The Ultimate Monroe Piercing Guide – Every Last Detail You Need

By Tephanie Stephenson / August 11, 2018
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There are lots of popular lip piercings out there, but one that definitely stands out is the Monroe piercing. It’s dainty and more on the feminine side of lip piercings, which is why more and more women are starting to really like the Monroe.

Today, we will discuss what the Monroe piercing really is, what it stands for, how much it costs, how to properly take care of it, and more.


The Monroe Piercing Definition

The Monroe piercing is a piercing that is done on the upper left side of the top lip. It is some kind of a tribute to the late Marilyn Monroe, which was a huge star back in the 1950s. She has this beauty mark on the upper left side of her top lip, which is kind of her trademark.


Women from all over the world started having the piercing done due to the fact they are in love with the physical attributes of the actress. Now, this isn’t the only reason why this piercing seems popular, though. It has this versatility and uniqueness to it, which is what attracts women (and other men) to the piercing.

The Different Types of Monroe Piercing

Although the most common type of Monroe piercing is the one that is located on the upper left side of your top lip, there are also different variations to it. Read on to know what they are.


The Madonna

madonna piercing

This type of Monroe piercing is almost the same as the Monroe piercing, except it is done on the upper right side of the upper lip instead of the left. It is inspired by Madonna, as she has a beauty mark on the right side of her upper lip.

The Double Monroe

double monroe piercing


A piercing is considered a double Monroe if they have both the Madonna and Monroe piercings on the left and right sides of their upper top lip.


However, a piercing can also be called a double Monroe if the person has two Monroe piercings on both the left side of their upper top lip.

Reverse or Bottom Monroe

reverse monroe piercing

The reverse or bottom Monroe is located on the bottom left part of your lower lip, which is why it is called such.


What to Expect During the Procedure

When it comes to the procedure itself, the steps are pretty similar as to what you can usually expect with any other facial or body piercing.

First, the piercer will give you a piece of paper to sign. This is the consent form, which frees them from all of the responsibilities if ever something happens to your piercing. After this, you will be asked to choose the jewelry that you would want to use for your Monroe piercing. Then, they will sterilize all of their tools before going into the procedure.


cute monroe piercing


They will also clean and disinfect the area to be pierced and put a mark on it to make sure that the piercing will be precise.

Next, they will ask you to be ready as they pierce through your upper or lower lip. The hollow needle will then go through, followed by the jewelry.

They will then clean the area once again and give you the aftercare tips that you should follow.

Will the Monroe Piercing Hurt?

Every type of piercing will hurt at some point. Fortunately, the initial pain will only last for a few hours. The pain during the healing period will last for about a week or so, depending on how you take care of it and where the placement of the piercing is.

For the Monroe piercing, you can expect the initial piercing pain to be a little bit more intense. The lips and the area around it is packed with sensitive nerve endings, which is the reason why you will feel more pain compared to other piercings.

reverse monroe

You will most likely feel a bit of throbbing and tenderness around the piercing for a couple of days. If it lasts for a week or so though, then it might mean that you have an infection and that you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Also, keep in mind that everybody’s pain threshold depends per person. While some people may say that the Monroe piercing is not painful at all, some may find the pain to be a little bit more intense.

The Costs of a Monroe Piercing

When it comes to piercing costs, there is no fixed price that you can expect to pay. The costs will range from one shop to another, as there are certain factors that you would have to consider including the piercer’s experience, the shop’s location, the jewelry, and a few more.

The Monroe piercing cost will range from $30 – $70, so make sure to prepare a few bucks when planning on getting this type of piercing.


How to Prepare for the Monroe Piercing

If you want your Monroe piercing to be a pleasurable and easy one, then make sure to prepare well for it. Follow our advice below to get the best type of piercing experience.

Good Oral Hygiene

Practice good oral hygiene even before heading to the shop. Your mouth is home to lots and lots of bacteria, so make sure to disinfect and clean it before going to your piercer’s shop.

They will also ask you to gargle with an antibacterial mouthwash before getting the piercing, but it would be best to brush your teeth and gargle before leaving the house. Floss your teeth too, so you can get rid of the food particles and other debris that’s stuck in between your teeth.

Get Lots of Rest and Sleep

It is imperative for you to get ample amount of sleep and rest right before getting your Monroe piercing. Not doing so will make you feel lethargic, leading to more pain than usual.

Aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before your piercing appointment to make sure you get to the shop refreshed and rejuvenated.

Boost your Immune System

You want your piercing to heal perfectly well right away, which is why you would have to boost your immune system especially before the piercing day comes.

Drink lots of water and avoid getting ill. If the day of your piercing comes and you feel sick, it would be best to reschedule your appointment and get it done some other day.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol is a natural blood thinner, which means that if you drink before your piercing, there is a chance that your piercing will bleed more.

Drugs, on the other hand, can make you feel confused and lethargic, which can lead to you failing to take care of your piercing properly.

