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30+ Bear Tattoo Designs for the Rough Individual

By Jason Hamilton / March 25, 2018

Animals are among the most popular motifs in tattoo culture. Tattoo designs which depict animals are highly popular because they are very rich in symbolism. Bear tattoo designs are among the most sought-after, as they can symbolize many feelings and attitudes. Bear tattoos can be presented in many different ways, so it’s best to know […]


30+ Octopus Tattoo Ideas

By Jason Hamilton / March 24, 2018

You know what they say – think before you ink! Maybe you’re planning on getting your first tattoo or you are thinking of getting another one because you got hooked. Either way, it’s good to discover popular tattoo designs that could inspire you. Some people prefer to have their own tattoo ideas done, while others […]


50 Joker Tattoo Designs and Meaning Explained!

By Jason Hamilton / March 22, 2018

From a funny clown and a prankster to one of the most popular supervillains in comic book history, the Joker has taken many forms throughout the years. Because of his many personalities, The Joker has inspired many tattoo ideas and designs. Although you can find a lot of different Joker tattoos, the most mainstream ones […]

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