches the fusion of watercolor and paw print tattoo on this part of the body.

The  cute and lively path of pawprint tattoos to set on the sleeves.

Tribal Paw Print Tattoo Ideas

Tribal motifs dominated arts and culture for centuries, if not millennia. Not long after, they have also dominated the skins of powerful men to signify their status, power, and influence within the community. Their interweaving and interlocking designs made tribal tattoos even more daunting and thus also made the wearer be feared and honored in their society. In other cultures, having a tribal tattoo signifies a boy has turned into a full-fledged man. It is an initiation right that all boys must face when they are coming of age. The pain of having a large tribal tattoo be inked on your body must be felt by all boys in some cultures. This is the reason as to why tribal tattoo design still has a significant foothold from then until now. It has been deeply ingrained in our united culture as a human race that it would be foolish to not have it as an option for a tattoo design.

A nice blend of pawprint tattoo of your fur baby with a tribal element on a sleeve.

A simple but intricate tribal paw print tattoo on the upper sleeve.

A simple but powerful blackout paw print tattoo on the wrist.

An elegant mix of paw print tattoo with a tiger element gives off a strong aura on the sleeves.

Another snap of a strong blend of paw print tattoo with a tiger element inked on the sleeves shows off strong love for a fur baby.

It is quite undeniable that tribal tattoo designs are considered one of the, if not, oldest tattoo design in existence. It has existed almost the same time when early human beings formed groups and tribes to live together and share their strife to survive on our once savage planet. Each group of people has their own design of tribal tattoos to signify their tribe of origin and to differentiate a friend from a foe. These designs would then morph to fit in our modern society; a society that aims to relinquish the idea of “friend or foe”.

A glamorous blackout paw print tattoo created on the wrist.

A tribal tattoo shaped into a paw print makes any pet lover tattooed to any parts of the body as a symbol of love.

A spiky yet strong mix of tribal and paw print tattoo deserved to be inked on the sleeves.

A manly and strong back paw print tattoo with a spike element.

 A stunning blackout paw print tattoo inked on the legs as a perfect paw relic of your beloved fur baby.

Paw Print Tattoo Ideas for Men

Men, whenever they are asked to get for a paw print tattoo, will almost always go for the designs that will catch your eye. Men will want their paw print tattoo to make a big statement whenever revealed to the public which is why they opt for the more detailed and intricate designs available out there. To prove our point, here are some of the well-known paw print tattoo designs often used by men:

A perfect portrait of your best friend as a tattoo near your heart is a nice example of paw print design.

A stunning and perfect relic of a paw print of a fur baby inked on the calf.

A well-mixed and highly intricate paw print tattoo with a tribal vibe inside can be a perfect tattoo on any parts of the body.

A radiant and delicate blackout paw print tattoo with a lettering element makes the forearm beautiful.

The cute heart shape path of the blackout paw prints with a paw as a centerpiece makes a nice design.

An amazing and radiant blackout tattoo of a paw print perfectly inked on the hand.

 A splendid and radiant blackout paw print tattoo with letter B as its centerpiece to complete the design on the upper ankle.

A manly paw print tattoo engraved perfectly on the neck.

An amazing upside down paw print tattoo with a nice name to add up this nice design on the forearm.

Paw Print Tattoo Ideas for Women

Originally, women will mostly get this kind of tattoo because it is more associated with women and their softer side. In recent years, however, more and more men are now getting this tattoo because they are beginning to see the beauty of this tattoo and thus more feminine designs are needed to distinguish it from their male counterparts.

Women who get the paw print tattoo will often get the design that is full of meaning. They would want their tattoo to represent something to them. Here are some of the designs they pick that they see is full of meaning:

The four paws with a single letter on it to complete the stunning leg paw print tattoo.

A variety of beautiful and unique paw print designs with a 2d animal on the end makes the forearm intriguing to inked on.

A simple and beautiful design of a paw print with minimal geometric elements to wrap up a cool tattoo on the sleeves.

The 5 blackout paw print tattoo stand out perfectly on the neck.

A big paw print with the names on each toe makes the tattoo more significant for the owner.

The beautiful paw print tattoo engraved with the names of the fur babies made with love on the upper ankle.

A radiant and delicate paw print design with a message makes the tattoo unique among others.

A stunning and amusing blackout paw print tattoo with a watercolor background as its element makes a nice collaboration.

The amusing paw print tattoo with a message to complete a nice and beautiful design on the back.

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