50+ Cross Tattoo Designs To Show Your Faith

By Jason Hamilton / May 1, 2018
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We often saw crosses in churches, Catholic schools, monasteries, and other religious places. In the Christian world, we associate the cross as a symbol of religion, divinity, and Jesus Christ himself. It has been implanted in our minds since a young age. This association with religion has also been implanted in the body art industry. Cross tattoo designs are also related to religion and the divine being. People often get this tattoo out of their faith with their god and would like to express their faith in a physical manner.

Just because religious people get cross tattoos does not mean that you cannot have one too! If you are down to it then who are we to hamper your desires? Well, here is a quick guide to your desired cross tattoo!

In this article, we will be giving you a rich and meaningful gallery of images that contain different cross tattoo designs that you will definitely and most absolutely love! We will also be sharing with you our knowledge on the subject. We will be giving you a brief background on this tattoo design as well as its meaning and perfect body parts to have this kind of tattoo design.


What Are Cross Tattoos?

Cross tattoo is a kind of cross tattoo design that mainly features the cross as its object. Now that is done, moving on.

Just kidding. Kidding aside though, Cross tattoos are hugely meaningful in nature. They are often inked by tattoo artists on enthusiasts that have a deep relationship with God and other divine beings. Others also get cross tattoos because of other meanings.


Even way before Christianity used the Cross as a symbol of their religion and Jesus Christ, the cross existed in other parts of the world. Due to the simplicity of the design (two intersecting lines), cross-shaped incisions make their appearance from deep prehistory; as petroglyphs in European cult caves, dating back to the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic, and throughout prehistory to the Iron Age. Also of prehistoric age are numerous variants of the simple cross mark, including the crux gammata with curving or angular lines, and the Egyptian crux ansata with a loop.

Designs For Cross Tattoos

There are a lot of variants of crosses out there. There are various Christian Crosses out there that follows the perception of different sects, schisms, and congregations of the Christian World. there is also the Swastika which is considered a controversial symbol because of its usage as the Nazi’s symbol (too controversial in fact that the German Federal Republic bans its use in any form.) but regardless of its usage by the Nazis, it is still a cross symbol.


Here are some of the cross designs that can also be used for Cross Tattoo Designs. (source: www.wikipedia.org)

Greek Cross

With arms of equal length. One of the most common Christian forms, in common use by the 4th century.


Latin Cross

Cross with a longer descending arm. Along with the Greek cross, it is the most common form. It represents the cross of Jesus’ crucifixion.

Patriarchal Cross

Also called an archiepiscopal cross or a crux gemina. A double cross, with the two crossbars near the top. The upper one is shorter, representing the plaque nailed to Jesus’ cross. Similar to the Cross of Lorraine, though in the original version of the latter, the bottom arm is lower. The Eastern Orthodox cross adds a slanted bar near the foot.


Double Cross

The Cross of the eight-point cross-stone ceremony. It is a symbol of revival and is similar to the Greek word “XI” (the capital letter of the word Christ).

Cross of Lorraine

The Cross of Lorraine consists of one vertical and two horizontal bars. The two-barred cross consists of a vertical line crossed by two shorter horizontal bars. In most renditions, the horizontal bars are “graded” with the upper bar being the shorter, though variations with the bars of equal length are also seen.

Papal Cross

A cross with three bars near the top. The bars are of unequal length, each one shorter than the one below. This cross is only used by the Pope.


The ankh or crux ansata, an Egyptian hieroglyph representing “life”.

Sun Cross

The “sun cross” or “wheel cross” appears with some regularity in prehistoric European artifacts, usually interpreted as a solar symbol, perhaps representing the spoked wheel of the Sun chariot.


The swastika or crux gammata (in heraldry fylfot), historically used as a symbol in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism, and widely popular in the early 20th century as a symbol of good luck or prosperity before adopted as a symbol of Nazism in the 1920s and 30s. Since the adoption of the Nazi movement as their party’s symbol, the symbol has gained notoriety because it is now associated with ultra-right wing movements and ultra-nationalist people. It gained so much notoriety after the Nazi’s usage that the symbol has been banned for any usage in the German Federal Republic.

These are just a few of the cross designs that are often used in cross tattoo designs. There are still a lot out there that we have not covered yet but we are pretty darn sure that you can find the cross design that will definitely fit your personality.

Cross Tattoos For Men

This specific tattoo design is beloved by the masculine community. Its design can be versatile without tampering or reducing its meaning. You can often see cross tattoos on the chests and arms of men and this is a clear way of professing their faith to the rest of the world.

A majority of men also have cross tattoos be inked on their bodies because they yearn for safety and they believe that a cross, the symbol of their religion and divine being, will create a protective sheath around their body to protect them. These men who would likely get cross tattoo be inked on their skins are doing a dangerous line of work like construction, mining, military, and others.
Other men also get this tattoo design as a way of repentance. In some parts of the Philippines, people, especially men, have this culture of extreme repentance during the Lenten Season. Men usually whip themselves as a way to repent for their sins. More extreme ways of repentance also exist like the crucifixion. Having a cross tattoo is also a way to repent. The pain you endure while getting a cross tattoo is considered a repentant act.

