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50+ Amazing Bird Tattoos that Makes You Want to Fly

By Jason Hamilton / February 17, 2019

Birds have captivated human civilization since time immemorial. We have always been drawn to their various abilities we humans cannot do without the help of technology. This might be the reason why societies around the world even ink birds on to their skin as bird tattoo designs. Bird tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos […]


50+ Amazing Tribal Tattoo Designs That You Will Love

By Jason Hamilton / April 30, 2018

Tribal motifs dominated arts and culture for centuries, if not millennia. Not long after, they have also dominated the skins of powerful men to signify their status, power, and influence within the community. Their interweaving and interlocking designs made tribal tattoos even more daunting and thus also made the wearer be feared and honored in […]


30+ Astonishing Sparrow Tattoo Designs

By Jason Hamilton / April 23, 2018

When you look out of your window in the morning, you might probably hear the relaxing chirp of a small but elegant bird by the tree. The melodic chirp is a sound you would always want to hear in the morning. It gives off this rural and peaceful aura around you. The bird that will […]


50+ Intricate Aztec Tattoo Designs

By Jason Hamilton / April 10, 2018

The Aztecs have been the dominant culture of pre-Columbian America. Their influence stretched from the Mexican Pacific Coast up to the Caribbean and to think that they started as a Lilliputian city-state at the shore of a small lake, their mere influence can be considered a huge success even in today’s standards. Their cultural influence […]


20+ White Tattoo Designs and Possible Placements on The Body

By Jason Hamilton / March 25, 2018

Many people are into getting tattoos but the many different available choices and styles confuse them. One of the most popular designs and themes today are white tattoos.  Have you ever heard about them? You probably have, but do you know what they actually are or how you can get one? Do you know how […]


35+ Viking Tattoo Designs and Inspirations

By Jason Hamilton / March 25, 2018

Vikings have become so popular through the years, even during today’s culture, as we’re seeing them everywhere. The popular TV show of the same name is one of the few that instantly comes to mind – which is why it is quite natural for people to join the Viking tattoo craze. Some of the questions […]


50+ Eagle Tattoo Designs: An Eye-Popping Gallery

By Jason Hamilton / March 24, 2018

Eagle tattoos have been in numerous cultures and civilizations since time immemorial. From Precolumbian America, Classical Greek, and Post-war Asia, an eagle tattoo represents an individual’s stature in a specific society. Currently, however, the meaning behind the design has evolved to become a symbol of freedom and liberty and because of this, eagle tattoo designs, […]

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