A Gallery of 50+ Funny Tattoos That Will Make Your Day

By Jason Hamilton / January 13, 2019
funny tattoos
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Tattoos can convey many meanings. It can represent your past, your success, your journey in life, or even your personality. There are many tattoo designs to represent your experiences and there are also countless ideas on how you can show a bit of your personality. If you are a happy person or if you always want to make people laugh, funny tattoos can help you show your humorous side.


The Evolution of Tattoos

Tattoos are very important to our ancestors. For most cultures, the marks of our ancestors give them an identity and it represents their tribal and religious beliefs. It can tell their rank in their society, their eligibility, and it’s even used as a standard of beauty. Additionally, many cultures use it as a charm too. For that reason, every stroke and detail is very important for them.

When tattooing was brought to the United States and Europe, tattooing changed a bit. While people still use it to give them more identity, their tattoos’ representation wasn’t as rich or as personal as the ancient tribes. Even so, most of these tattoo designs can still convey a deep meaning and show a few of the wearer’s traits. Owl tattoo designs, for instance, has many variations that will fit anyone’s personality. If you have a very jolly character, funny tattoos will suit your personality too.


What are Funny Tattoos?

Basically, these are tattoos that are very creative and, as the name suggests, it will definitely make you laugh. Most of the time, it is also strategically placed to make it even funnier. Additionally, sarcastic quotes tattooed on the body are considered as a funny tattoo as well.

However, these tattoos don’t always have a deep meaning. Still, it is a body art design that will show your humor and it can also make someone’s day.


Does it Have a Specific Pricing?

Many factors can play a part in a tattoo’s pricing. Generally, these elements are the tattoo’s design, size, and placement. The expertise of a tattoo artist, as well as his studio’s location, can determine the tattoo’s pricing too.

But for your funny tattoo’s pricing, it might most likely depend on its placement and design. Since it is often strategically placed to make it more humorous, there may be times when you’d have to place your funny tattoo in awkward areas like the fingers, head, near the folds of your palms, elbows, etc. If this is the kind of placement you are eyeing on, be prepared to pay some extra dollars. This is because tattoos situated in awkward areas are hard to perfect. It requires more time and effort.


If you’re planning to get inked on the usual spots for tattoos, however, then you can expect to pay a lesser amount of dollars. Tattoo artists charge less for simpler designs too unlike other styles like the sleeve tattoo designs which often have complex features that require more time and effort to complete.

Moreover, while an artist’s expertise plays a role in determining a tattoo’s price, it might not always work on your funny tattoo. This is because funny tattoos are often simpler.


Do Funny Tattoos Hurt?

All of us have different levels of pain tolerance. Some people can adapt to the discomfort faster than others. On the other hand, some even pass out during the tattooing session because they have low pain tolerance. Thus, only you can estimate if you can bear the pain or not.

In addition to that, the pain also depends on its design and placement. Richly detailed tattoos tend to make you feel the discomfort longer. Also, our body has some areas that are extremely sensitive to pain.


Funny Tattoo Designs

Funny tattoos are one of the androgenous tattoo designs. Thus anyone can use it as long as they are comfortable with this kind of humorous designs. Bear in mind that tattoos are permanent. While our era has already experienced many technological advancements, removing your tattoo can still cost you a hefty amount of money. Sometimes, tattoo removal sessions could even cost higher than your tattoo’s price. Hence, make sure that you really want the design that you are eyeing on, particularly the funny tattoos.

Then again, funny tattoos can always make you remember to smile or laugh even when the going gets tough. The best part of having this kind of tattoo style is that you can also brighten someone’s day too. If you are thinking of having a funny tattoo, these designs that we recommend you might be the ones you are looking for. These funny tattoos will definitely make anyone smile.

