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Reasons to Consider Seahorse Tattoos Ideas and Designs with 50 Inspos

By Jason Hamilton / September 3, 2020
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Seahorses aren’t probably the first thing that comes to your mind when talking about cute animals. It’s understandable, though, because it’s a fish but it doesn’t look like a fish at all. It has tube-shaped and prehensile tails that make seahorses look kind of weird. Plus, it’s the males that give birth. That’s probably why it’s not one of the most tattooed animals.

But it’s more than its outside appearance. And we’re here to change your mind about seahorse tattoos ideas and designs.

First off, one of the reasons why you should get seahorse tattoos is because of its unique appearance. Its unique appearance for a fish may be one of the first reasons why some (or most) people don’t like it but its one-of-a-kind looks are also one of the things that will make your tattoo unique.


And because of its unique outward form, people can easily recognize it compared to other fishes.

Seahorse, especially when used as a tattoo, carries nice meanings and symbolism as well.


Seahorse as Tattoo

Seahorses may be smaller than coins but these fragile tiny sea creatures are apparently full of surprises. For the Torres Strait Island people, for instance, the seahorse has mystical significance. For them, they believe that the seahorse is a symbol of strength and power. And because of that, this creature is also used to symbolize protection.

Divers also view them as a good luck charm. They are even used for bringing good luck in hunting or fishing for food.


Other cultures also see the seahorse as a symbol of patience, perspective, and persistence. They also represent the character of friendliness, high perception, generosity, as well as contentment.

When used as a tattoo they will also remind you to let down your guard sometimes while being aware of your surroundings. They will also remind you to take a good look around with both of your physical and spiritual eyes in times of confusion to get a better view of the situation you are in.


Some seahorse tattoos ideas and designs also carry different meanings, especially when they are drawn differently or paired with other symbols. Take a look at these seahorse tattoos ideas and designs we’ve compiled for you.

Seahorse Tattoos Ideas and Designs

Another thing to love about seahorse is that they are easy to style and pair with other symbols when used as a tattoo. They will not just easily blend in but they can also make a tattoo all the more significant like these design variations.


Simple Seahorse Tattoo

Seahorse tattoos can be elaborate or very minimalist; they’re that easy to design. But if you just want to keep things simple, take a look at these plain seahorse tattoos.

A realistic seahorse that’s nearly as big as a coin


A gray dotwork tattoo of a seahorse placed on the left forearm

Another simple seahorse tattoo etched on the left ankle


An outline tattoo of a seahorse placed on the right side of the ribs

A seahorse tattoo outline etched on the left middle finger

Colored Seahorse Tattoo

If you want colors for your seahorse tattoo, you can do it too. Your tattoo will still look great or even better, especially when you also add watercolor details to it.


A colored traditional tattoo of a seahorse placed on the upper right portion of the back

A seahorse in blue and pink ink tattooed on the left arm

Another traditional style tattoo of a seahorse but this one is inked with darker colors


A gradient colored seahorse tattoo inked on the left arm

Another multicolored seahorse but is inked in traditional style


An outline tattoo of a seahorse with watercolor details in blue and red ink

A watercolor seahorse tattoo in shades of blue and purple ink


A small seahorse tattoo with a splat of blue ink placed on the side of the breast


A watercolor seahorse tattoo in different shades of blue

A unique and very colorful watercolor tattoo of a seahorse placed on the right calf

Seahorse Tattoo with Flowers

Flower tattoos are also versatile and can easily be paired with seahorse tattoos too. What’s even better is that you have a lot of options to choose from. This is because, needless to say, there are hundreds of flower species out there and they carry different meanings. In addition to that, flower tattoo designs’ meanings may also vary depending on their color. Here are some ideas on how you can pair your seahorse tattoo with flowers.


A unique seahorse tattoo with a flower print on its belly

A tattoo of a seahorse adorned with different kinds of flowers

A seahorse tattoo paired with flowers, starfish, and shell


A vibrant seahorse tattoo made of vines and flower placed on the left arm

A unique black seahorse tattoo with cherry blossoms

Tribal Seahorse Tattoo

Seahorse tattoos can work no matter what gender your gender preference is too. And if you want a seahorse tattoo that can give off some cool or masculine vibes, you can opt to add tribal details on your seahorse tat. Here’s how others do it and see how you can take inspos from these seahorse tribal tattoo designs.


An intricately detailed seahorse tattoo etched on the forearm


A cool tribal seahorse tattooed on the upper part of the right arm

A black and gray ink tattoo of a seahorse also giving off some tribal vibes

A calligraphic seahorse tattoo with watercolor details in blue ink

A huge tribal seahorse tattoo covering the half part of the back

Geometric Seahorse Tattoo

Seahorse tattoo can work with geometric details too. This combination is very gender-neutral so anyone can easily wear it. In addition to that, geometric tattoo designs can also add significance to tattoos even if they look like mere shapes that are only for aesthetics. Check out how seahorse tattoos ideas and designs would look like if geometric details were added.

A colored geometric tattoo of a seahorse placed on the left arm

A huge geometric seahorse tattoo in black and gray ink

A sketch type tattoo of a seahorse with geometric details

A black ink geometric seahorse tattoo placed on the calf

A realistic seahorse tattoo paired with geometric shapes

Cute Seahorse Tattoo

Seahorse can be cute too. You may not like its real appearance but you can enhance it when you have etched on your skin but making its eyes look bigger, add some colors that will make it cuter, or whatnot. Look at how these tattoo owners made their seahorse tattoos look even cuter.

A magical-looking seahorse with a horn of a unicorn

This seahorse has huge eyes and has girly colors

A cute seahorse tattoo with baby-like features

A cute seahorse with eyelashes

This seahorse has big eyes and a big head which makes it even cuter

Seahorse Pokemon Tattoo

If you’re a fan of Pokemon, you can also show it to the world by opting for a seahorse tattoo. In case you’ve already forgotten, there are seahorse-like Pokemon characters: Horsea, Seadra, and Kingdra. From the cutest to the fiercest seahorse-like Pokemon, they’re surely a catch. Check out these images for inspiration on how you can make these Pokemon into a tattoo.

A tattoo of Horsea paired with an anchor and paper boat hat

A tattoo of Horsea sleeping

A cute Horsea tattoo placed just above the ankle

Left: Horsea sitting on a floral teacup

A cute tattoo of Horsea blowing bubbles

A tattoo of Seadra placed on the arm

A fierce Seadra tattooed on the arm

A sketch of Seadra and Skrelp

A classy Seadra sketch

A tattoo of Seadra placed on the upper part of the right arm

A majestic tattoo of Kindra with watercolor details placed on the upper part of the left arm

A forearm tattoo of Kindra paired with a geometric arrow tattoo

A Kingdra tattoo covering the whole forearm

A minimalist sketch of Kingdra that you can use as a tattoo

A simple sketch of Kingdra that you can also use as an inspiration for your tattoo

There’s still a lot of reasons to choose seahorse as a tattoo design. These are just a few ones, though. But we’re sure these will convince you already to get that seahorse tattoo.

A seahorse might not look cute like cats, dogs, rabbits, or whatnot and their unique appearance might be confusing for a type of fish but hey, you can easily make it look cute, cartoonish, realistic, or colorful when you use it as a tattoo. The best part of having this as a tattoo is that it doesn’t choose a gender. So no matter what your gender preference is, it will surely work for you. And, needless to say, it has nice meanings and representations.

Such good reasons to consider it as a tattoo design, right? So why not go for it?



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