Smiley Piercing: Amazing Photos and Important Information

By Tephanie Stephenson / August 18, 2018
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The smiley piercing is one of the most unique oral piercings. It is sported by both men and women, and more and more people are starting to become huge fans of the piercing.

If you are interested in getting the smiley piercing, then listen up as today, we will discuss some tips on how to take care of it, what to expect, how much it will cost you to get one, and many more.


All About the Smiley Piercing

The smiley piercing is located inside the mouth. Hold your upper lip, flip it upward, and you will see that little skin that connects the inside of your upper lip to your gums. This is exactly where the smiley piercing is located.


Because of the location of the piercing, it is fairly easy to hide and cover up the piercing. People will surely see it when you smile though, so make sure that your workplace would be okay with the piercing before you proceed on getting it.

What Goes Down During a Smiley Piercing?

Just like with any other piercing, the first thing that your piercer will do is to make you sign a couple of consent papers. After this, they will proceed with the piercing by cleaning their piercing tools first. Sanitizing everything is the key to a safe and infection-free smiley piercing, so make sure to watch them and see if they will sanitize everything that they will use to pierce the inside of your mouth.


After all that, they will then mark the area that will be pierced. They will prepare to make a hole in the area and then follow it with your preferred jewelry right after.


Lastly, they will give you aftercare instructions to make sure you take care of your piercing well until it is fully healed.


However, before you start, make sure to have your piercer check your frenulum. Some people have weak frenulums, which means that they cannot get the smiley piercing, as it might be too dangerous.

How Much Pain will I Experience?

Everyone experiences pain on different levels. There are some who can handle pain better than others, so if you are someone who can handle a lot of pain, then you will breeze through the smiley piercing.


The frenulum, the area where the smiley piercing will be placed, has a very thin strip of skin, which means that the needle will easily pierce through the area. You will surely feel a little bit of sting and pain when the piercer inserts the needle on your frenulum, but remember that this will only last for a few seconds.

The pain during the healing period is a whole different story. You will most likely feel a little bit of throbbing and tenderness during the first few days, but you can expect it to go away soon. If it doesn’t, then make sure to visit your doctor and see if you have any infection present in the area.


How Much will the Smiley Piercing Cost Me?

At an average, you will most likely pay around $30 – $90 for the smiley piercing. The cost of the piercing will depend on some factors though, so you have to be prepared and bring enough cash if you are planning on getting this piercing.

Here are some of the factors that can affect the price of your smiley piercing.

The Piercer’s Reputation

The more trusted and well-known the piercer is, the more expensive the cost of the piercing is going to be. The good thing though, is that you can rest assured that your piercing is going to go well. The piercer is most likely well-known and reputable due to their techniques, which means that your money will all be well worth it.

The Location

Another thing that can affect the total price of the piercing is the shop’s location. The more high-end the place is, the more expensive the smiley piercing is going to be. If you’re getting it in a big city, then you can expect the price to go up. If you are planning on having it done somewhere in the province, then the costs can go down a little.

The Jewelry

The jewelry that you choose for your smiley piercing will also affect the cost of the piercing. The fancier the jewelry is, of course, the more expensive the piercing is going to be. If you want your piercing to be a little more inexpensive, then choose a basic and simple jewelry then just change it later on, once your piercing is completely healed.

Things to Do Before Getting your Smiley Piercing

There are certain things that you can do before getting the piercing to make sure that all will go well. Read on below to know what they are.


Rest Well

Before the day of your piercing, make sure that you have got lots of rest. This will make you feel more relaxed and energized, giving you a higher chance of having a successful piercing.

Also, if you are currently sick during the day of the piercing, then it would be best to delay and reschedule the piercing until you finally feel better. You would need a strong immune system for your piercing to heal properly, so it would be best to have it when you feel a hundred percent better.

Keep off the Alcohol and Drugs

It would be best to lay off the alcohol and drugs at least days before your actual piercing. Alcohol is a natural blood thinner, which means that your piercing has a high chance of bleeding out if you decide to get pierced while you are intoxicated.

Drugs, on the other hand, can make you feel sick and lethargic, which can lead to your immune system taking a dive for the worst. We already know that a bad immune system and piercings do not match, so make sure to keep off the drugs at least for a while.

Get your Cleaning Tools Beforehand

After getting your piercing, you would most likely want to go straight home and rest. Make sure to grab everything that you need for the aftercare including some sea salt, a pack of cotton balls and rounds, and some q-tips.

Aftercare Tips for the Smiley Piercing

If you want your smiley piercing to heal well and be totally infection-free, then you might want to follow the aftercare instructions that your piercer will give you. Below, we will also discuss some aftercare tips for your smiley piercing, so make sure to continue reading on.


Clean your Piercing Properly

To get rid of infections, make sure to clean your piercing at least twice to thrice a day. Grab the sea salt that you bought from the grocery store, mix it with warm water, and disso

lve it until the water is quite clear.

Take the sea salt mixture and rinse your mouth with it to make sure that all of the bacteria that are present in your mouth will be cleaned out by the rinse. Do this twice to thrice a day until your piercing is fully healed.

