65+ Music Tattoo Ideas that will Make the World Sing.

By Jason Hamilton / December 23, 2019
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Music is universal. Plenty of people consider it as a daily part of their lives. It’s very hard to find someone who dislikes music. Music deals with how a person is able to express their emotions to everyone around them, without speaking out loud. Some people know that music is the right way talk about things. It keeps you company when you’re by your lonesome, and makes you smile when you’re feeling blue. If you don’t know how to discuss your feelings about something or someone, you can do so with music. Music is also the number one source of expressions, and finding inspiration in anything.

A g-clef symbol with a staff of notes tattoo on the leg.

A g-clef symbol with a heart tattoo on the wrist.


A g-clef tattoo with a heartbeat wave to symbolize music is life tattoo on the wrist.

A condenser mic arm tattoo.


A nirvana labeled tape tattoo on the arm.

Music has been with humanity since the earliest for times, fascination with sound has been the nature of humans and animals using them for communication, a form of celebration and eventually a way to express emotion. In the modern world, music is generally a form of entertainment, classified into eras and genres, music has been ever-changing, always improving as humanity’s talents and creativity are endless. Show off your love for the “language of the soul” by having with these Music Tattoo ideas.


A highly detailed vintage microphone tattoo with music notes on the shoulder.


Another microphone tattoo with notes and stars on the leg.


A heart-shaped heartbeat signal using f-clef and inverse g-clef symbol.

A musical sheet tattoo on the leg.


A g-clef under the skin tattoo on the leg.

A shoulder area G-clef, staff, and notes with lyrics tattoo.


Sometimes, people like music so much that they end up getting music tattoos on their bodies, as a symbol of their love. Music is a very common theme when it comes to tattoo designs. These can come in the form of notes, symbols, lyrics, or even a picture or name of their favorite artists. Others get a tattoo of their favorite musical instrument. A music tattoo is always a good idea for those who enjoy both.

Music tattoos carry their very own meaning. And as mentioned before, music is one of the best ways to express one’s self without saying something out loud.

A play, pause, stop a repeat symbol with quotes and g-clef and musical notes tattoo on the arm.

Music is Life tattoo with a mp3 player style user interface tattoo on the forearm.


A traditionally detailed music tattoo with a g-clef and f-clef.


A music-themed tattoo design of a cassette tape.

A heart-themed music tattoo on the wrist.


The Meaning Of  A Music Tattoo

Music is a universally recognized language speaking to people across many different cultures and generations. For some, music is their livelihood; for others, it is- as Shakespeare called it- “the food of love.” Musically themed tattoos are often an expression of one’s passion for music, whether they’re a musician or a music connoisseur. Below, we’ve compiled a list of suggested musical tattoo meanings. Check them out: you may find inspiration for some of your own tattoo designs!

Musical Tattoo Dictionary

Compact Cassettes: commemorating the 60s to the ’90s, these rectangular music devices are a celebration of retro music listening. Created in Belgium in 1962, these devices would come either pre-recorded or blank, so that you could record your own choice of songs.

Drum: a simply constructed instrument with a long history, the drum is a very widespread tattoo design choice. For Native Americans, this image represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Heart-Shaped Bass and Treble Clef: if you flip the treble clef upside down, and then place it beside a bass clef, you’ll end up with a heart-shaped tattoo design. This clever configuration symbolizes one’s love for playing music.

Gramophone: invented by Alexander Graham Bell, this old-fashioned music player represents innovation in music technology. For those who appreciate the history and transformation of music through machines, the gramophone is a highly desirable tattoo design option.

Guitar: a classic and well-loved instrument, the guitar is often represented in a tattoo design to pay homage to a musician or guitarist. These designs come in acoustic and electric guitar versions, and some of are even adorned with flowers or ribbons. Guitars can also express one’s passion for melody.

Microphone: this popular tattoo design is commonly worn by singers or those who enjoy singing. As a device that amplifies one’s voice, the microphone can symbolize empowerment or self-expression.