A flipflop’s straps tattooed on the feet to resemble the actual flipflops for anyone who always forgets to wear slippers


A funny tattoo of your favorite cracker in actual size with extra crumbs

Funny tattoos of a bolt chasing a nut in black ink


A skull with mustache and hair at the back of the head of a bald man

A turtle and a rabbit funny tattoos that can function as your guide too


A funny stick tattoo stopping the nipple from rolling down

A big onion tattooed on the underarm probably to warn others

Colored suspenders on the torso and also on the thumbs, also perfect for when you want to go shirtless


A daring funny tattoo on the head. But don’t blame people if they start calling you a literal turtlehead.

This is the kind of 6-pack that most of us want


A punny outline tattoo (pun intended) on the upper part of the arm

A nicely done 3D tattoo but what’s with the pen, though?


No one will be able to tell what your favorite restaurants are with these funny tattoos


A weird yet creative and funny tattoo of a troll with real hair

Another strange yet strategically placed funny tattoo on the belly


Funny tattoos of a hostage taker and victim on the index and middle finger

Another punny tattoo about a dog’s breed on the bicep

Funny tattoos of two monkeys strategically placed on the navel


A nice 3D tattoo of a plug and socket; but what’s in it?

A funny tattoo for those who aren’t the romantic type


A realistic cat tattoo that’s also strategically placed on the navel


A funny tattoo of a birthmark turned into a map

Another birthmark covered up with funny tattoos of a map in black and red ink

A Cookie Monster tattoo perfectly placed near a birthmark that resembles a cookie

Funny tattoos of a woolly mammoth and a hunter in stick drawing placed over a hairy birthmark

A PAC-MAN funny tattoo placed near a mole that resembles the fruit in the original arcade game

A birthmark shaped like a hippopotamus given a funny tattoo of a nice pond and trees

A funny tattoo inspired by This Little Piggy nursery rhyme on an amputated toe

A funny tattoo of a gardener positioned on the side of the rib cage near the underarm which appears as if it’s trimming the hair

Futurama’s Bender placed on the side of the knee so it looks as if it bends as you move your legs

Funny tattoos on the head featuring Bart Simpson mowing a man’s hair

Funny tattoos of a stick man and a trampoline on the palm that will surely entertain anyone

Skull funny tattoos on the index and middle finger that connects once you press your fingers together

Funny tattoo of a pipe tobacco that you can only “use” when you suck your thumb like a baby

A mustache on the forearm is one of the funny tattoos that you can use to make others look funny too

A creative and funny tattoo of a dolphin on a right arm amputee

Another one of the creative and funny tattoos on the forearm showingStreet Fighter’s Ryu punching

Funny tattoos of dots that you can connect to form an image of a giraffe; perfect for boring situations

A handy funny tattoos of a ruler on the middle finger, anyone? You’ll never know when you need it.

A colored Waldo tattoo that seems to hide behind the ear

Funny tattoos of antlers on both wrists that you can use to create hilarious and creative photos

A pirate’s telescope on the forearm that will make your poses picture perfect

You won’t need to eat your spinach when you have funny tattoos of Popeye connected to your knuckles for that powered up punch

A copyedited erroneous tattoo. You’ll definitely never forget this grammar lesson.

Futurama’s Zoidberg strategically placed on the foot that extends to the toes

Funny tattoos that cover up a former lover’s name on the chest

Another one of the funny tattoos inspired by This Little Piggy nursery rhyme

A funny giraffe tattoo on the side of the ribs reaching for the nipple

A cut here funny tattoos vector placed on top of webbed toes

Whether it’s done on purpose or not, it’s still one of the funny tattoos that will always remind you to strategize first before anything else.

A funny tattoo to represent a historical landing of an astronaut on… the nipple?

A birthmark cover-up of a funny tattoo of Toy Story’s Mr. Potato Head

An example of one of the funny tattoos for amputees

While these funny tattoos are hilarious, bear in mind that you still need to thoroughly think about your tattoo design. This is because, again, they are permanent and these kinds of jokes might turn corny over time. Plus, think about what others might think before you get inked because some jokes can be offensive for some. Did you like this gallery? Tell us in the comment section below.

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