Make sure to avoid drugs and alcohol at least a day before your piercing appointment to make sure you won’t encounter a problem during the piercing itself.

How to Take Care of your Monroe Piercing

Taking care of your Monroe piercing is the most crucial part of the process. Always follow these tips below to make sure your piercing will heal properly during the given time period.

Avoid Touching your Monroe Piercing

Your hands are almost always full of bacteria, so make sure to avoid touching or playing with your piercing to be sure that it won’t get infected.

If you do need to touch or clean it, then make sure to wash your hands before doing so, or at least use a pair of sterile gloves.

Don’t Change the Jewelry Right Away

Avoid changing the jewelry days or weeks after you get the piercing. Doing so will only cause irritation to the pierced area, making it impossible to heal on time.

Be patient and keep the original jewelry on until the piercing heals completely.

Clean it with a Sea Salt Solution

The best way to clean your Monroe piercing is to create your own sea salt solution. To do this, get one tablespoon of sea salt and mix it with one cup of warm water. Dissolve the salt in the water until there are no more crystals present in the bottom of the cup.

Take a cotton ball or pad and soak it in the mixture. Place it on top of the piercing and let it stay for a couple of seconds.

Avoid cleaning it with alcohol or antibacterial ointments, as this can only irritate and dry up the piercing.

Avoid Smoking for a While

Tobacco products are full of nicotine and nasty chemicals, which can cause harm to your Monroe piercing. Lay off the cigarettes for a few weeks until your piercing is fully healed.

If you need to replace it with something, try chewing on a gum or keeping a candy bar on hand.

Avoid Spicy or Extremely Sour Food

Spicy and sour food can cause a stinging sensation on your piercing. You might want to avoid eating spicy and sour types of food for a couple of weeks until your Monroe piercing has healed partly to make sure that you won’t suffer from stings and irritation.

When will my Monroe Piercing Heal?

If we are talking about the typical healing period of a Monroe piercing, then you can expect it to partially heal within 6 to 10 weeks. However, it can take up to 9 months for the piercing to heal completely. The skin and cells around the piercing have to regenerate and form walls of scar tissue, which will keep the innermost tissue safe and protected.

Make sure to follow your piercer’s aftercare instructions to ensure the proper healing of your Monroe piercing.

Monroe Piercing Risks

All body and facial piercings carry some type of risks. Today, we will discuss the risks associated with the Monroe piercing.

Your Teeth can Eventually Wear Out

Since the jewelry will most likely rub on some of your teeth, the risk of your teeth wearing can be a bit high. This is one of the reasons why it is important to get a professional and licensed piercer, so you can make sure that they would perfectly place the jewelry to avoid any type of tooth wear.

Receding Gums

Same with tooth wear, your gums can recede if it always collides with your Monroe piercing jewelry. This usually happens when you have been sporting the piercing for a long time. Always ask your piercer to properly check and mark the area first to make sure that the placement is perfect and that it would not cause teeth and gum erosion.

Possible Embedding

This usually happens when the jewelry or barbell that is used for the piercing is too short. Short barbells can cause lots of pressure to the area, which can eventually lead to swelling. Ask your piercer about the jewelry and make sure that they are using a jewelry or barbell that has the perfect length for your piercing to be able to breathe.

Monroe Piercing Infection Symptoms

As with any other piercing, infections can happen at times. Although this is not that common, it would be best to be aware of it so you would know how and when to take action.


Redness is common for the first few days, however, if it gets to the point where it lasts for more than a week, then you definitely should be concerned. Make sure to call your doctor and have them check the area if you feel like the redness is not going away.

Extreme Swelling

If you feel like you cannot talk or eat properly because of the swelling, then go ahead and visit the emergency room. This is definitely a cause for concern, as swelling might mean that you have an infection.

Tenderness, Pain, and Burning

Sure, it is normal for your new piercing to be tender and painful during the first few days, but if it lasts for more than a week, then you probably have to be worried about it. Have your doctor take a look at it and ask for possible remedies.

Rashes Accommodated with Fever

Rashes and fever definitely mean that you have an infection present in the area. Always seek your doctor’s help if it comes to a point where you get a high-grade fever or severe rashes right after getting your piercing.

Monroe Piercing Pictures

Here are some amazing Monroe piercing pictures to get you started with your plan to get pierced!

A beautiful example of reverse Monroe piercing

A beautiful example of reverse monroe piercing


A simple reverse Monroe piercing

A simple Monroe piercing


Monroe and reverse Monroe piercings

Cute Madonna and nose piercings


A cute double Monroe piercing plus a nostril piercing


A double Monroe piercing

A very sexy Madonna piercing on a model


A sexy Monroe piercing on a pretty girl

A cool Monroe piercing done on a female model.

Pink makeup plus a Madonna piercing


A cool Madonna piercing on a gorgeous girl

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