Piano Keys: represented by any number of white and black keys, this tattoo design is a first choice for those who love to play the piano.

Playback Buttons: this tattoo design is based on the modern iPod or iPhone design, which allows you to skip forward or backward between songs. Often placed on the inside of the wrist, playback buttons can represent self-control or nostalgia.

Treble Clef: one of the most widely recognized symbols of musical notation, the treble clef represents one’s love for playing music as well as the universality of the language of music.

Love for music can be represented in a variety of ways, and musical tattoos reflect deep emotional connections to songs or instruments. Since most of us who enjoy music rarely stop enjoying it, musical tattoos make a timeless choice.

Water Color Music Tattoo Ideas

Move over, traditional black-ink tattoos, because watercolor work is making a major splash, and if my social media feed is an indication, the trend isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Unlike more traditional tattoos — not to mention the diluted-yet-adorable designs of your art class youth — watercolor tattoos often possess a dreamy, unlined effect, and can be described as a “beautiful mess” by some artists, as they tend to be free of any solid black outlines and have a refreshingly imperfect vibe to them. Whether you’re considering adding one to your collection, or happen to be on the hunt for some fresh inspiration for your first, consider this an ethereal departure from the designs we’ve all become so accustomed to. Plus, it’s an ink style that surely won’t go unnoticed. In other words, if you do shoot for a watercolor tattoo, expect compliments galore. Ahead, all the inspiration you need for your first (or next!) watercolor tattoo.

A vibrantly colored g-clef watercolor tattoo on the upper sleeve.

A wrist tattoo of a g-clef and a music sheet.

A highly colorized rainbow music themed tattoo designs on the upper sleeve.


A blue and purple music tattoo design on the forearm.

A blue and red brilliant watercolor music tattoo.


A broiling debate regarding watercolor tattoo exists in the body art community. The point of contention is on how the tattoo would age and the community is divided 50-50 on this one.

On one side, tattoo artists and enthusiasts claim that when watercolor tattoo designs fade within ten to fifteen years, it would not be discernible and it will just be a blob of color on your skin. The other side rebutted saying that retouching a tattoo after a few years is a common occurrence and can be used to remedy the fading issue of a watercolor tattoo.

Other tattoo artists and enthusiasts made suggestions on how to make your watercolor tattoo age well. By having a black baseline on your tattoo will make the design live longer despite the colors mixing together. others also suggest that since most watercolor tattoos are derived from abstract art that fading is not an issue at all since there is no form to be followed just like in paintings. Most agree, however, that if done correctly, a watercolor tattoo’s lifespan can be as long as a regular black tattoo.

This is still an ongoing debate and we shall see in the near future of how watercolor tattoos will age. For the meantime, however, let us just admire the beauty of watercolor tattoos and be mesmerized by the colors it possesses.

A blue piano and guitar watercolor tattoo on the whole length of the arm.


A lower back tattoo of music notes.

A highly detailed music tattoo of a g clef with various colors.

An elegant watercolor tattoo of a music sheet with a g clef as an arm band.

A highly colored and vibrant bird tattoo made by music notes.

Tribal Music Tattoo Ideas

Tribal motifs dominated arts and culture for centuries, if not millennia. Not long after, they have also dominated the skins of powerful men to signify their status, power, and influence within the community. Their interweaving and interlocking designs made tribal tattoos even more daunting and thus also made the wearer be feared and honored in their society. In other cultures, having a tribal tattoo signifies a boy has turned into a full-fledged man. It is an initiation right that all boys must face when they are coming of age. The pain of having a large tribal tattoo be inked on your body must be felt by all boys in some cultures. This is the reason as to why tribal tattoo design still has a significant foothold from then until now. It has been deeply ingrained in our united culture as a human race that it would be foolish to not have it as an option for a tattoo design.

An upper sleeve and right chest tattoo of a music note and g clef in tribal style.

