20+ White Tattoo Designs and Possible Placements on The Body

By Jason Hamilton / March 25, 2018
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Many people are into getting tattoos but the many different available choices and styles confuse them. One of the most popular designs and themes today are white tattoos.  Have you ever heard about them?

You probably have, but do you know what they actually are or how you can get one? Do you know how to properly care for your white tattoos after they are done? These are some of the most important questions you should ask yourself before considering getting white ink tattoo designs.

Learn more about this popular type of body art and get some new tattoo ideas by reading below.


What are White Ink Tattoos?

Most regular tattoos use black ink, which is often combined with multiple other colors. That is what we are all accustomed to, white tattoos are something completely different.

As the very name suggests, they require only white ink. As such, they are usually much more subtle and gentle than ordinary tattoos, and they provide you with a more natural look. They appear as if they were on your skin since the day you were born.


Due to their gentle appearance, white tattoos are much more popular among women than men. Also, your skin tone greatly determines how visible the tattoo will be. There are several different factors which may affect the appearance of the finished tattoo.

The design itself will prove to be more or less visible. For example, an intricate, lace-like pattern will be more visible than a delicate drawing done on pale skin.


White ink tattoos need to be done by skilled masters who know what they’re doing. Only a trained expert will see where the ink goes and where it needs to go next.

Another fact you need to be aware of is that white ink tattoos can’t really live up to regular tattoos when it comes to standing the test of time.


Does My Skin Tone Affect The Quality of White Tattoos?

Your skin tone greatly affects the way your white tattoos will look when finished. Of course, no matter how pale your skin is, it can’t really be flat white, so the tattoo will be visible.

If you have really pale skin, you might not even see your tattoo once it’s done. Instead, you might only see the soreness and the redness. But not long after, you should start seeing it.


This is why you need to choose your tattoo design very carefully – to fit your skin tone. Most designs are barely discernible unless you come real close to take a look.

Make sure you check the quality of the ink your local tattoo artist uses, because it can also affect the final appearance of your white ink tattoos.

If they use low-quality ink, the tattoo is much more likely to turn offset white or even yellowish over time. Pale skin will be even more affected by this type of discoloration.

As pale skin is much more prone to sunburn than dark skin, it is also associated with a greater risk of white tattoo fading. This occurs because the skin cells die and regenerate at a much faster rate.

The high contrast you get on a darker skin is less likely to fade out over time. Due to a large difference in tone, white tattoos will look much brighter on darker skin.

Where Do You Usually Place White Tattoos?

Depending on the design you choose, you need to choose the best part of your body where you want it done. There are no rules but think of what you want to achieve with your tattoo.

If subtlety is what you’re after, you can always choose a spot that easily gets covered by clothes. If you want to go for a full-blown, intricate, and complex design, then you should probably choose the shoulders, the back, the thighs, or the neck.

These tattoos look even cooler under UV light, so when you go clubbing next time you’ll really stand out from the crowd.

Do White Tattoos Fade Easily?

Yes, everything you heard about white tattoos fading much faster than the regular ones is, unfortunately, true. This occurs because all ink, no matter what color, does fade out over time. White being the lightest color also tends to fade out much easier.

There are many factors which may affect how fast your white tattoo will fade. Getting your tattoo done by a true tattoo master will significantly reduce the process of fading. They will know exactly the amount of ink needed.

Once the tattoo is done, you need to take good care of it to prevent it from fading. Ask your tattoo artist for precise instructions about aftercare. The tattoo first needs to heal properly.

Will the White Tattoo Rise?

People are often perplexed whether white tattoos are raised or not. The truth is, yes, they are, but that’s the case with every tattoo, no matter what color ink was used.

Once a tattoo is done, it causes the skin to scar. During the process of healing, those portions of your skin covered in ink do get slightly raised.

Sometimes, a white tattoo may fade so much that it only looks like a collection of weirdly shaped scars.