Body Placement For Men

Since this tattoo design is a versatile one, the design can be inked in numerous places without reducing its meaning. Well, a cross is still a cross no matter where you place it. Most men, however, like to have their cross tattoo designs to be visible or prominent in public. This is the reason why most cross tattoos are inked on the sleeve, chest, back, leg, and arm areas.

Other men, however, also get this tattoo design, as mentioned above, as a way of repentance. They get this tattoo for the pain they will feel while it is being inked permanently on the skin. For this reason, other men place this tattoo design on parts of the body that has a thin skin. Ankles and wrists are just a few of the places where it is utterly painful to have this tattoo design.

Here are some of the cross tattoo designs we have seen on the internet.

A sketch of a cross tattoo design that features a Latin cross with a ribbon wrapping around it.

A colored tattoo of a gothic cross with wings and a halo.


A drawing of a cross tattoo design that features the Cross of Lazarus with a rosary wrapping around it.


Another sketch of a cross tattoo design that features a gothic cross alongside flowers and vines.


Another sketch of a cross tattoo design that features a gothic cross with a rose constricted by a ribbon.

A sketch of a cross tattoo design that features two wooden stakes formed as a cross and a rose.


An ankle tattoo of a cross, heart, and anchor anklet.

A small ankle tattoo of a latin cross.

A foot cross tattoo that features the gothic cross with an excerpt from the bible. (We know it is not a man’s foot but hey! This design can be used by men too!)


An arm tattoo of a rosary with the gothic cross.

An upper back cross tattoo of a Lazarus cross with wings and names of on the ribbon underneath and the words “Family Forever” above.


A chest cross tattoo of a highly intricate latin cross with heraldic detailing often used in coat of arms and emblems.

A chest cross tattoo of a large latin cross necklace.


A chest tattoo of an intricate cross with a crown on the left pectorals.


A back cross tattoo of a simple cross and the number 79 on the side as a roman numeral.

A large colored back cross tattoo of a blue Lazarus Cross with angelic wings.


An upperback tattoo of a tribal cross.

A simple upper back cross tattoo featuring the outline of a gothic cross.

A colored sleeve cross tattoo featuring a blue St. Thomas’ Cross being wrapped by tribal details.


A sleeve cross tattoo of a gothic cross with the words “RIP Grandpa” on th ribbon that wraps around the cross.

A colorful and highly detailed sleeve cross tattoo that features a red St. Thomas’ Cross with tribal details and the words “In memory of Richard” in blue and yellow ink with the date of his birth and death on the sides of the cross.


A sleeve cross tattoo of a St. Thomas’ Cross with the triquetra symbol from the Vikings.


A back tattoo of a simple tattered latin cross with words on the left side.

Cross Tattoos For Women

Despite cross tattoos being famously inked on male skin, a lot of girls and women also like to have this tattoo design on their skin. This design can also be versatile on a woman’s body which is why this is also quite famous for women tattoo enthusiasts and artists alike. Aside from versatility, they are also rich with meaning and symbolism where you can interpret the cross differently.

Most often than not, however, women get this tattoo out of admiration from Christianity and would like to profess their faith and deep relationship with God. They want to proclaim to the world that they are following the Christian faith and a devout follower of God.

Just like men also, women also have cross tattoos be inked on their bodies because they yearn for safety and they believe that a cross, the symbol of their religion and divine being, will create a protective sheath around their body to protect them. Though most are not in dangerous lines of work, they still seek protection from the cross. They might be living a normal life but in our society today, women are not particularly treated well which explains their yearn for protection.

Body Placement For Women

Most women like to have their cross tattoos to be hidden or to just be barely visible to the public. They often place this tattoo design on the wrists and arms as well as the back area of their bodies.

Here are some cross tattoo designs for women that we have gathered on the internet.

An arm tattoo of an intricate and artsy latin cross.

A wrist tattoo of a gothic cross with wings and a halo.

A wrist tattoo of a thin latin cross with cherry blossoms.

Wrist tattoos of a Dominican Cross on both wrists.

A sketch of a cross tattoo design that features a cross on a rosary with a rose.

A small wrist tattoo of a simple latin cross with a heart.

Another sketch of a cross tattoo design featuring an angular latin cross.

A sketch of a cross design featuring the gothic cross with flowers and vines.

A 3d tattoo of a fish symbol with a cross and flowers.

Another tattoo that features the fish symbol and a cross.

A sternum tattoo of a long latin cross.

A lower back tattoo of a latin cross with wings.

An upper back tattoo of a simple latin cross.

An upper back tattoo of a cross that forms the word “faith”.

A wrist tattoo of a rosary with a cross and the name “Enzo”.

An arm tattoo of a gothic cross with tribal details.

A sleeve tattoo of a latin cross with flowers and greenery surrounding it.

A sternum tattoo of a cross forming a heartline and a heart.

A back tattoo of a simple latin cross with the number 2033 in Roman Numeral Form.

An arm tattoo of two wooden stakes formed as a cross.


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