Chest Tattoos: Everything You Need to Know Plus 50+ Design Ideas

By Jason Hamilton / October 17, 2018
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The strokes of a tattoo, as well as its color, can already convey a lot of meanings. But did you know that a tattoo’s placement can tell something about the wearer too? Chest tattoos, for instance, can show more about the tattoo owner. Additionally, a tattoo’s placement can help give more meaning to a body art as well. But when and how did it all started?


History of Chest Tattooing

As of today, no one knows who invented tattoos and how exactly our ancestors started this practice. One thing is for sure, though, tattooing was already practiced around the world during the ancient times. In fact, scientists discovered a 5,200-year-old mummy that can prove this.

In some cultures, their ancestors use tattoos in a ritualistic way. The Maori tribe, for instance, adorn their faces and heads with tattoos that are called Ta Moko. This can also extend down to their neck and chest. For the said tribe, such tattoos show a person’s eligibility to become a warrior, priest, or chief. It also signals a person’s qualifications to marry, as well as bear children.


In most ancient civilizations, tattoos can also signify a person’s rank and status in the society. Additionally, tattoos are considered one of the beauty standards in some cultures too. Generally, in most

Chest Tattoo on the Pain Scale

Anything that involves needles can cause pain. Thus, getting inked will definitely make you feel discomfort. However, it still varies depending on the person, the location, and the design.


If you have a high pain tolerance, you’re unlikely to feel too much discomfort during the tattooing process. But then again, it all still depends on the placement and the design. For chest tattoos, apparently, you’ll likely feel more pain compared to other body parts. This is because the chest area has lesser fats and muscles to shield you from the discomfort that the tattoo machine gives. Additionally, the chest area has thinner skin. Thus, it’s also not a good point for your first tattoo.

In spite of that, everything will be worth it once it’s finished. The chest area offers a great canvass for tattoos. You can add a personal touch to your tattoo and even get your Zodiac sign tattooed in. If you are a Sagittarius, the the chest area is the perfect spot for a Sagittarius tattoo and get the exact details that you want. The only consequence is that you have to stand the pain.


Chest Tattoos Cost

There is actually no exact amount that we can give you about a tattoo’s pricing. However, we can give an idea on how will your tattoo’s pricing may vary. There are lots of factors that can affect a tattoo’s price. One of which is the level of expertise of the artist. Apprentice tattoo artists charge the lowest while in-demand and seasoned artists charge the highest. While it’s very much enticing to opt for an apprentice artist, you might want to invest in an experienced artist’s service if you want to be sure of the results.

Another factor that determines the price of a tattoo is its size. The smaller it is, the cheaper will it be. Then again, it may vary based on the artist’s experience. For reference, on average, an apprentice might charge you around $20-$50 only for a small tattoo. However, you might need to pay n in-demand tattoo artist more.


Your tattoo’s location also plays a part in how much your tattoo would cost. If the location is awkward, making the tattooing process more difficult, you’ll likely have to pay some extra cash.

Additionally, it is also important to think about your tattoo’s color as it will also dictate your tattoo’s price. Single-colored tattoos are much less expensive than those that have more colors. This is because it requires more detail and intricate tattoos require more work. Meaning, you’d have to pay more, especially if they charge hourly. But then again, everything will be worth it.


If you are one who’s looking for the good ideas for your chest tattoos, you’ve come to the right place. We have just the right chest tattoo ideas for you.

Chest Tattoos for Women

When you think of chest tattoos, who comes into your mind first, men or women? It’s easy to imagine men with large and complex tattoos on the chest. But today, it’s gaining more popularity in women too. While it’s not low on the pain scale, many women still opt for placing tattoos on their chest. This is because it can also give more elegance to the wearer.


Speaking of elegance, the crown is probably one of the chest tattoo designs you might want to consider. This symbol represents power and good luck. You’ll feel like a royalty too.

A chain of purple flowers and crown tattoos on the center of the chest up to the collar bones


Black and reddish brown skull, cross, diamond, roses, and crown tattoos combined

Outline of diamond, wings, and crown tattoos in black ink


Sunflowers and crown tattoos detailed in black and grey ink

Colored and winged chain of roses, diamond, skull, and crown tattoos


The flower is yet another symbol for chest tattoos to represent elegance and femininity. What’s even better is that its variation can depict so many meanings too.


