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The Pros and Cons of Ear Tattoos that You Need to Hear Plus 50+ Designs for Inspo

By Jason Hamilton / April 30, 2020
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Tattoos are nice body art because they are meaningful and their placements can enhance a tattoo’s meaning and even accentuate some parts of the body. Ear tattoos, for instance, make nice body designs because they can also double as an accessory. Apart from that, there are more advantages than this when you opt for an ear tattoo. Here are some of them.


Pros of Ear Tattoos

There are a number of perks when you opt for an ear tattoo. One of which is that it’s very easy to conceal, especially for women. This is because you can just maintain at least a medium-length hair and you can easily hide it at work or in whatever situation that requires it. Hence, there’s no need to worry about having your tattoo discovered by your boss or your parents. All you need to do is to grow your hair!

Of course, it’s also easy to show off if you want to. You can just tie your hair or wear a clip. And if you’re not required or bold enough to not hide it no matter what situation comes, you can even slightly shave the side of your head to draw more attention to your tattoo. Plus, you can even get that cool look.


An ear tattoo, depending on its location, is also not that noticeable compared to other tattoos. By that we mean unlike placements like in the forearm, calf, face, legs, and the likes, people will not easily recognize it at first glance unless they will look particularly at your ear or from the side of your body.

And the best part of it is that you have a lot of designs to choose from. Well, get to that later, though.


However, having an ear tattoo is not all fun and games.

Cons of Ear Tattoos

Ear tattoo designs may look cool and beautiful but having such tattoo also comes with some cons. One of which is that it hurts.


Sure, tattoos, in general, hurt. However, tattoos placed on the ear or behind it would feel more painful. This is because the part behind the ear has lesser amount of fat and muscles to cushion you from the pain brought by the needles. As for the ear itself, it is highly sensitive for some people that it could even cause your jaws to lock or could make you experience ear pain (we mean literal ear pain apart from the pain from the needles). There are also cases where some people experienced migraines, headaches, and even dizzy spells because of the vibrations and sound.

Another bad thing about getting an ear tattoo is that it fades, especially when tattoos are placed on the ear itself. Of course, they would look great – but only when they are freshly inked.


Apparently, they are not built to last long. This is because the inside part of the ear doesn’t hold ink well. Also, the lines would often blur fast. That said, if you don’t like frequent visits to tattoo parlors or if you have a limited budget, it’s not ideal for you as this kind of tattoo placement needs frequent touch ups.

And lastly, you only have limited design choices. This is mainly because of the space that you can only use. Also, this part is an area that’s difficult to ink so you might not get the exact design that you want. Even so, there are still a number of designs to choose from that would look great on the ear. Read on to see some samples that you can use for inspirations for your ear tattoo.


Designs for Ear Tattoos


There are a lot of flowers that you can use for your ear tattoo. And each flower also has its own meaning. Rose tattoo designs alone has a number of variations that has different meanings. Here are some flower tattoo designs for your ears that you can take inspirations from.

Purple and pink delicate helix flower tattoo


Small peach roses inked on the right ear

A flower tattoo combined with a sparkly jewelry


A water color tattoo of a flower placed behind the ear

A rose tattoo inked on the fossa of helix


A flower inked on the helix

Another watercolor tattoo of a flower but is facing downwards

An outline of a lotus flower tattoo placed behind the ear


Small flowers dangling behind the ear looking like an earring

A red flower inked on the lobule


While lace tattoo designs don’t usually have deep meanings compared to other tattoos, this one can definitely give any tattoo a boost by making it more feminine, elegant, and sexy. And when used as an ear tattoo it can also help create an illusion as if you’re wearing some ear cuffs. Here are some samples on how you can incorporate this to your ear tattoo.


A lace tattoo paired with lotus flowers behind the ear

A mandala tattoo paired with lace details inked behind the ear


A mandala tattoo with lace and a small feather tattoo detail placed behind the ear


An intricately detailed ear tattoo with lace and beads details that follow the shape of the ear

A black lace tattoo that starts behind the ear and stretches down to the nape


Another combination of lace, beads, feather, and mandala tattoo designs but inked on the right ear


Stars also make a nice ear tattoo because of its aesthetics. But it also has a deeper meaning to it. Most stars show up at night, right? And because of this, they are seen as a representation of fight against darkness. Some also associate such symbol to represent their divine relationship with God. It is also used as a symbol of direction and security. Here are some ideas on how you can ink this to your ears.

A nautical star just behind the lobule

A minimalist white star tattoo inked on the fossa of helix


Stars in black ink paired accentuated with swirls placed at the back of the ear

Stars tattoos lined up stretching down to the neck


Star outline tattoos behind the ear


A star tattoo with an initial behind the ear


The moon also has different phases. And in the world of body art, each phase has its own meaning.  The crescent moon, aside from its shape that matches the ear, represents fertility and motherhood. The waxing moon represents growth, manifestation, attainment, and creativity. The waning moon is associated with letting go, reflection, and contemplation. Here are some moon tattoo designs for that you can use for your ear tattoo.

Simple sun and moon tattoo designs on the fossa of helix

A simple crescent moon behind the ear

A dotwork crescent moon tattoo behind the ear

Another dotwork tattoo of a crescent moon placed on the fossa of antihelix and a Saturn on the tragus

A small crescent moon tattoo with beads that make it look like a dangling earring

A combination of moon, lace, and flower tattoos behind the ear


Hearts also have various meanings. It often represents true love and courage. However, it can also represent one’s commitment to Jesus Christ’s divine heart. In addition to that, it can also be used to express loss and memorial to person who has already passed on.

Flower tattoos shaped like a heart

A simple and small heart tattoo outline in red ink placed on the tragus

Another simple heart tattoo inblack in placed on the fossa of helix

Heart tattoos on the fossa of helix and behind the ear

Heart tattoos behind the ear following the shape of the ear

A heart with a semicolon tattoo

Musical Notes

If you want to express your love for music, you can use musical notes as an ear tattoo. They would look lovely too, especially when you add staff. Take a look at these ideas on how you can use musical notes and staff for your ear tattoo.

Musical ntotes inked on the fossa of helix that stretches down to the lobule

Musical notes on a staff on the antihelix

A simple eighth note behind the ear

Different musical notes behind the ear

A G clef on the fossa of helix

G and F clefs shaped like a heart

Paw Print

If you are a pet lover, you can also make use of a paw print tattoo. In this way, you can always have your beloved pet close to your hear – or ear, that is – no matter where you go. Remember your fur baby forever with these par print ear tattoos.

A small paw print in black ink behind the ear

Two pawprints behind the ear

Pawprint tattoos in red and black ink placed behind the ear

A ferret’s pawprint inked behind the ear

A cross with pawprints behind the ear

Another set of simple pawprints behind the ear


Vines also add aesthetics to tattoos, especially when paired with flower tattoos. However, it’s more than just an additional detail. This design is also associated with femininity, growth, fertility, eternity, luck, and even love. It also represents overcoming difficult circumstances. Take a look at these vine ear tattoos inspirations.

A helix vine tattoo that reaches near the lobule

A vine tattoo that starts on the lobule

Swirling vines behind the ear

A vine tattoo that starts from the lobule reaching up to the helix

Rose tattoos with vine

Helix vine tattoos paireed with flowers in the lobule

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