Avoid Playing with it or Touching it

Never touch or play with your piercing, especially until it is fully healed. The bacteria on your hands can transfer on your piercing, making it more susceptible to infections.

If you have to touch or clean it, then make sure to wash your hands with soap and water properly.

Touching it can also aggravate or irritate the piercing, so make sure to not play with it with your tongue or with your hands.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Always make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day to make sure that you get rid of all the bacteria in your mouth. However, you should always be careful when brushing your teeth – always be gentle when doing so as to not tug on your jewelry.

You should also floss in between your teeth, especially the front ones. You do not want those extra bits of food to get in your piercing, as this can be a bit painful.

Lastly, always remember to rinse your mouth with the sea salt mixture or a mouthwash to make sure that everything is cleaned well.

Do Not Replace the Jewelry Right Away

Avoid changing your jewelry until it fully heals. Doing so can irritate the piercing and will make it more susceptible to bumps, migration, and even infections.

Ask your piercer when you can change the jewelry and if you are hesitant about changing it yourself, then have them do it instead.

Avoid Spicy and Sour Types of Food

Spicy and sour types of food can aggravate and irritate your piercing. This might also cause you a lot of discomforts, so make sure to steer clear from it until your piercing is fully healed.

When will my Smiley Piercing Heal?

There are lots of factors as to when your smiley piercing will fully heal. Also, different people react to healing periods differently. If you want to speed up your recovery, then be sure to follow the aftercare instructions that your piercer has given you.

smiley piercing on a woman


Also, make sure to boost your immune system and take good care of yourself to avoid getting sick, which can prolong the healing period. You should also watch your diet and eat healthier types of food such as vegetables and fruit to make sure that you are giving your body what it really needs. Steer clear from junk food and fast food for a while to keep your immune system at an all-time high.

The smiley piercing can take at least one month up to three months to fully heal, depending on your body and your situation.

Smiley Piercing Infection Symptoms

Just like with any other piercing, the smiley piercing is at risk for infections. These things can mostly happen to those people who are not careful with their piercings and to those who are not serious when it comes to their aftercare, which is why it is important to follow your piercer’s advice when it comes to this.

If you experience these types of symptoms, make sure to visit the hospital as soon as possible to make sure your infection won’t take a turn for the worst.

Extreme Swelling

It is quite normal for your smiley piercing and frenulum to swell for a couple of days after the piercing, but if it lasts for more than a week or more, then it is time to visit the doctor.

If it is affecting your speech and the way you eat, then something is definitely wrong.

Bleeding and Discharge

A little bit of bleeding here and there after a few days of getting your smiley piercing is possible, however, if it lasts for more than a week, then it might mean only one thing: an infection.

You should watch out for abnormal bleeding and discharge on your frenulum after getting the piercing, as these things might indicate an infection.


Whether it’s a high-grade fever or a low-grade one, you should always watch out for signs of fever after getting your piercing. This might mean that you currently have a bacterial infection, which can lead to worse things.

Always seek your doctor’s opinion if you ever have a fever brewing.

Smiley Piercing Risks

There are quite a few risks that are coupled with the smiley piercing. To make sure that you are aware of these, we are going to discuss it today.


Just like what we have mentioned earlier, it is possible to get an infection when you have your smiley piercing done. This is why it is important to choose a reputable piercer to get the piercing done, as you would be sure that they will use sanitized and brand new piercing tools for the job.

When you think about it, the actual cost of the piercing is just a small price to pay compared to getting it from an unsafe place and risking your body from a bacterial infection.

Piercing Rejection or Migration

This is not of usual occurrence, but there are some cases where piercing migration happens. Piercing rejection or migration is when your body tries to fight off the jewelry and just creates a bump or a keloid to keep it out.

Your body treats the jewelry as a foreign object, thus, it is normal for it to try and force it out. If this happens, you would have no choice but to take the jewelry out and let the piercing heal.

Gum Recession and Tooth Damage

If you are wearing a CBD or a captive bead ring, then chances are you will experience some type of gum recession and tooth damage after years of wearing it. The jewelry will repeatedly rub on your teeth and gums, causing damage to it.

Make sure to check your gums and teeth every once in a while to make sure that no damage is present in the area. Also, you would want to visit your dentist and ask them for some things that you can do to avoid gum recession and tooth damage due to your smiley piercing.

Smiley Piercing Photos

Here are a few sample photos of the smiley piercing to get you inspired when getting the piercing.

Cute jewelry for the smiley piercing

A couple of tattoos and piercings

A couple of tattoos and a smiley piercing


A smiley piercing for the guy and a septum piercing for the girl

A lipstick and a smiley piercing


A colored jewelry used for the smiley piercing

A clear and close-up photo of the smiley piercing

clear smiley pircing


A nice smile for the smiley piercing


A barbell jewelry used for the smiley piercing

A CBD ring used for the smiley piercing

a CBD ring used for smiley piercing


An upfront smiley piercingsimple smiley piercing


A beautiful smiley piercing on a lady

beautiful smiley piercing

A studded jewelry used for the smiley piercingstudded jewelry for the smiley piercing


A photo of septum and smiley piercings

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