60+ Gemini Tattoo Ideas You’d Love to Have

By Jason Hamilton / August 17, 2018
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Tattoos let us express ourselves and give us more identity. In the ancient times, tattoos were used as protective symbols on the body and as marks to symbolize their rank in their groups. While today, tattoos are now commonly used as a form of self-expression.

One of the best tattoo ideas for self-expression is, of course, those that have a certain connection with the wearer, particularly anything related to the wearer’s birthday. Those types of tattoo are timeless while it can say a lot about the wearer’s personality. If you are a Gemini, for instance, a Gemini tattoo is what will make your identity all the more complete if you are looking for a more personalized tattoo idea.

Gemini tattoos are one of the best and meaningful tattoos around. It doesn’t just tell something about the owner’s birthdate but it could also give a hint about his personality. Thus, If you were born sometime around May 21 and June 21, it’d be perfect for you.


The History of the Twin Zodiac

You’re probably familiar with the twin zodiac as a part of the 48 constellations that Ptolemy, an astronomer from 2nd Century AD, described. However, there’s more to it than that that you should know. For starters, the word “Gemini” is a Latin word that means “twins.” It is named that way as it is today because it represents the twins, Castor and Pollux, from the Greek mythology.

Many people believe that men and women who were born under the said zodiac are versatile, cheerful, and are quick-witted. While Geminis are believed to have such positive sides, there are still several people who see them as someone who is two-faced because of the twins that their zodiac sign represents. Even so, Geminis can still prove that they are still the type of people who are kind-hearted unlike what some people imagine; just look at the Gemini celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman.


That being said, if you are a proud Gemini, here are some good tattoo ideas for you or for your Gemini friends.

Gemini Tattoos for Women

Gemini is often associated with a woman’s strength. Thus, for women, this kind of zodiac tattoo can be very symbolic. Here are some Gemini tattoo designs you might want to consider.



A simple yet abstract Gemini tattoo that resembles a roman numeral inked on the wrist; perfect for those who just want to keep it simple yet artistic.


Another abstract Gemini tattoo for women that resembles the Roman numeral II that is placed on the neck area.


An abstract Gemini tattoo that looks the same as the previous design but this time, it’s placed on the back area.


A gray and black Gemini tattoo with stars and swirls that looks really feminine inked on the back part of the body.


Gemini tattoo that resembles the Roman numeral II is really great for abstract designs like this as you can add intricate details to it.


Colored tattoos are really attention-grabbing. Additionally, it can help in making a bolder statement and highlight the tattoo more.


A colored Gemini tattoo that also resembles a roman numeral but with added details like several stars, swirls, and a moon.

A Roman numeral Gemini tattoo with stars for women that has different colors which can be tattooed on the forearm.

A gradient colored Gemini tattoo on the ankles for those who want a feminine design yet would still look fierce.


A black Gemini tattoo inked on the ankles with colored flower and leaf, perfect for those who want to show their feminine side more.

Another Gemini tattoo that resembles the Roman numeral II but with a colored background, perfect for those who want to show their favorite color.


Flowers are often thought of being a symbol of femininity. Add it to the Gemini zodiac sign that represent’s female strength and you’ll have the best tattoo design that’s feminine yet strapping.


A black Gemini tattoo that is incorporated with pink flowers and fallen petals inked on the back for that enhanced girl power.

A Gemini tattoo that has a lotus in the middle that represents awakening, strength, transformation, and beauty placed on the back of the neck.


Tell the world that you are a Gemini with this Roman numeral Gemini tattoo with a word stating that you really are born with the zodiac sign.


Butterflies are also often associated with femininity just like flowers. Add it to your floral Gemini tattoo for a more girly vibe.

If you don’t like too many colors, this might be the best design for you – a black Gemini tattoo with gray roses.


Minimalist tattoos are also gaining more popularity these days. It can give off a simple yet a very strong message. Moreover, it is also sophisticated to look at.


A small and very simple black Gemini tattoo placed on the back of the ears which you can hide whenever necessary.

A Gemini tattoo that resembles the actual constellation inked on the collarbone for those who are tired of the Roman numeral design.

A very small and super simple Gemini tattoo that you can place on the ankles. It’s small yet can still tell a big meaning.


Another small and super simple black Gemini tattoo that is placed on the ring finger for a more sophisticated and edgy look.

A Roman numeral Gemini tattoo without any added design nor extra colors placed on the inner part of the forearm.


Since the Gemini zodiac sign represents the twins Castor and Pollux, it’s also common to see two faces as a symbol. The expressions of the face may vary, though, because of the belief that Geminis are two-faced. If you want to go a little bolder and more artistic, then this type of tattoo design might work best for you.


A roman numeral Gemini tattoo symbol that has two faces with different expressions, symbolizing the two faces that Geminis have.


A Gemini tattoo but with faces of tigers with different colors. You don’t always have to stick with people’s faces.

A big and colored intricate Gemini tattoo design placed on the upper back of the owner for a bolder statement.

Two women Gemini tattoo design who are drawn back to back with big red roses in between tattooed on the back.

This is probably the most popular symbol for the Gemini zodiac sign – a silhouette of two long-haired women facing each other.

