Getting to Know 50+ Peacock Tattoo Ideas and the Placements that are Only for the Brave

By Jason Hamilton / April 12, 2020
peacock feather
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Feather tattoos make nice body art. But have you heard of peacock feather tattoo ideas? These designs are all the more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing compared to the usual feather tattoos we’ve grown accustomed too. Needless to say, it is something that you need to consider in case you’re looking for a beautiful tattoo to ink on your body. But before anything else, let’s get to know this design even more, shall we?


Peacock Feather Tattoo Meaning

Like its color, peacock feather tattoos also have a number of meanings. First, it is often associated with femininity which makes this design perfect for women. And because of its uniqueness, it is also perfect for women who struggle with self-confidence.

Compared to other feathers, a peacock’s feather looks more luxurious. Hence, it is also associated with luxury and enjoying the finer things that life has to offer.


Peacock feathers also have a print that looks like an eye on them. Because of this, people associate it to staying alert and watching how the world changes as you travel through it as well.

People also relate peacock feathers with compassion for other people in spite of not understanding their true motives and the feeling of being separated from them.


It can also mean expanding your boundaries be it in the physical or spiritual sense. Hence, this makes a nice tattoo if you want to show off how well you’re doing getting out of your comfort zone.

Now that you’ve become more familiar with peacock feather tattoos, read on and find out which designs will work for you based on your taste, personality, and even the situations you’ve already overcome.


Peacock Feather Tattoo Ideas

Wear it as is

Plain peacock feather tattoos are already meaningful when you use it alone. But a basic peacock feather tattoo design’s aesthetics can also vary depending on your creativity. Here are some ideas you can take inspiration from.

A big peacock feather on the whole arm


A peacock feather in black ink

A peacock feather in blue ink


A cover-up tattoo of a peacock feather

Add a Flute

When we see a flute, we often relate it to love for music because, needless to say, it is a musical instrument after all. And this kind of tattoo makes a great addition to any peacock feather tattoo because, through this, you can express your love for music or love for this specific musical instrument.

However, it also has a deeper meaning to it, particularly in Hinduism. This is because this peacock tattoo design variation is also related to the Indian culture. Apparently, this kind of tattoo, when paired with a peacock feather tattoo represents Krishna, a major deity in Hinduism. This is because he is often depicted wearing a peacock feather wreath or crown while holding a flute. Here’s how you can combine these two symbols.

A peacock feather with a flute on the side of the forearm


A forearm peacock and flute tattoo in black ink

A peacock flute with an initial of the owner

A small peacock feather and flute tattoo with realistic details

Morph it with a Butterfly

Aside from its aesthetics butterflies also make nice addition to any peacock feather tattoo ideas because of its representation of freedom and beauty. It is also a nice body art to show how much you’ve changed as you conquer life’s challenges because it also symbolizes change because of its life cycle.

Usually, people design their butterfly tattoo’s wings with the pattern similar to a peacock feather’s. Meanwhile, some people just add it to stand side by side with the peacock feather tattoo. You can make it more unique, though. Here are some samples on how you can morph your peacock feather tattoo with a butterfly.


A butterfly tattoo with wings made of peacock feathers

A combination of peacock feather, buddha, butterfly, and flower tattoo designs


Another butterfly tattoo with peacock feather-printed wings

An intricately detailed combination of butterfly and peacock feather tattooed on the hips

Add a Name

If you’re looking for more personalized peacock feather tattoo ideas, we highly suggest that you add your name to it or a name of a person that’s closest to your heart. You can also use it as a memorial tattoo to remember your loved ones who have already passed on. Some people also add their or their loved ones’ initials for more mystery and simplicity. But for today, were going to focus more on how you can add your full first name to your peacock feather tattoo. Here are some ideas on that that you can take inspiration from.


A peacock feather and flute tattoo with a name written in Hindi


This one has a tattoo of an eye plus the Hindu deity’s name, Krishna

A forearm tattoo of a peacock feather and flute with a deity’s name

Add a “Maa”

For starters, “Maa” is a Hindi word that means mom. This makes a nice addition to any peacock feather tattoo if you want to make it hard for your parents to hate your ink. But kidding aside, really, this makes a great tattoo accent to remember your mom by. Here’s how you can incorporate it into your peacock feather tattoo.


This one has a word written in Hindi plus a mother and child tattoo

A big maa tattoo with a peacock feather on top

A tattoo of a peacock feather and a flute with a maa and paa symbol below

Accentuate it with Flowers

Flowers can also make any tattoo look more feminine and aesthetically pleasing. But it also has a lot of meanings depending on its type and color. But generally, flower tattoo designs are often linked with passion and love. Here are some samples on how you can add them to your peacock feather tattoo.


A peacock feather paired with a pocket watch and rose tattoo designs

A traditional style rose tattoo with a peacock feather


A peacock feather paired with a peony tattoo

Peacock Feather Tattoo Ideas on Pain Scale

Nice peacock feather tattoo ideas, right? But are you prepared for the pain?

If you’re going to ask us if it is painful or not, we would be lying if we say tattoo doesn’t hurt just to stop you from feeling anxious about the tattooing process. Apparently, it will hurt no matter what design you opt for. And we think that it will probably hurt more for peacock tattoos. This is because peacock tattoos usually require more details to get that feathery look and achieve the kind of aesthetics that it promises. Also, your placement also plays a part in the level of pain that you will feel. Remember, if you place it on boney areas like the ankles, shoulders, wrists, and the likes, you will feel more pain as there will be a lesser amount of fat or muscle to cushion you from the needles.

In case you’re wondering where it would hurt the most, here are some ideas on tattoo placements.

Peacock Feather Tattoo Ideas on Placement

Where you will place your tattoo also matters. Some tattoos’ meanings can be enhanced if you will place them on certain parts of the body while some will retain their meanings.

As for peacock feather tattoos, its meanings and placement don’t affect each other. But the right tattoo placements can also help accentuate your body.

However, the placement can affect the level of pain that you will feel. Here are the parts that we’re sure you will feel more pain as there’s lesser to zero fats and muscles to cushion you from the needles.

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An arrow tattoo with a tail made of a peacock feather

A wrist tattoo of a peacock feather with a word tattoo that reads “breathe”

A peacock feather paired with vine tattoo that starts from the wrist and stretches up to the forearm


A green peacock feather inked on the forearm with soft details giving you the real feathery feels

A peacock feather covering the whole inner forearm area

Matching peacock feather tattoos on the left and right forearm


A peacock feather placed on the back area starting just below the nape

A back tattoo of a peacock tattoo with a quote

A peacock feather placed on the lower back area

Behind the Ear

A peacock feather tattoo that stretches down

A peacock feather in green, blue and dark violet ink

A smaller peacock feather tattoo behind the ear with a heart instead of an eye-like print


A peacock feather tattoo with simpler details in black ink

A peacock feather tattooed just below the ankle

A traditional-styled peacock feather tattooed on the left foot


A peacock feather paired with star tattoo designs

A peacock tattoo that looks like an anklet

A peacock feather tattoo paired with musical note tattoos that starts from the calf and stretches down to the foot

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