Eyebrow Piercings: Everything you Need to Know Including the Healing Time and Pain Level

By Tephanie Stephenson / May 6, 2019
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Piercings are often done for aesthetic purposes, and the eyebrow piercing is no different. This type of piercing can be sported by both men and women alike, and it has always been one of the most popular piercings of all time.

Today, we will discuss all about the eyebrow piercing including its healing time, how to take good care of it, how painful the procedure will be, how to clean it, and more.

What is Eyebrow Piercing?

Here’s a simple eyebrow piercing on a man.


The eyebrow piercing is literally done on the eyebrow area. It is usually located at the end of the eyebrow, but it still depends on the person’s personal preference. Some people tend to get double or multiple ones, depending on their style.

It is a very popular piercing among both boys and girls, especially the ones who have more of an edgy style.


Eyebrow piercing on a woman.


Will the Eyebrow Piercing Hurt? How Bad Will it Hurt?

When it comes to eyebrow piercings, the initial hole or piercing may actually be very bearable. However, you have to remember that the piercing is done near the eye area, which is very sensitive. The skin here is thin, which means that you would be able to feel the pain more. As the area begins to swell from the penetration, your pain sensors slowly flare up and the entire area becomes irritated.


The pain that you will experience during the piercing is different from the healing process. During the piercing, you will experience a jolt of pain once the needle pushes through your eyebrow. It is similar to that of a hard pinch – it is a very sharp pain. The healing process has more of that throbbing effect and you can experience your eyebrow area to be red and swollen during this period.

What to Expect at the Shop

First, your piercer will make you sign some consent papers for both you and their safety. Next, they will make you choose your jewelry, which is often a curved barbell or a ring. After that, you will be asked to sit at the piercer’s chair to have your preferred location pierced.


Once all that’s done, your piercer will then sanitize the equipment that he will be using, then he will prepare you for the piercing. If you asked for numbing cream, then your piercer should apply it on the area now. Next, the needle will then enter the area, followed by the jewelry.

After the piercing, he will then go through the aftercare instructions and tell you the things that you should buy for cleaning your piercing.


How Should I Prepare for my Eyebrow Piercing?

There are a few things that you can do to lessen the pain during the piercing as well as after the procedure. Make sure to follow each one to make sure you’ll be all good.


Take Care of Your Body

Going into the piercing shop when you are feeling unwell is not a good idea. You have to be a hundred per cent healthy before you get the piercing, as being sick can affect the healing time and period of your piercing.

Drink your vitamins and medicines regularly and if you are sick, wait until you get better before getting pierced.

Double eyebrow piercing on a girl.

Sleep and Rest Well

Before the day of the piercing, make sure to get at least eight to ten hours of sleep. There is a high chance that your piercing will hurt more if you are not well-rested, as the body tolerates pain better when it is well-rested. Think of it as recharging or refuelling.

Ask for a Numbing Cream

If you are too scared of the pain but you really want to get the piercing, then ask your piercer if they have a good numbing product that you can use.

This will definitely lessen the pain, to the point that you won’t feel anything at all. Ask your piercer to not use a spray that will freeze the area, as this can increase damage to the tissue and can affect the healing time of your piercing.

Instead, you can use a numbing cream which is safer to use for piercings.

Ask a Friend to Come with you

Going alone to the shop can make you feel more anxious and nervous. Bring a friend along so you can have someone to talk to and distract you during the eyebrow piercing.

You can also listen to music and sing along to the lyrics, or talk to your piercer and make new friends!

Think of the Awesome Outcome

Hype yourself up and think about the end results of the piercing. This will make you feel more excited than nervous and determined to get that piercing.

Remember that the sting will only last for a few seconds; after that, you will finally have the piercing that you’ve always dreamt of getting!

Choose the Right Piercer

The piercer’s technique will definitely affect the pain during your eyebrow piercing. Do your research and find a piercer that is reputable and qualified to do the piercing.

Ask for recommendations from your friends and ask them if they’ve had a good experience with the said piercer. It would also be best to look for a piercer that has done several eyebrow piercings in the past before.

Eat Before you Get Pierced

Eating less or nothing at all can contribute to low blood sugar. Having low blood sugar can make your skin and nerves more sensitive, causing you to feel the pain more. This can even cause you to pass out, especially if the pain is too extreme for you. Eat before getting pierced to avoid being nauseated and having low levels of blood sugar.

Do your Research

Read up about the eyebrow piercing that you are about to get and know how much the pain level will be so you would know what to anticipate. Ask your friends that have undergone the same procedure before and have them describe the pain during and after the piercing.

It pays to be knowledgeable about these things, so go ahead and do your research before sitting in the piercer’s chair.

Don’t Do  Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol is a natural blood thinner, therefore, if you drink the night before or right before your piercing, you will experience an extreme surge of pain and more blood will come out of it than usual.

Most piercing studios also would not allow you to get pierced while you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, which is why it would be best to stay away from it before you get the piercing.

The Eyebrow Piercing Cost

It’s hard to tell exactly how much the costs of an eyebrow piercing will be, as all of the piercers and shops have different pricing when it comes to this. The average cost of an eyebrow piercing is at around $20 – $70, but it still depends on several factors such as the experience of the piercer, the location of their shop, and the jewelry that will be used for the piercing.

A cute double piercing done on a girl.


