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50+ Constellation Tattoos Ideas and Designs for the Asterophiles

By Jason Hamilton / August 4, 2020

We love seeing clear night skies full of stars. Who doesn’t? Since ancient times, it has already fascinated our ancestors. This is because aside from the fact that the sight is fascinating (I mean imagine what else are out there), such a view is also beautiful and calming. And if you’re one who agrees with […]


50+ Samoan Tattoos for those Looking for Some Cool tribal Designs

By Jason Hamilton / June 29, 2020

If you happen to get a glimpsed at The Rock, you may have noticed his tattoo. For some, they call those enchanting black patterns etched on The Rock’s skin as tribal tattoos. But for us tattoo enthusiasts and experts, we call it a Samoan tattoos. Now, what is this intricately-detailed tattoo, you say? Let’s take […]


50+ Pretty Daisy tattoos for the Anthophiles

By Jason Hamilton / June 23, 2020

Flowers always make a nice tattoo. It has a lot of types and design variations. What’s even better is that it has a lot of different meanings depending on its type and color too. However, there are countless flowers out there to choose from. But if you’re going to ask us, one of the flower […]


50+ Pine Tree Tattoos and Ideas for Nature Lovers

By Jason Hamilton / June 17, 2020

Trees are one of the most meaningful tattoo designs. It also has a number of variations with different meanings – there’s the tree of life, palm tree, pine tree, etc. – you will never run out of options with tree tattoos. But if you were to ask us about which tree tattoo should you go […]

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