A colored and detailed combination of rose and snake chest tattoos

A combination of flower and calligraphy chest tattoos that says, “bel far niente” that translates to “the beauty of doing nothing.”

A chain of violet and red ink lilies on the center of the chest


A small simple red rose tattooed on the left breast

Two beautiful iris flower chest tattoos on the middle part of the chest


Cat chest tattoos are also one of the famous body art designs among women. But the popularity that it has isn’t just about its cuteness but also because of how it represents wisdom and femininity.


A chain of purple and pink flowers and cat as chest tattoos

Multicolored butterflies, flowers, and cat chest tattoos


A realistic face of a cat with winged vines as chest tattoos


Realistic eyes and nose of a khao manee cat just below the clavicle

A black cat walking on a string inked on the chest


Words change a person’s perspective and even inspire people to do great things. Nothing is more inspirational than a quote tattoo that captures the exact thought that it means, especially when it’s placed on the chest.


A chest tattoo just below the collarbone reminding to love yourself

A big chest tattoo as a reminder for when you make life decisions

A quote on the rightmost part of the chest that describes your strengths


A chest tattoo atop the breast to symbolize honesty and faith

A short yet very inspirational chest tattoo about self-identity


While the previously mentioned symbols signify many deep meanings, lace tattoos are different. Apparently, such design is only used to decorate the body. Still, it looks aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching, particularly when it is placed on the chest.


Lotus and lace chest tattoos placed just below the neck down to the navel


Another lace and lotus flower chest tattoos combined on the sternum

A symmetrical lace tattooed on the center of the chest

Black ink lace, heart, and mandala flowers combined as chest tattoos

A lace design that’s placed on the sternum that stretches down to the upper part of tomach

Chest Tattoos for Men

Chest tattoos are more commonly seen in men. For that reason, it’s easier to imagine them having chest pieces. This is because it helps highlight the chest area and give a manly aura. If you want a more masculine look, here are some chest tattoo ideas for you.


Crowns are often associated with royalty because of the headgear that monarchs and deities wear. But they aren’t just about making you feel royal. Rather, crown tattoo designs can represent your strengths too.

A richly detailed chest piece placed just below the clavicle

Combined realistic colored crown, roses, wings chest tattoos covering the whole chest

Classic roses and crown chest tattoos in black and grey ink


A crown and a big sparkly diamond chest tattoos in black ink

A skull, a crown, an angel, and a woman combined as chest tattoos


While rose is a popular symbol of femininity, it is one of the popular tattoo ideas for men too. This is because it can also depict hope as well as new beginnings.

3D roses, skull, clock, and doves used as chest tattoos

Another 3D rose chest tattoos with dove just below the clavicle

Colored roses with anchor and snake chest tattoos on the left side of the chest

A beautiful realistic rose chest piece in black and grey ink

Another realistic chain of roses in red ink with scroll chest tattoos

Colored roses chest tattoo made using the illustration technique


The cross symbol is yet another addition to this list of the best chest piece designs that is very meaningful. It has many style variations plus it can show how devoted you are too.

A big simple cross chest tattoo that looks like it’s just painted

An outline of a Celtic cross and vines chest tattoos

Richly detailed cross over wings chest tattoos covering the whole chest

Another cross with wings but with an inspirational quote used as chest tattoos

A small and simple cross with initials as chest tattoos

Favorite Character

We mostly use tattoos to represent our journey in life. For that reason, most of us opt for meaningful tattoos. Even so, you can also use your favorite comic, cartoon, anime character too. If you are a geek, here are some samples of them as chest tattoos.

A big Batman chest piece covering the entire chest area

Colored Super Mario characters as chest tattoos placed on the left side of the chest

A colored 3D Superman chest tattoo that appears as if the skin is ripped

A small black ink tattoo on the leftmost part of the chest

A colored angry Taz tattoo from Looney Tunes placed on the left part of the chest

Big colored Spiderman chest tattoos on the center and on the left side of the chest

Final Fantasy’s Fighter and Black Mage sprite colored chest tattoos

Naruto’s Kurama in 3D placed on the right side of the chest

Another Naruto chest piece in black ink tattooed on the left side of the chest

A badass Mickey Mouse in black and reddish brown ink

These are just some of the popular designs for chest tattoos, though. There are still lots of designs that you can use. Just remember that even the smallest detail and placement changes on the tattoo can make huge differences on the meaning of the tattoo. If you have more chest tattoo suggestion or if you want to see more samples, tell us in the comments below.

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