An intricately made upper sleeve tattoo of a music tattoo in Polynesian tribal detail.

A highly detailed tribal tattoo of a g-clef.

A highly detailed music sheet tattoo on the upper sleeve.

A highly detailed music tattoo on the upper sleeve.

Originally, only men of power and stature get a tattoo in a tribe because early human society is a patriarchal one (patriarchal = male-dominated society) and one could also argue that even today’s society still follows patriarchy. This has also transcended to the modern body art industry. If one could only notice, the tattoo artists and enthusiast numbers are dominated by men. This is the reason why most tribal tattoo designs are masculine in nature. Well, there are feminine or unisexual tribal tattoo designs out there but the majority of these tribal tattoos are masculine in design.

A highly detailed art deco-ish tattoo of a vintage microphone and a guitar.

A highy detailed tattoo of a guitar.

Music Tattoo Ideas For Men

From bands to instruments, there are no boundaries to the expression that can be enabled by a music tattoo. With millions of albums and concert posters to choose from, you will run out of room before you run out of ideas.

Sheet music and lyrics are fine choices too. A favorite verse can be kept for life, and its sentimental background will be evident to all onlookers. Some fans even get autographs of famous performers tattooed on their skin.

A highly detailed tattoo of a disc jockey on the sleeve.

A tattoo of a g clef and a music sheet on the upper sleeves.

A highly detailed surrealist sleeve tattoo of a guitar and piano keys.

A highly detailed vintage microphone tattoo with music notes on the shoulder.

A highly detailed face tattoo with the f-clef on the forearm.

Still, the most commonplace choice is some iteration of an electric guitar. Classical music lovers shouldn’t feel left out, though, because every instrument in the orchestra can be brought to life in the flesh.

Guys can use these tattoos to show off musical skill. By inking your favorite instrument, you become a walking advertisement. Girls will approach you salaciously if they think you are in a band!

To get a glimpse of musical austerity, simply glance through the hottest music tattoos that we have compiled. They will blow your mind and your eardrums!

A cool guitar tattoo on the arm made by scenery of trees.

A headphone tattoo on the arm.

A highly detailed vintage microphone tattoo with a rose.

A music-themed tattoo on the arm of a man and a woman forming a double quarter note.

A highly detailed tattoo on the hand of a record player.

A simple but elegant guitar tattoo on the wrist.

A highly detailed gramophone and music note tattoo on the upper sleeve.

Music Tattoo Ideas For Women

Gone are the days when people who have tattoos done on their body are considered as rebellions. There were even times when you have body art, you are supposed to be part of some gangs and you are an unlawful person. But now days, the trend is to ensure that they look fashionable with these tattoos. Music tattoos are one that is loved by everyone. Because that is the magic that joins different people who are in different walks of life. And now, Music tattoos are a way to express you.

Here are some of the best music tattoo designs for women that you can do on your skin:

A simple but elegant music-themed heart tattoo on the wrist.

A leg tattoo of an intricate g-clef and music notes.

A detailed tattoo of the g-clef and f-clef.

A highly detailed medium size music tattoo with pink accents.

A simple tattoo of a heart line and a g-clef.

A cute upperback tattoo of a rose and an f-clef.

A heart themed piano tattoo.

A cute behind the ear tattoo of music notes.

A simple arm tattoo of a guitar and a quote.

An upper back tattoo of an intricately designed g-clef with a quote.

An intricately designed DNA tattoo with music notes on the spine.

A highly detailed shoulder and back music tattoo.

A tattoo design of a guitar with roses and music notes.

A shoulder tattoo of music notes.

A highly detailed origami and music tattoo on the ankle.

A highly detailed chest tattoo of a hummingbird embellished with music notes.

A small nape tattoo of a music line.

A simple but delicate upper back tattoo of a g-clef and a bird.

A colorful and simple g-clef and star music tattoo on the leg.

A highly intricate piano and roses half sleeve tattoo.

a full one-sided back tattoo of a music sheet with flowers.

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