Gemini Tattoos for Men

Although Gemini is often related to women, men can use it as a tattoo design too. Contrary to what many people think, Gemini is not just a symbol of a woman’s strength but it can also represent the harmony of nature and man together. And of course, the Gemini symbol is gender-neutral so men can use it as their tattoo design too. Below are some cool ideas for a more masculine aura.


Gemini tattoos are not just about symbols but you can also ink the actual word for a stronger statement that you are a true blue Gemini.

Say that you are a Gemini loud and proud with a 3D-looking Gemini tattoo like this drawn on your arm.

A medium-sized Gemini word tattoo placed on the inner part of the wrist with an added symbol that resembles Roman number II.


A Gemini word tattoo placed on the arms but designed with two masks that symbolizes the believed dual personality of Geminis.

A Gemini word tattoo that’s placed on the hips for those who want to keep it a little more hidden.


Again, tattoos make a person more unique. But you can make it more personalized when you add dates to it.

A 3d Roman numeral Gemini tattoo that is designed with a date that’s probably the owner’s birthday or a more memorable date for him.

Another black and gray Gemini tattoo inked on the arm with a date written on a scroll rolled behind the Gemini symbol.

A vertical Gemini word tattoo on the inner part of the arm but with a date that is written horizontally.

This one is a Gemini-Virgo tattoo that has a specific date that’s probably memorable for the owner. You can also use it as a couple tattoo.

Here’s another Gemini symbol wrapped in a scroll with a date. It’s popular among men so why not join the bandwagon?


Tattoos with faces of the Gemini twins are also fit for men. For a more masculine look, many opt for bigger prints with more details.

A big Gemini tattoo on the chest that features a face of two women with roses and other complex details.

Trick people with this tricky Gemini tattoo idea with faces that has an elaborate design that would make anyone confused.

This may look like a mere tattoo with a face of a woman but its colors can tell a whole different story.

Tired of seeing a face of a woman? Why not try this twin mythical creature Gemini tattoo with different colors.

Two women’s head that shows different expressions and is also designed differently to symbolize the twin zodiac’s two personalities.


Of course, the face of two women aren’t just the only ones that can represent the Gemini sign. Skulls are a cool Gemini tattoo too.

A Gemini symbol that’s added with two skulls that show different expressions to represent the notorious dual personality that Geminis have.

You don’t have to stick to the usual Roman numeral nor the common twin woman Gemini tattoo as you can use skulls too.

“Gemini” is spelled out below two different skulls – one is with a halo and the other one has horns like a devil’s.

Another good and evil skull Gemini tattoo that’s inked on the owner’s back but this time, the skulls havedistinctt colors.

A detailed twin skeleton Gemini tattoo placed on the arm, perfect for those who prefer not to give too much detail about their zodiac sign.

With Other Signs

Gemini tattoos can look good with other zodiac signs too. However, this type of tattoo design is often used as a couple tattoo. Even so, you can still use it as a best friend tattoo or use it to honor a departed loved one.

A black Cancer symbol that is wrapped around a red Gemini tattoo symbol inked on the tattoo owner’s wrist.

A Leo tattoo connected on a Gemini symbol that resembles the Roman numeral II tattooed at the back of the neck.

A Gemini zodiac’s symbol with arrows on top that belongs to the Sagittarius zodiac sign tattooed on the wearer’s wrist.

Here, the tattoo owner combined various zodiac signs (Libra, Cancer, and Scorpio) with his Gemini tattoo on his wrist.

Here, all of the 12 zodiac signs were tattooed on both of the owner’s wrists in a minimalist way.

Where to put your tattoos?

By this point, you’ve probably decided which design you’d like to have but here’s the crucial part: the placement of your tattoo. Tattoos are, needless to say, permanent so you have to think things through first. If you want to experience less pain, here are some ideas on where you should put your tattoo to help you decide all the more.


This is one of the best areas to place a tattoo as it won’t cause much pain. Additionally, it’s also a great place to get inked if you are opting for a small tattoo.

A very simple Gemini tattoo on the wrist. The simplicity of this tattoo can also be low on the pain scale.

Another Gemini symbol on the wrist but this time, the wearer added more detail like a star on the background.

A swirling Gemini tattoo on the left wrist. This can also be used as a couple tattoo like what the wearers did.

A more detailed medium-sized tattoo that shows the Gemini constellation on the wrist but still looks good on the wearer.


The feet is also a good place to put a tattoo. You’re unlikely to experience too much pain as well plus it’s easier to hide whenever necessary.

A small tribal Gemini symbol tattooed on the right ankle of the owner, perfect for those who just want to keep it simple.

A Gemini sign with swirly vines and blue flowers and a butterfly.

A Gemini tattoo with a date on the owner’s left ankle.

A black Aries symbol connected to a red Gemini tattoo.


For lesser pain, the arm is also a good part to place a tattoo. However, note that the closer it gets to the armpit, the more painful it’s going to be.

A 3D Gemini tattoo resembling a Roman numeral placed on the tricep.

A Gemini tattoo on the arm that looks as if the skin is ripped.

A Gemini symbol with added complex details placed on the arm.

Another 3D Gemini tattoo on the arm with an eye.

In spite of the various styles mentioned, note that these designs are not strictly for a specific gender. Of course, you can still get creative and tweak each design so you can use it to match your taste. If you wish for more tattoo ideas or high-quality sample photos to show your tattoo artist, we can provide you more.

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