Aftercare Tips for your Eyebrow Piercing

There are a couple of things that you should do after getting your eyebrow piercing to make sure that it will heal fast.

Avoid Playing with your Eyebrow Piercing

Do not play with your eyebrow piercing while it is still healing. Playing with it can cause damage and trauma to it, which can later lead to an infection.

Avoid getting it caught on your clothing or jewelry while you are getting dressed. You should also be careful when washing your face to avoid banging or pulling on it.

Do Not Change the Jewelry Right Away

Avoid changing the jewelry right away, as this can irritate the piercing. Ask your piercer when you can change the piercing to make sure it’s safe to do such. If you are not sure you can do it, then have the piercer change the jewelry instead.

When will my Eyebrow Piercing Heal?

There are lots of factors as to when your eyebrow piercing will fully heal. Also, different people react to healing periods differently. If you want to speed up your recovery, then be sure to follow the aftercare instructions that your piercer has given you.

Also, make sure to boost your immune system and take good care of yourself to avoid getting sick, which can prolong the healing period. You should also watch your diet and eat healthier types of food such as vegetables and fruit to make sure that you are giving your body what it really needs. Steer clear from junk food and fast food for a while to keep your immune system at an all-time high.

Eyebrow piercings using curved barbells.

The eyebrow piercing can take at least one month up to three months to fully heal, depending on your body and your situation.

Eyebrow Piercing Infections, Symptoms, and Risks

Sadly, infections can be quite common with piercings, especially if it is neglected and not well-taken care of after. Take note of the symptoms below to know if you have contracted a piercing infection.


If you’ve got these symptoms, then chances are you already have an infected eyebrow piercing. Watch out for these and see your doctor if you ever feel like you’ve contracted an infection.

Discharge that’s Bloody, Green, or White

Having clear and white discharge come out of your pierced area is normal, but having green, yellow, or bloody discharge coming out of it is definitely considered as a red flag. This might mean that your infection is already in its advanced stages and you need to see a doctor ASAP.

Double eyebrow piercings using rings as jewelry.



Redness and Throbbing on the Area

Redness and throbbing are common during the first few days after getting the eyebrow piercing. Besides, a foreign object was just inserted into your body, which means that it definitely will become red for some time.

However, if the redness and throbbing do not go away for a week or so, then consider having the jewelry taken off and tell your doctor about it, as you might already be suffering from an infection.

Extreme Pain

One of the most common symptoms of a piercing infection is extreme pain. Sure, pain is common during the piercing and after a few days of getting it, but if it persists for more than a week, then something is definitely wrong. Always consult your doctor if you feel like the pain is becoming intolerable.


Actually, your fever does not have to be high-grade for you to be concerned. Just the fact that you are suffering from a fever means that your body is undergoing some negative changes.

Usually, getting a fever after a piercing means that the infection has spread all throughout your body. Your doctor will most likely prescribe an antibiotic for you to take to get rid of the infection.


Every type of piercing has its own risks and dangers. Read on below to know what the risks of getting an eyebrow piercing are.

Migration and Rejection

Piercing migration occurs when your own body rejects the chosen jewelry, just like it would with a splinter. Your body treats the jewelry as a foreign object, which means that it will sometimes fight off the possibility of the jewelry being accustomed to your body.

Extreme piercings and tattoos on a man, including an eyebrow piercing.

extreme piercings including eyebrow piercing

Getting piercing migration is high if you choose a jewelry that you are allergic to. The best way to combat this is to visit your doctor and have an allergy test done. If you find that you are allergic to a specific type of metal, then avoid jewelry that contains such metals.

An Infection

Like what we said before, infection is quite common when it comes to piercings. No matter where the location is, there is a risk of you getting an infection. Besides, an unknown object is being forcefully injected into your body, which can be traumatic for your body.

Make sure to choose a shop that has a good reputation and has a well-sanitized environment to make sure you won’t contract an infection.

Hypergranulation and Scarring

If you are prone to keloids, scars, and bumps, then chances are you will get one in your eyebrow piercing.

The best way to avoid these is by not touching your piercing often and not changing the jewelry until your eyebrow piercing is fully healed.

Damage on the Tissue

Tissue damage can happen if the jewelry is installed incorrectly. This usually happens when a person doing your piercing is an unprofessional or someone who does not exactly know what they are doing.

The piercing has to be inserted correctly, as inserting it too deeply can cause embedding, while inserting it too shallow can cause migration.

Always go to a professional piercer to avoid irreversible tissue damage.

Eyebrow Piercing Pictures

Below are a few samples of the eyebrow piercing. Enjoy!

A simple and cute eyebrow piercing for men.

A sharp-ended jewelry for an eyebrow piercing.


A pretty girl with a simple eyebrow piercing.

Extreme piercings and tattoos on two men.

piercings and tattoos


Multiple eyebrow and dermal piercings on a man.

An industrial, ear and eyebrow piercing on a man.


Cute fake eyebrow piercings.

faux eyebrow piercings


Faux eyebrow piercing on model Candice Swanepoel.


Cute eyebrow piercing on a girl.


Eyebrow piercing on singer Fergie

eyebrow piercing on a celebrity

An example of a simple eyebrow piercing on a guy.

Extreme tattoos and eyebrow piercings done on a woman.

extreme tattoos and eyebrow piercings


A simple double eyebrow piercing on a girl.

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