How Do You Care for White Tattoos?

As with any other type of tattoo, white tattoos need to be properly taken care of. After it’s done, your new tattoo needs to be washed thoroughly and regularly.

Skin-sensitive soaps and lukewarm water will be enough to do the trick. Be gentle but wash it thoroughly. Always clean your hands before washing the tattoo.

Once you’re done washing it, use a clean paper towel to dry it off by gently patting it. You must not rub the area because that may irritate the skin and even lead to an infection.

Do this at the beginning and the end of the day. Also, if you feel your tattoo was touched by anything unsanitary, feel free to repeat the process.

But what about a special tattoo cream or ointment? Do you need it?

Yes, you do need to use a special tattoo cream or ointment after you wash your tattoo, so that the skin doesn’t dry out. Ask your tattoo artist what the best ointment or cream is to apply on your tattoo to prevent it from cracking.

It is very important not to smother it with cream or ointment because your skin will not receive the oxygen it needs to heal properly.

Each time you apply the cream or ointment, make sure the old layer has been washed off. Multiple layers of it may cause the tattoo to develop bubbles.

Make sure to always go for cream or ointment that contain no artificial scents or colors.

When you compare them to regular tattoos, white tattoos scab and peel much less. Once the tattoo starts to scab over, it will be followed by a phase of flaking and falling away. This is completely normal, and it isn’t something you should lose sleep over.

It is very important to let this process unroll on its own. Picking your scabs and pulling them off may lead to the development of skin infections. Your process of healing may last longer and may also develop some nasty looking scars.

Scratching your tattoo is the ultimate no-no. This can lead to very serious skin infections and may even damage your tattoo.

Avoiding the sunlight as much as possible is another great way of caring for your white tattoo. Staying out of all bodies of water such as rivers, seas, and oceans are also highly recommended until the tattoo is fully healed.

What Inspires White Tattoos?

Always go for a personal statement. Some of the most commonly used ideas for white tattoos include flowers, hearts, tribal patterns, spirals, stars, and other symbols. But we believe that this unique body art really calls for the best your imagination can come up with.

In recent times, we’ve seen several high-profile celebrities proudly sporting their white tattoos. Lindsay Lohan has the word “Breathe” on the inside of her wrist. Kate Moss also has one, and it’s a series of hearts which run up the side of her body.

Do They Cost More Than Regular Tattoos?

In spite of their unique appearance, white tattoos do not differ in pricing from regular tattoos. It all depends on the complexity of your design, but white ink isn’t more expensive than other ink colors.

A Rich Gallery of White Tattoos

If you’re planning on having a tattoo done but aren’t sure about what exactly you want it to be, then white tattoos may be the way to go.

Now, how about some white tattoo ideas? Let’s have a look at some photos of the best white tattoos and designs.

1. A white ink tattoo of a world map.

2. An artistic white tattoo.


3. A tattoo of a swallow in white ink.

4. A white ink spider tattoo on the hand.


5. A cute snowflake white tattoo.

6. An intricate snake design of a white tattoo.


7. A white ink tattoo of a Viking-inspired snake.

8. A rose tattoo in white ink.

9. White ink tattoos of quotes.


10. A cute white tattoo of 5 paper planes.


11. A translucent tattoo of a palm tree.

12. A small wrist tattoo of a G-clef using white ink.


13. A long white ink tattoo of the Moon’s phases.


14. White ink tattoos with lace-like detailing.


15. A small tattoo of an infinity cross using white ink.

16. A flower tattoo with lace-inspired detailing using white ink.

17. An intricate design for a medium-sized white feather tattoo.


18. A small white tattoo of a nautical compass.

19. One cute tattoo of a bird in white ink.


20. A simple arrow-designed white tattoo.


21. An abstract rendition of a white ink angel tattoo.

23. A white tattoo of a flock of birds.

24. A small tattoo of an anchor in white ink.

25. A beautiful tattoo of a rose in white ink.

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